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Klein camp blasts West again over disputed tax lien

by George Bennett | August 27th, 2010

Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein’s campaign is slamming Republican challenger Allen West again over an $11,081 tax lien that was placed on West in 2005 and satisfied four months later.

When Klein highlighted the lien in a TV ad ripping West on Tuesday night, West campaign manager Josh Grodin said Klein “flat out lied.” Grodin said he would produce documents Wednesday to prove the lien had been a mistake. But Grodin said Thursday that rounding up the documents was proving more difficult than he had thought.

“I spoke a little too soon as far as having all the documents,” Grodin said. “I jumped the gun. I’m still confident that was a mistake by the IRS.”

West himself said Thursday he doesn’t remember being hit with the lien in November 2005 or released from it in March 2006. West was working as a military adviser in Afghanistan at the time, his campaign said.

Klein’s campaign released a statement Thursday night criticizing the West campaign’s response to the ad.

“Why did Allen West promise to provide proof that a federal tax lien filed against him was false, and then fail to provide that proof?” Klein spokeswoman Sarah Rothschild said. “That answer is because Mr. West’s first reaction to criticism is to tell lies and then attack.”

The lien was filed in Marion County, Indiana listing “DFAS-IN” as West’s residence. West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, never lived in Indiana. But Indianapolis is headquarters of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, which handles military payroll.

The IRS filed a certificate in Marion County in March 2006 saying the taxes had been paid and the lien was released.

Grodin said West’s wife paid the $11,081 after the lien was issued, then challenged it and later received a refund. Grodin said the campaign was trying to find records showing that to be the case.

“It’s been resolved,” West said Thursday. “When we get everything locked down, squared away, we will put everything out….We don’t want to send anything out piecemeal.”

West put out a statement on his campaign website Thursday responding to Klein’s ad. West says his family has “struggled with financial hardship” and “honestly resolved every issue,” but the statement doesn’t go into the details of the lien. Read West’s statement here.

50 Responses to “Klein camp blasts West again over disputed tax lien”

  1. rjr Says:

    Who gives a damn so west is not perfect, who is?. The question is what are you going to do for us in the future, what you did last is history if you did your job fantastic that’s what your suppose to do. Let’s stick to today’s issues.

  2. Klein is nervous Says:

    Klein is obviously nervous about losing to West if he’s started going negative so soon. Klein can’t talk policies because he doesn’t actually have any, he’s just relying on the jew vote, which won’t be enough…HE’S OUT!

  3. Dworkis Says:

    Ron Klein has absolutely nothing to say and no record of any accomplishment while in Congress. He is just another shill for the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda. So, he just attacks to deflect his own abysmal failures.

    Newsflash, Mr. Klein. The electorate is a whole lot smarter than you and the rest of your ilk give credit. They see through your invective.

  4. ted Says:

    What a desperate try for a man running scared! The type rhetoric is exactly what will be this mans downfall. He has nothing positive to say about himself, bye bye Ron!

  5. MDD Says:

    I vote in Congressman Klein’s district and have voted for him in the past. After researching his voting record, I realize that he is nothing more than Pelosi’s “sure vote”.He has to attack his opponent becaue heaven forbid if his voting record gets out.

  6. NOWEST Says:

    Not only is the Right Wing Financial Plan that West propagates Bankrupt and devoid of fiscal responsibility, so is he. Big surprise.
    This man is a dark cloud looming over South Florida. His rhetoric is dangerous, incendiary, devisive, and steeped in inaccuracies.
    West knows how to rile up negative emotions, and partisan rancor, but he will not be able to do anything for South Florida except embarrass and endanger us.
    He is not an appropriate Statesman for our community.
    Maybe he should run for Congress in the District in which he lives.

