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Is the pro-GOP ‘enthusiasm gap’ real or ‘ridiculous’?

by George Bennett | August 28th, 2010

Democrats have a registration advantage of more than 612,000 in Florida. But Republican turnout was nearly 1.3 million for Tuesday’s governor’s primary and less than 920,000 for the Democratic Senate primary even though both were high-profile statewide races.

Republicans say the turnout disparity is the latest evidence of an “enthusiasm gap” that will boost the GOP in November. Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff says that’s “ridiculous.”

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14 Responses to “Is the pro-GOP ‘enthusiasm gap’ real or ‘ridiculous’?”

  1. Independent voter Says:

    Both Party’s are broken.

    The day of the Independent is here.

  2. v Says:

    Real reason,

    First reason, A lot of Democrats are going to vote for Charlie Crist and didnt really care for either Meek or Greene neither of which stand much of a shot.

    Second reason, there was no democratic governor

  3. If Scott crawls in the sack with Jebbie he's a goner Says:

    Let me tell you the facts whether you want to hear them or not! RICK SCOTT’s money did not buy him this primary election. Actually his counter attack ads against McCollums continued harping on his connection to HCA/Columbia didn’t help him much either! The best ads Rick had was the one where he spoke right into you TV and said its not him the career politicians are affraid of its “the voters having someone in the governors office not beholding to the special interest.” The voter’s are tired of the organized political corruption and they want an outsider who will break this Jeb Bush hold on Florida and therefore break this culture of corruption! If they see Rick Scott signing on with these crooks, they will put Alex Sink in office I don’t care how much money Rick Scott spends! It is one thing to have to work with these “career politicians” for whats best for Florida, it is quite another to crawl in the sack with them.
    I like to look at a lot of dangerous creatures at the zoo, but I don’t pet them nor do I sleep with them! Rick got elected in the primary being an outsider. He needs to stay and outsider and chose his LG from the business world (not career politicians) who can then be an envoy and laison between the governors office and rebuilding Florida business climate!

  4. Ted Says:

    Crist=spoiled brat who wanted life HIS WAY.

    He’ll be abandoned by democrats for Meek

  5. Exnjcop Says:

    Your old school views divide the world into only Republicans and Democrats. The voters have had enough of the Democrats in the past two years. They feel ignored, and worse, distained by democrat elected officials. The voters views are not being honored. These voters will turn out by the millions in November. Who opposes the Democrats…why it’s the Republicans. The voters do not love the Republicans but they more closely reflect the voters right of center views. There is a real desire to move even farther to the right than the Republican party is willing to go. This accounts for the outsider Scott’s victory and the victory of rightist candidates against republican candidates across the country. Voters don’t love the Republicans they hate what they have seen the Democrats do in the past two years and will vote for anyone who stands for traditional values, smaller government and lower taxes. The Democrats badly over-played their hand in shoving healthcare, cap & trade, stimulous and a leftist agenda dopwn the voters throats. Come November 2nd the ignored masses will be heard. There is no mystery here. The mainstream American will reject the course Obama and the Democrats put this country on. The abuse of power and failure to reflect the will of the people will haunt the democrats at the polls for many years. The media is viewed as complicit in carrying the Democrats water and will also suffer fall out. Who can take the Washington Post seriously when it estimates the Beck crowd at 75 – 89,000. People have eyes and can see the pictures. This is not reporting , this is propaganda and is rejected by the average American as preposterous. When “several hundred” people show up for a Sharpton rally and news organizations treat it as a major event while several hundred thousand show up across town and it is ignored the people wonder why and move further right. People just want fairness in politicians and media

  6. whasup Says:

    Only racist Democrats will support Crist over Meek.

  7. LARONDIA Says:

    actually the gop’s made a very trashy
    rally it was not a big turnout for them
    as the news is reporting!!second it looked like a kkk rally!!!is that what it’s gotton to!!unbelievable!!!!but the
    gop’s are forgetting about the melting pot in america!!! the whites have become
    the minority!!!!dems. are keeping cool
    while gop’s are wasting money and people
    of real character time!!It is not about
    how much money you have for the election
    comming up!!it’s gonna be about how all
    people of all cultures stepping out on
    election day!!!

  8. Oxy Limbaugh Says:

    Wrapping yourself in the American flag and portraying minorities as lazy and looking for handouts might not be the best political strategy. We’ll see. They get lots of media coverage but not everyone has the teabagger mentality.

  9. Voter watcher Says:

    Everybody knows that to vote for any democrat gives sustenance to democrats and the Obama philosophy.

    The democrats have fed off minorities forever and one can see how they treat the democrat senatorial candidate Meek.

    First they put up a billionaire, who loses.

    Then they endorse the “in’dependent Crist.

    ‘Certain’ democrats are only for ‘certain’ democrats.

    Meek is getting dirty deals from local democrats. They are endorsing Crist. Where did they stand prior to Greene losing.

    Suggest that Maria Sachs not get the black vote. don’t vote for Maria Sach she endorses Charlie Crist over Kendrick Meek.

  10. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    This is Economic Insanity So Charlie Crist Supports It


  11. True Blue Says:

    Momma can’t hand this seat to Kendrick.

    Meek’s toast.

    Rank and file Democrats will not support Meek not because they are racist but because they don’t want a Sen. Rubio.

  12. Melissa Says:

    I am a Democrat and I didn’t vote. But I always vote in November.

  13. Judith Linn Says:

    We Democrats will vote but I worry that we will split our vots between Meek and Christ and Rubio will win!

  14. other Independant voter Says:

    Hahahah. I wish that were true, mi amigo, but it’s not. The Day of the Independent will never come.

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