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Meek calls Sachs defection to Crist ‘strange’

by Dara Kam | August 30th, 2010

Just two weeks after publicly pumping up U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek in the U.S. Senate Democratic primary race against Jeff Greene, state senator-to-be Maria Sachs yesterday pulled a switch and endorsed Meek’s general election rival Gov. Charlie Crist.

Meek said Sachs, a Delray Beach lawyer, signed an endorsement pledge for him in December and called the switcheroo “strange” especially because Palm Beach County Democrats virtually anointed her to fill U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch’s seat when he left the state senate to go to Washington.

“She spoke very passionately two weeks ago of her support of my candidacy, felt that I should be the next U.S. Senator of Florida,” Meek said at a roundtable with reporters this morning.

On Sunday, Sachs pointed to Crist as a leader who has stood up for women, teachers and the environment – even when his decisions haven’t sat well with conservative Republicans.

“I stand up for Charlie Crist,” Sachs told the crowd.

Meek won 64 percent of the Palm Beach County Democratic vote in Tuesday’s primary election, topping his opponent in Greene’s home county by 36 points.

“I don’t know what transpired between overwhelming victory in her own county and the fact that Democrats locally cleared the field literally for her pathway to the Senate to then turn around and endorse the governor and say that he’s good on women’s issues when I can’t get any higher as it relates to my voting issues,” Meek said.

“Strange things happen out there. I consider that a strange endorsement,” he said.

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12 Responses to “Meek calls Sachs defection to Crist ‘strange’”

  1. Tod Says:

    If Kendrick had only put in as much effort into passing a single law in Congress, we’d be in a different place by now. (8 Years in Washington, Zero for Zero)

  2. Harry Says:

    Crazy Sachs endorsed both…she ignored 64% of the voters just like scumbag Wexler did by pushing Obama.

    WAKE UP…tell her to resign too!

  3. Educator Says:

    Wake Up? Great advice……Obama won and so will Crist…

  4. LOL! Says:

    Thats because Andre Fladell told her who to endorse. As usual they say jump and losers like her say how high.

  5. brigitte Says:

    Meek is a real joke

  6. John Says:

    I appreciate the term ‘anointed’- is it in reference to Kendrick’s anointed seat he took from his mother?

  7. Nancy Says:

    maybe if Meek had spent as much time in PB as Crist did, the outcome would have been different.

  8. Max Says:

    Two weeks ago, Sachs was speaking about the candidates in the primary — Greene vs Meeks. Now that the primary is over and she has to choose between the three candidates in the general, she is choosing the best man for the job — Charlie Crist! I agree with he 100%. She is one smart lady!!

  9. dick Says:

    I don’t trust any of them anymore. They switch, take campaign money, quit, don’t vote their voter’s wishes and mostly appear to say the Zell with we voters. And you wonder why their approval rating is so low. I’m surprised it’s not lower. Either party by the way.

  10. Sachs not such a sharp knife Says:

    Sachs has never been known to among the sharpest knives in that cabinet of dull silverware called the Legislature. I mean what else can you expect from someone who puts two sentences together for a whopping 4 issues on her campaign website and states that she “convened a press conference on gang violence” after which nothing was done as an accomplishment. As they say, voters get the leaders they deserve.

  11. JackIE Says:

    That explains it…why Laxer was pushed out..

    Sell out the whole party.

  12. No One Wants to State the Obvious Says:

    no one wants to state the obvious: Kendrick ain’t going to win this race. Sachs is one of the first to say it out loud. Obama knows this too- where is he in all this?

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