  7. NOWEST Says:

    Pelosi is not the devil.
    She is the first Female Speaker of the House of Representatives, and doing a damn fine job in leadership and for her constituents.
    The right wing talking points of trying to tie Klein to Pelosi are so LAME.
    The Democrats had a clear mandate after the last election.
    Stop mainlining Glen Beck, your brain will go soft.
    Allen West will be a Rubber Stamp for the unethical, bankrupt, and undemocratic platform of John Boehner and Rush Limbaugh.

  8. Big Dem Says:

    The rants from NOWEST prove that this experiement of letting anyone post comments to articles is foolish. This individual is either an imbecile, a political operative planting campaign rhetoric in The Post, or just a trouble maker who takes glee in throwing out bombastic statements to inflame people.

  9. Don't Go West Says:


    He has a severe anger management problem and needs psychological attention. All of this tea party and Sarah Palin attention is only feeding his violent and selfish ego more and more.

    DON’T GO WEST! He will embarrass us all!

  10. Einstein Says:

    NOWEST…take your meds….soon.Its mentally deficient Pelosi,Reid,Hussein lovers like you that have us in knots right now.

    Its gonna be a great night in South Florida when Klein goes down the tubes…I do not believe the Kings Point Jewish vote will save the dems this time. Its just too late for that.

  11. Mark Says:

    West is clearly stalling here. His story goes from that he was refunded by the IRS to that he doesn’t remember the lien at all. How is that possible unless you are lying or hiding something?

    West and his campaign have produced no proof yet continue to say whatever they want. That’s an even bigger sign of irresponsibility than him not paying his bills.

    Allen West will be the biggest hack Congressman ever if this district elects him. If you can’t even have your own records in order, how are you going to manage your work in Congress?

  12. Mark Says:

    Also, Klein has provided documents to prove what he is saying. West hasn’t provided anything but words. Documents beat words every time when it comes to who is telling the truth.

    Allen West, please stop lying to the people of Florida 22. It is disgusting.

  13. taxattrny Says:

    I am a registered independent and was planning on voting for West but not now. To have a lien placed against you is not an easy thing and to say you don’t remember having it shows a total lack of responsibility or an out right lie. Also for West to claim that it is because of tough times that you have a lien placed against you and various other unpaid bills is total hog wash. I have struggles just like everyone has but I have never NEVER had a lien placed against me or had a judge order me to pay anything. That is because I am responsible…The IRS goes will do everything they can before they actually place a lien and will let you make payments if necessary.I have seen the ad in question and it Does appear that West not Klein is the one that spoke up about personal responsibility. Reminds me of all the Republicans that say gays cant fight in the military but end up in the bathroom stalls. TOTAL HYPOCRITE! Before West speaks up about something he should at least make sure his own house is in order. Typical politician

  14. Ron Klein is a Leader Says:

    Ron Klein has done a great job in Congress! And he is only just beginning.

    KLEIN LOVES OUR DISTRICT. His family lives here (West’s doesn’t). He used to manage an excellent law firm in the district, only to leave to serve us in Washington. (West probably cannot spell “law firm”.) Klein has served this area of Florida for over a decade with his honorable public service. (West was committing war crimes abroad and embarrassing our country.) Klein is a good fiscal steward. (West can’t even pay his bills on time.)

    KLEIN has been a leader in Florida for years and has been a leader in Congress since we sent him there. He fought to lower gas prices, to lower insurance costs, to protect us from hurricanes, to bring more athletics to Florida, to allow airline passengers to have more rights, to improve education in Florida, and to responsibly end the wars abroad.

    Congressman Ron Klein is an EXCELLENT LEADER.

  15. Einstein Says:

    Klein is a Hussein ball washer. I would rather have a trained monkey in congress than Klein. Hes another rubber stamp for big government running our lives.

  16. Allen West = BAD HUSBAND Says:


    He tells other women that he hasn’t had sex with his own wife in years.


  17. Allen West = BAD HUSBAND Says:


    He tells other women that he hasn’t had sex with his own wife in years.


