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Rasmussen poll: Rubio leads Senate race if Meek is Dem nominee; Crist leads if it’s Greene

by George Bennett | August 11th, 2010

A new Rasmussen poll of Florida’s Senate race shows Republican Marco Rubio ahead in a three-way contest if Kendrick Meek wins the Aug. 24 Democratic primary. Rubio gets 38 percent, independent Charlie Crist gets 33 percent and Meek gets 21 percent in the poll.

If Jeff Greene wins the Democratic primary, the poll shows Crist barely edges Rubio by picking up some Democratic support. That scenario shows Crist with a 37-to-36 percent lead over Rubio and Greene at 20 percent.

The poll of 750 likely voters has a 4 percent margin of error.

Either way, the Democrat finishes a distant third in the new poll. Both Crist and Rubio probably enjoyed Tuesday’s Orlando Democratic debate, in which both Meek and Greene highlighted each other’s negatives.


5 Responses to “Rasmussen poll: Rubio leads Senate race if Meek is Dem nominee; Crist leads if it’s Greene”

  1. comb over Says:

    Greene will win the primary and Charlie will win in Nov. Just wish the dem. would bow out, then Charlie would easily degeat the right wing-nut (and I am a democrat).

  2. stuntmanmike Says:

    Give em hell Charlie!

  3. tom7001 Says:

    Rubio is all for cutting social security,and for all the Bush administrations policies. His economic plan is to cut taxes for the rich and corporations, and hope the job fairy comes back to stimulate the economy!

  4. True Blue Says:

    November election results:

    Crist – 42%

    Meek/Greene – 33%

    Rubio – 25%

    Teabaggers – 0

    Jeb Bush – less than zero.

  5. mark Says:

    i saw the democrat debate last night. I am disgusted. I have decided to cast my vote to the third choice Ferre. Does anyone else agree with me?

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