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Greene raps Meek’s taxpayer-financed $977-a-month car lease

by George Bennett | August 13th, 2010



Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene, the billionaire Palm Beach outsider seeking to paint primary rival Kendrick Meek as an out-of-touch Washington insider, is highlighting previously published reports that Meek uses a portion of his annual House member’s allowance to pay for a $977-a-month lease on a GMC Yukon “flexible fuel” vehicle for official use.

GMC Yukon -- stock image

GMC Yukon -- stock image

“As more than one million Floridians go without work, Kendrick Meek drives around in a $977 per month leased car and has voted to give himself thousands of dollars in pay increases,” a Greene campaign statement says.

House members get annual allowances of about $1.3 million apiece to pay staff salaries and travel costs and purchase office supplies and equipment. The Wall Street Journal last year — in an article that noted local Democratic U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings’ $24,730-a-year lease on a Lexus hybrid sedan — said about 100 members of Congress use their allowances to lease vehicles for official use.

Meek spokesman Adam Sharon said Meek’s personal cars are in Washington, so he leases a vehicle for business in his district. The lease is so expensive, Sharon said, because members serve two-year terms and therefore must enter two-year leases under House rules. The rules also forbid using the allowance to make a downpayment, Sharon said, which also raises the monthly cost.

Sharon said Meek doesn’t use his Yukon for personal or political business.

“A member of Congress needs a car to get around to perform their job and do constituent services and represent the district,” Sharon said.

13 Responses to “Greene raps Meek’s taxpayer-financed $977-a-month car lease”

  1. _ Says:

    Maybe the JACKA$$ could just rent a car, when it is “officially” needed.

  2. Eric Says:

    The good news is that we can all help Mr Clueless terminate the lease very soon!

  3. Soupy Says:

    Hey Jeff, how much did you pay to install that tennis court at your new $24 million Palm Beach spread? Oh ya folks, he sure knows the troubles of being unemployed or not being able to pay bills. Takes a crook to know a crook…

  4. PEter Schorsch Says:

    Oh boy! Jeff Greene threatens lawsuit against St. Pete Times

  5. William Bailey Says:

    So sad that these so called politician think they are so in touch with all the people out of work!! Why is it they both have so much that they really think they can help the poor, and out of work people in Fla? Jeff Greene is nothing but a wanna be politician!! Kendrick Meeks is nothing more then an Obama yes man!!! Sad that this is all Fla has to offer!!! Dumb& Dumber! to bad it cost somuch money to run for office!! Bet there’s alot of out if work Floridians who would serve the public intrest quite well!! F*** both of them!! Losers

  6. James Says:

    Lexus and Yukons.. Just like a dope dealer with wads full of money in their pockets. But, This isn’t even their money. It’s our money. No no..Cannot humbly represent your constituents without glutenous behavior. SIN!!
    They should be driving Hyundai 4 cylinder cars or a FORD Focus. What gives them the right to feel so entitled. Just like someone on welfare has to prove they don’t have an expensive vehicle to collect government funds. The same should apply to these elitists who feel entitled, while the people they represent drive less then what they have.

  7. Chris Says:

    Of course Greene would scold Meek for something stupid as this. It make sense to me, congressmen are given allowances and they have to budget their allowances for staff, office, transportation, etc. Greene says he is going to give his allowance to charity. Of course he is because 1.3 million is nothing to a Billionaire. I can assure anyone he will also make sure he keeps that Billion in office by doing things like extending Bush Tax-cuts for the super rich. I’m not a Billionaire or business mogul in a failing real-estate market so I don’t think Greene truly represents my interests in Congress.

  8. Mike Says:

    The Democratic race for Senate is coming down to a Billionaire seeking Office for a second time, each time as a member of a dofferent political party, chiding a Congressman about the cost of a vehicle he uses for official business within his home disrtict.
    Jeff Greene seems like a likable person who has developed methods to accumulate capital and who understands that being nice is necessary to receive what he wants from people who can provide that item to him.
    Jeff Greene also has been portrayed, even by himself, as a difficult and demanding taskmaster when he controls your paycheck.
    Which Jeff Greene can be counted upon to be our Senator? The politie seeker of approval, or the difficult boss used to getting his way?
    I’m voting for Kendrick Meek, at least I know that he won’t change Parties once elected, with Jeff Greene, you take your chances.

  9. Glenn Says:

    Glenn is also a US Senate candidate for Fla. check him out

  10. Lucy Says:

    WASHINGTON — After announcing plans to leave the House of Representatives, Florida Democrat Robert Wexler went on to spend more than $340,000 of his campaign funds on staff bonuses, airline tickets and other expenses.

    He still owes the county a half a million for the special election bc he resigned before he got caught for his corruption tactics. Ask Deutch’s staff for the money they got. South County…Michael is coming for you!

  11. Reina Says:

    Now how much of a carbon footprint does Greene have when he fuels his yacht, Summerwind, with 27,000 gallons?

    Could we also get a listing of ALL elected officials and the vehicles they lease? What cost is that for taxpayers.

    Jeff Greene is only a TWO yr resident of FL, he still has a vineyard and mansion in CA (a potential Robert Wexler!).

    Greene IS cartoonish. He’s like the other FL BILLIONAIRE carpetbagger in Central FL..Alan Grayson.

    They are so rich, out of touch with the average person, that they behave in boorish, outlandish fashion.

    Cartoonish Jeff Greene

  12. Resident Says:

    Why cant’t he just borrow his mom’s Escalade especially since he helped her get it! ;-)

    By the way, Summerwind is a sailboat. It uses renewable energy Jeff says.

  13. Chris Says:

    @Resident: “By the way, Summerwind is a sailboat. It uses renewable energy Jeff says.”

    a simple google image search, can answer that.

    No sails on this Cuba-bound beauty.

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