  18. Mark Says:

    @Allen West=Bad Husband

    I don’t like West either, but lets keep this semi-clean and somewhat relevant.

    Unless you find Allen West clearly in bed with someone other than his wife (and can post a picture of it) I don’t want to hear about it.

    That being said, Allen West is a hypocrite who has managed to brainwash a bunch of confused Americans into believing he is some sort of messiah that will clean up government, yet he is already a liar and a hypocrite who can;t even manage his own finances.

  19. Einstein Says:

    That being said, Allen West is a hypocrite who has managed to brainwash a bunch of confused Americans into believing he is some sort of messiah that will clean up government, yet he is already a liar and a hypocrite who can;t even manage his own finances.

    Now that sounds like the Obamabot a few months ago. Sheesh…change Allen West for Hussein Obama and its the same.

  20. NOWEST Says:

    @Big Dem Says: 9:13 am
    No I am none of those things you described, just a politically active astute citizen, and resident of District 22, Which West is not.
    I can spin circles around the unethical and illogical positions of the right wing all day long.
    You are right about one thing…
    It is fun and easy.

  21. NOWEST Says:

    Hey Einstein, I assume you must be one of those bigoted, birthiers, that continually hates on religious freedoms like Allen West since you continually refer to our President by his middle name.
    Twas the Right that dug this hole and put the country deep inside of it.
    Obama has restored dignity, integrity to the White House and Our Country Around the World, and is working to heal our nation while vile radicals like you spew hatred, fear, and Lies.
    GOP Brand = Garbage, you represent the interest of the wealthiest Americans with the con it will help the average citizen.

  22. Einstein Says:

    NOWEST….grammar,punctuation,spelling, these are areas that need improvement before posting opinions.

    Try and keep your composure when November comes around. The real hopey changey thingie is about to happen to you.

  23. NOWEST Says:

    What about Logic and Ethics?
    Keep my composure, ROFL.
    How about when Conservatives loose an election, they allow our Democracy to work and not, whine, cry, bitch, protest, and try and impeach and impede our Government that was elected by the people by a clear mandate.
    Obama didn’t steal his election, he overwhelmingly won it to the chagrin of a bunch of good ole boys.
    The Right has continually sought to disenfranchise the majority of Americans with Corporate $$$, Greed, Hate and Fear.
    West is more of the Same.

  24. Einstein Says:

    1. Open a new file in your computer.
    2. Name it ‘Barack Obama’.
    3. Send it to the Recycle Bin.
    4. Empty the Recycle Bin.
    5. Your PC will ask you:
    ‘Do you really want to get rid of ‘Barack Obama?’
    6. Firmly Click ‘Yes.’
    7. Feel better?
    GOOD! – Tomorrow we’ll do Nancy Pelosi

  25. Don't Go West Says:

    Congressman Ron Klein LOVES OUR DISTRICT!

    Allen West doesn’t even live in our district, doesn’t have a job in our district, and fails to pay bills and taxes in his own district.

    Allen West is a violent and radical war criminal. Heaven help us if we let this angry man represent us in the district. A vote for him is like a vote for a drunken and angry George W. Bush. If you listen to West you will hear that he is an intolerant and egotistical firebrand. He will be a failure in Congress and will be ignored by those who understand that both sides of the aisle need to work together. ALLEN WEST WILL PROBABLY GET ARRESTED AGAIN for another violent crime.

    …On the other hand…

    RON KLEIN LOVES OUR DISTRICT and has dedicated his life to serving South Florida. He works with Democrats, Independents AND Republicans. RON KLEIN IS A GOOD MAN!!!


  26. paranoid west Says:

    Allen West has equated a Democrat with a camera to the Nazi secret police and he has accused a legitimate news organization of trying to kidnap him. You can’t make this stuff up.

    West is INSANE. Literally insane. It’s pathetic that people in this district will vote for him.

