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Gelber strikes back at Aronberg in attorney general race TV ad

by Dara Kam | August 6th, 2010

State Sen. Dan Gelber gets defensive in his first television ad in the race against fellow senator Dave Aronberg in the Democratic attorney general primary.

With absentee voting already underway, Gelber, a Miami Beach lawyer and former federal prosecutor, highlights his years in the courtroom and accuses Aronberg of “political games” and “dishonest attacks” in a series of mailers in which Aronberg accuses Gelber of a potential conflict of interest. Aronberg’s made a big issue out of Gelber’s former law firm going to work for BP to defend the oil giant in any Florida lawsuits.

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12 Responses to “Gelber strikes back at Aronberg in attorney general race TV ad”

  1. Palm Beach Voter Says:

    Man, I bet Aronberg wishes he could re-do his HUGE mistake on the false BP link. He just looks desperate and hopeless when he keeps pushing this garbage. Gelber will clean up in August and November, for the people of Florida.

  2. Ed Slavin Says:

    GELBER is tiresome and lacks people skills.

    GELBER called me on July 2 to discuss his candidacy, claiming he was never a partner or shareholder in AKERMAN SENTERFITT (despite Martindale Hubbell, Linked-in, state legislature and AKERMAN SENTERFITT listings and websites to the contrary).

    GELBER did no pro bono work at AKERMAN.

    GELBER refuses to disclose his AKERMAN clients (he’s a white collar criminal defense lawyer).

    The idea of GELBER as AG is troubling.

  3. Aronberg=Corruption Says:

    I think you are mistaken. Dan Gelber has shared his employment contract with numerous people and it states very clearly he was only ever Of Counsel.

    Get your facts straight. Numerous websites list older, more accomplished lawyers are partners or shareholders when they are merely of counsel. It might have even happened to Dave had he spent a substantial amount of time lawyering instead of running for office to represent the special interests.

    Aronberg = insurance industry = $50k from Alan Mendelsohn = PUBLIC CORRUPTION

    Dan left Akerman… Dave has never explained how he takes thousands upon thousands from special interests and then votes their way.

    What did Mendelsohn get for the $50k he gave Dave? What about the insurance industry? What about the $60k Big Sugar has given his CCE?

    It’s about time Aronberg explained why these groups love him so much!

  4. Ed Slavin Says:

    No, I am not mistaken. The date on GELBER’s putative “employment contract” is January 2010. Prior to that, I reckon he was a partner/shareholder, as listed in Martindale-Hubbell, AKERMAN SENTERFITT’s website, Linked-in and the Florida State Legislature.

    GELBER represents the special interests — they are his clients. AKERMAN SENTERFITT is no eleemosynary institution. It is a Republican law firm that represents the rich and powerful. Its lawyers represented our City of St. Augustine and wasted more than $200,000 on the dubious proposition that illegally-dumped solid waste should be brought back from our Old City Reservoir to the African-American community of Lincolnville for a “park.”

    AKERMAN SENTERFITT represents evildoers.

  5. Aronberg=Corruption Says:

    Not everything on the internet is true, Ed.

    Of Counsel lawyers by definition have their own clients and are not affiliated with the other clients of the firm.

    To be a shareholder one must purchase shares in the firm. Where is the evidence that Mr. Gelber ever did so? No one, including the numerous newspapers that have written about this topic, have implied that ever happened and Mr. Gelber himself said he was never a shareholder. In fact, PolitiFact criticized Aronberg for pushing these same false accusations without anything to back them up.

    If you support Aronberg, fine. He is a nice guy. But don’t go around spreading Aronberg’s lies with nothing to support his claims.

    I’m sorry about what happened in your community. That sounds awful. But you can’t pin that unfortunate incident on someone who was not the least bit involved. That doesn’t make any sense.

  6. Slavin = Aronberg Fanboy Says:

    This Ed Slavin guy spews his hateful rhetoric for anything/anyone Akerman Senterfitt all over the internet. Ed, stop trying to tie an honest, decent statewide candidate to YOUR local politics that those of us south of St. Augustine don’t care about. Honestly, it has nothing to do with this election. Enough.

  7. Ed Slavin Says:

    “Hateful rhetory?” That’s hateful. And untrue The truth will set us free. We don’t trust corporate lawyers. Do you?

    The information on the MARTINDALE-HUBBELL, AKERMAN SENTEFITT and Florida legislature websites was provided by DAN GELBER and his law firm. These are party-opponent admissions. Why do you assume they’re wrong and you’re right? What is the source of your information? Do you work for GELBER? Are you GELBER?
    Whoever you are, could the explanation be that you are overly trusting of corporate lawyers (and DAN GELBER)? Or could it be that AKERMAN SENTERFITT has equity and non-equity partners?

  8. Ed Slavin Says:

    Why does the poster assume GELBER had no involvement in defending the City of St. Augustine?

    There was a criminal investigation. There was no prosecution. GELBER was a criminal defense lawyer for AKERMAN SENTERFITT, which represented the City of St. Augustine and its then-City Manager.

  9. Ed Slavin Says:

    Where is the courtroom where GELBER is sitting in his ads? Who is the person in the judges’ robes in some of them?

  10. Ed Slavin Says:

    Sure sounds like these anonymous posters have an ax to grind, with an assumption of omniscience that masks fear of First Amendment protected activity regarding the tatterdemalion Republican law firm of AKERMAN SENTERFITT.

  11. Ed Slavin Says:

    Let’s call these anonymous posters (e.g, “Slavin = Aronberg Fanboy,” et al.) “The Anonymice.”

    Hiding behind anonymity, these posters shed more heat than light.

    What do you reckon?

  12. Ed Slavin Says:

    Sure sounds like someone from the Gelber camp. See posts 1,3,5,6.

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