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Newt Gingrich backs Holly Benson for attorney general

by Dara Kam | August 19th, 2010

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich endorsed Holly Benson in a tight three-way GOP primary for attorney general today.

“The next Attorney General of Florida will have to take the lead on the lawsuit challenging Obamacare,” said Gingrich said in a press release issued by Benson’s campaign. “In my opinion, there is no one more qualified to do this than Holly Benson. So today, I am proud to endorse Holly’s candidacy for Florida Attorney General.”

Benson, a former state House member who also served as secretary of both the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the Agency for Health Care Administration, received the endorsement of conservative biggie Gingrich the day after primary opponent Pam Bondi nailed down the support of Tea Party idol Sarah Palin.

“It is a true honor to have the former Speaker’s support of my campaign,” Benson said in a statement. “Newt has been at the cutting edge of conservative policies, leading not only a conservative banner but also leading our party to victory after decades of being the minority in Congress. He is a true conservative icon, and I am proud to have his endorsement.”

The GOP opponents are battling to prove their conservative stripes with their endorsements. Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp has the support of Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly, considered the matriarch of the modern conservative movement and conservative activist John Stemberger, head of the Florida Family Policy Council.

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4 Responses to “Newt Gingrich backs Holly Benson for attorney general”

  1. melody Says:

    Simply cannot take serious anyone that flippantly calls “Obamacare” the healthcare reforms so essential to the economy of our state and nation! What does a state AG need the endorsement of a “biggie” or “icon” from the federal level and why say that?

  2. Aronberg Supporter Says:

    Wow, really? Newt has nothing better going on than to endorse a state AG candidate who is far & away the loss leader in terms of fundraising? He’d better run for something and get his mind right.

  3. Unreal Says:

    The worst group of AG’s we have had in a while. McCollum is pretty bad but this crop is horrendous on both sides. And i agree with Melody. Why are these national figures supporting our AG’s? it must be all about the immigration issue. Pathetic.

  4. Mr. right Says:

    Newt — you must be getting old. Benson was a disaster as head of the DBPR. I pulled my hair out during that time to correct all their mistakes to my License.

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