  27. Pamela Says:

    How does Allen West plan to cut the federal deficit (which is basically his number one objective) without either raising taxes or cutting defense programs, Social Security or Medicare? Until West can answer this question and tell us how he can do both at the same time like he claims, he cannot be elected.

    My prediction-West wants to cut Social Security and Medicare. He is just doing his best to hide that view from a district with a large senior population.

    Make Allen West answer legitimate questions before you vote for him!!

  28. West is a loser Says:

    West – go home, dream on. You can’t manage your own home finances, then you go and lie about it. What a loser. Run for congress? on another planet, maybe, i would feel sorry for them

  29. Louie Says:

    How’s Obama’s Hope and Change working out ?
    That’s all I need to know.
    I’ll be voting for West in November.
    It’s time for another Change.

  30. Klein is done Says:

    Leave it to the Palm Beach COMpost to pump the well for Klein. You had your chance in DC, now go home!

  31. Al Gore Says:

    Thank God I was able to rid the world of the Politics of Personal Destruction.

  32. d Says:

    klein is a POG he has done nothing but dig us into a deeper hole. Well he hasn’t because he has never had a real job and wouldn’t know the correct end of a shovel !!! West served our country and was a casualty of a PC government. He has done what most of you couldn’t. He stood in harm’s way for his country. Easy choice. West all the way !!!

  33. stu bum Says:


  34. KNOW WEST Says:

    Know West, Know Peace — No West, No Peace

  35. rukiddingme? Says:

    The IRS has already confirmed that the lien was erronously placed and that West was refunded the money. What more do you need? West wanted to provide the release papers and has been unable to produce them as yet…but who cares because the IRS has already confirmed that the lien should not have been placed!

    Our muslim denying president still hasn’t provided a birth certificate. So why hold West to a different standard?

    Klein is running scared, and so are the rest of the dumocrats. He knows he is doomed because he is as empty and insincere as Hussein Obama. Klein is nothing more than a trained monkey for Pelosi. He has nothing of any substance to show for his time in congress.

    And don’t even go there when talking about living in the district. Klein listed his in-laws home as his residence and didn’t own property in his district until he was outed by Oreilly.

    I can’t wait for november!

  36. Dune Dawg Says:

    …and who’s Klein’s waterboy making his assertions of nothing illegal nor improper a big demonization of a true war hero??

    West was in Afghanistan, something went astray financially and was fixed??

    Notice its formally “Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein” but “Allen West gets no proper title earned in military service to his country??

    It’s as telling as the Rick Scott demonization. Even liberal Wikipedia tells an amazing Horatio Alger rags to riches American dream story – son of a truck driver, rehabbed two doughnut shops during college in Kansas City, bought two hopitals and in only 8 years grew it into a nation’s largest ever 340 hospital chain with offices in 36 countries doing over $45 Billion a year…

    YES, it is fair game to investigate and publish private business experience – IF you really do that, rather than claim “his company defrauded Medicare…” Fact: Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic and most US hospitals settled the Clinton / Janet Reno “medicare fraud” allegations!!

    Randy Schultz knows the truth of his hatred of Rick Scott and most other medical business executives: SCOTT killed BillaryCare and openly fought BARAMAcare that 65% of Americans want repealed!!

    FINAL PROOF: MMA 2003 reformed the Medicare claim system of Doctor slot machine payouts from 48 “fiscal intermediaries” and “insurance units”… by 2009 all 15 Medicare Admin Contractors had been bid, 11 were up and running-past screwing up. Kathleen Sebelius caught the last 4 in the still contestable period and delayed them a year!!

    Sebelius’ 20 page Medicare Executive Summary for Congress in November 2009 ignored this reform and referred to “fiscal intermediaries” done away with six years before. THAT is the problem of incompetence in the BARAMAcare system of TSARS – Sebelius only involvment in HealthCare as Kansas Governor was her total support of 10,000 partial birth abortions by her champion Dr. Tiller…!

