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Sink calls Scott while McCollum withholds endorsement

by Dara Kam | August 25th, 2010

The gubernatorial nominees from the two main parties chatted last night after Democrat Alex Sink phoned Republican Rick Scott to offer her congratulations. Sink’s campaign described it as a “short conversation” in which she expressed hope they could focus on the issues.

Meanwhile, Scott still hasn’t heard from Bill McCollum, his primary rival who refused to say whether he would endorse Scott during their bruising campaign.

McCollum conceded the primary to Scott but has not endorsed the multi-millionaire who spent more than $50 million of his own money to defeat party establishment favorite McCollum.

McCollum’s campaign spokesman said he would endorse every other GOP candidate but failed to include Scott’s name in the list when asked.

“The attorney general is looking forward to being on the campaign trail for campaigns for our Republican slate, including Marco Rubio, Jeff Atwater, Adam Putnam and our new attorney general nominee and Dean Cannon and Mike Haridopolos and our entire legislative slate,” McCollum campaign spokeswoman Kristy Campbell said today.

When asked if McCollum would endorse Scott, Campbell said: “They have not yet spoken.”

When asked again, Campbell repeated her earlier remarks: “I think (Attorney) General McCollum will make comments this week, where he believes the Republican Party needs to focus on in November. I think you could take from that that he’ll make comments today or Thursday he will focus on electing Republican candidates including Marco Rubio and Mike Haridopolos and Jeff Atwater and the entire Republican legislative slate.”

McCollum became the state’s top GOP elected official when Gov. Charlie Crist abandoned the Republican Party to run as an independent in the U.S. Senate race against former House Speaker Marco Rubio.

Republican Party of Florida officials scrapped a unity party planned in Tampa today after the brutal primary season between Scott and McCollum.

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18 Responses to “Sink calls Scott while McCollum withholds endorsement”

  1. taxpayer Says:

    Scott won because nobody wants McCollum as Governor of Florida. It is as simple as that.

  2. _ Says:

    If he does not endorse Scott, he has the same character as Crist! Man up McCollum, do the right thing, don’t be a sore loser, with the entitlement mentality of a career politician.

  3. Ray Says:

    The state of Florida is tired of all the Right Wingers ruining our beautiful state. We do not need any more Righties and Tea Baggers…..Period. Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist, and all other Righties please go the way of the dodo bird.

  4. _ Says:


    Come Nov. you will see most Floridians do not think like you. You are in the minority. Feel free to vote with your feet.

  5. Ray Says:

    Go Kendrick……..
    Go Alex…………
    And go all other Dem’s in our state of FL……..
    This from an Independent….Me!
    By the by! Crist is an Independent like all of the con artists at Fox……..Lol

  6. Richard Says:

    Scott spent 50 mil. of his own money. Not hardley. It was the money he ripped off being CEO of that medical company.

  7. Ray Says:

    To….._Says At least my feet are clean at all times. Not like yours and other Right Wing Nut Cases with ‘Athlete’s Feet.’

  8. Ray Says:

    To Richard…….Well put. Al Righties and Tea Baggers are thieves, crooks and liars.

  9. Maggie Says:

    We are in trouble now with that snake Scott.

  10. Voice of Reason Says:

    To the individual “_”, who said that: “Come Nov. you will see most Floridians do not think like you. You are in the minority.” I say this: I was a Republican for 30 years until that idiot Bush and his idiot cabinet ran this country into the ground. And now we see the entire Republican Party for what it is, a tool of the Establishment. They are not interested in “Americans”, they are interested in maximizing their bottom lines and the bottom lines of those who bought them off. They should all be tried for treason!

  11. Voice of Reason Says:

    In response to Maggie: I agree, Scott is a snake and a lunatic. We all need to get out and vote for Alex Sink in November.

  12. Politically Disgusted Says:

    I was a dedicated Republican for 30 yrs but changed to an Independent after watching the Republican party leadership move away from their core principles. I am not a fan of Rick Scott nor am I a fan of the Progressive Left, so I will have to see were Alex Sink stands before making a decision. This country is going down a dangerous slope of spending and out of control government and we need to make a mid – course correction, I’m not sure that Rick Scott is the kind of correction that we need.

  13. Bleeding Heart Stopper Says:

    Politically Disgusted: I’m a bit more on your wavelength as I really hate to cast a vote for R. Scott, but something about punching the ballot for a Pro Choice Dem would make me cringe. We’ll see, maybe she will have the opportunity to speak on her solutions in the coming month.

  14. ISKRA Says:


  15. Unreal Says:

    I have a been a lifelong ‘right winger’. That means i am fiscally conservative, dislike corruption in government, want strong laws against criminals, believe that abortion is wrong, but that it is not the government’s position to be involved and the law of the land allows it.

    How do people who want an end to bad government get labeled as nutjobs? I guess running a deficit, wasting state dollars, and committing open bribery are completely acceptable to the lefties out there?

    Admit it the right wingers you lefties dislike are the religious people who tell you that you can’t be gay or have an abortion. Don’t lump the rest of us who understand that is not the role of government into that mix.

    And Crist is no conservative. Charlie is all about himself and hes salivating to get to Washington and become one of the boys sucking in those lobbyist dollars. Crist is what is wrong with our country. A career politician. Look at McCollum he took his ball and went home and didn’t even tell his opponent good game. What a child.

  16. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Rick Scott and the RPOF: An Awkward Family Reunion Begins…
    But It Is Better Than The Alternative


  17. RealAngst Says:

    The only thing Rick Scott accomplished is getting Alex Sink elected as Gov. Nice lady and I wish her well!

  18. RealAngst Says:

    Unreal…I find it odd that you are for smaller government while deciding that what a woman does with her uterus and reproductive organs should be monitored and controlled by, thats righhhht, THE GOVERNMENT! Why dont YOU worry about YOUR reproductive organs and let those other folks who dont want YOU and the government telling them what to do with thiers. Now there is an idea huh?

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