    When newspapers can only pulp up poorly defined allegations and innuendo, it is because they can’t tell the real truth and are but demonizing anyone other than their rabid progressive lefties…who never do wrong in their eyes.

    Anyone seen anything about US Rep Alcee Hastings…only US Fed Judge to be impeached for taking bribes – William Borders went to jail for paying those bribes, Alcee “won” acquittal??

    Had ENUFF??

    THAT is why Colonel Allen West wants to use his demonstrated Military leadership skills to represent the people to solve our nation’s problems!!

  37. Jim Says:

    So Klein hits West on tax bills, hmmmm. I seem to remember that Klein had some unpaid tax bills as well. PB Post, do a little research and I’ll bet you will find the pot calling the kettle black on this one.

  38. Mark Says:

    @rukidding me

    Where has the IRS acknowledged this lien was a mistake? West hasn’t provided any documented evidence of this even though he said he would.

    It’s sad that West’s little minions can’t think for themselves and believe ever word this hack says.

    It’s all a lie folks!!! The proof is in the lack of proof.

  39. rukiddingme? Says:

    Mark – The fourth paragraph from the bottom in the above article.

    I see that you failed to rebut the fact that Obama has yet to provide any birth certificate.

  40. mike Says:

    Dune Dawg you display a tremendous amount of tolerance for individuals you support and have very little for those who you do not.
    It is a very human display of critical analysis.
    One that allows you to remain positive towards individuals who failed as leaders at critical times in their careers.
    One, a Colonel in the Army who upon hearing there was an assassination plot against their own life determined to survive (quite natural response) took actions that amounted to faking an execution on an individual with information about the plot.
    This personal reaction failed to meet Army standards of conduct resulting in his becoming a civilian via the aid of powerful friends who now wish him to join them in congress. The alternative was likely a Court Martial. Allen West the civilian has a lifetime government Pension when, without friends he could be incarcerated in a Military Prison.
    This is a matter of fact and is very critical to understanding Mr West and his fitness for duty as a Congressman.
    Mr Scott’s history has him a business dynamo, he is also the CEO in charge of the healthcare company who paid $1.6 Billion in fines for cheating you and me the American Taxpayers.
    You may choose to see him as a great dynamic businessman, I think of him as either a crook or grossly incompetent as a CEO.
    I cannot help but think,had Mr Scott had been a CEO of a Chinese Corporation that had cheated and stolen Billions from millions of people we would be speaking of Mr Scott in the past tense as he would likely have been executed for failure to control his company even if he were not complicit in the systematic double set of bookkeeping theft that went on during his tenure as CEO.
    I am amazed that so many eligible Florida voters choose individuals like either Allen West or Rick Scott as leaders of their society.
    It makes me wonder what part of their make-up allows them to accept seriously flawed individuals as long as their rhetoric soothes some place within their American souls.
    We have elections to poll ourselves as to our choice of leaders, I happen to believe Floridians on the whole and not as a single political Party will reject these individuals.

  41. Einstein Says:

    Notice its formally “Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein” but “Allen West gets no proper title earned in military service to his country

    ^^^^Good example of Kleins arrogance. Hes hoping the Kings Point,Century Village demrats will be out in force to elect their boy…but Huissein has screwed it up so bad the “rats” cant even count on that anymore.

  42. flagirl Says:

    What else does Klein have- Obama,Pelosi and Reid??? The Democrats RECORD OF DESTRUCTION???

    Vote for Allen West.

    Stop Obama’s agenda which includes using taxpayer money to rebuild mosques around the world and being anti Israel.


  43. NOWEST Says:

    Nice Einstein calling Jews Rats, at least you don’t pander like West and you show your bigotry in full colors. West only displays Bigotry toward those of Middle Eastern dissent, Homosexuals, Liberals, environmentalists, and Democrats, while providing cover for bigots like you to bash the first Black American President.
    GEORGE W BUSH AND HIS CORRUPT UNETHICAL CRONIES are to blame for the mess of our country, not those that inherited and are trying to fix it.
    Short term memory loss is so convenient.

  44. Huh?! Says:

    Note to DWORKS – No, if all you base your selection of a candidate on is whether they have a D or an R after their name I’m afraid the electorate is not all that darned smart. As long as that continues we’re never going to dig ourselves aout of this mess.

  45. Klein is a Joke Says:

    What the hell does any personal financial of West’s family have to do with the campaign and political issues? West can relate to a lot of us middle class Americans who have had to deal with debt and what not. Especially these days in a tough economy thanks in large part to tax o holics like Ron Klein. Spend a little more time talking about the issues Klein and what you plan to do and a little less time talking about West.

    Klein is scared to death, that’s why he’s using this stupid tactic. Behind the scenes, the West camp is rolling their eyes like “LOL, is this all he’s got?”

  46. Einstein Says:

    Silly man…NOWEST. I am a Jew, and still, to this day, cannot understand how any Jew could vote for Hussein Obama or any one that supports him. The very foundation of Israel depends on his leaving office after one term.

  47. Mark Says:


    The article said that West ended up paying for the lien. That does not mean it was erroneous. West has provided no proof to that point despite having said on Tuesday night he would have the proof by Wednesday morning. We are still waiting.



    Allen West tells other women that he hasn’t had sex with his own wife in years!


  49. Klein needs to GO Says:

    Ron Klein needs to go the way of Dave Aronberg.

    It’s jew attacking a black man who is running for office.

    Klein is ALL for himself and his religious group. They have to get enough jews elected to vote more aid to Israel.

    Let the elected official be representative of the population. We don’t have that many jews left in S FL but do have a growing black and latino population.

  50. Nevin Says:

    From The Broward New Times:

    “Allen, I really hope he doesn’t get elected,” says Brady, who spoke with the Juice on Friday.

    It seems that David Brady and Rep. Klein is placing politics above that of making the necessary changes to reverse the plunge to the far Left in this country. By smearing Lt. Col. West, Brady has, in a de facto way, assisted Rep. Klein in potentially drawing voters away from West to either not vote or cast their support for the Democratic candidate. Patriotic nationalists will remember this Mr. Brady, when you do run for office. They will make their decisions at the ballot box and I am sure it will not be in your favor.

    “He’s a completely irresponsible and irrational individual who’s going to do nothing to help the country if he goes to Washington.”

    Well, let’s see Mr. Brady and Rep. Klein.

    1)Lt Col. West the “radical” and “extremist” was quoted as stating that while he is against socialized medicine, people with pre-existing conditions should be covered by insurance companies. He was quoted as stating that we should “not throw the baby with the bathwater.”

    2) In a Town Hall Meeting in Palm Beach Gardens, Lt. Col. West supported “fair trade” as opposed to “free trade” and destroying American manufacturing.

    3) Spoke out against the “teaching to the test” philosophy dominant in GOP and Democratic Party and the poor financial and resource support given to public school teachers at a Town Hall at the Fort Lauderdale Christian School.

    Problem is, Lt. Col. West is a threat to both the GOP establishment and the Left because he is an independent nationalist who desires the regeneration of our nation on the political, spiritual, and economic levels.

    What is truly disgusting is the fact that Rep. Klein, the left-wing bloc, and David Brady hammered at Lt. Col. West’s overdue credit card bills and lien. It appears that the West family has paid off or is paying off these bills. Unlike our major financial institutions, the West family did not ask for a bailout. Perhaps these expenses could be the result of paying for the costs of their higher education, private schools for their two daughters, and possibly medical bills related to Angela Graham West’s cancer. Thankfully, she has survived thus far. They are not a family of highly paid politicians or lawyers. They are ordinary folks, who have ordinary problems and challenges that every middle and working class American faces. Before you judge the man, please take the opportunity to meet with him. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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