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Crist brings indie Senate campaign to Democratic heart of Palm Beach County

by George Bennett | August 27th, 2010

Republican-turned-independent Senate candidate Charlie Crist is coming to Palm Beach County’s Democratic heartland to campaign on Sunday. Crist is scheduled to appear at the South County Civic Center west of Delray Beach at 9:30 a.m.

Consultant Eric Johnson, a Democratic operative hired by Crist to help woo South Florida Dems, said Crist will be introduced by a “high-profile” Democrat, but wouldn’t name names. It won’t be Broward County Democratic state Sen. Jeremy Ring, a Johnson client who attended a Crist event in Coconut Creek this month but today announced he’s endorsing Democrat Kendrick Meek in the Senate race.

Crist faces Meek and Republican Marco Rubio in the Nov. 2 general election. Since bolting the GOP in April, Crist has aggressively courted Democratic voters in South Florida. Both Meek and Rubio have attempted to lump Crist with the opposing party in the three-way race.


13 Responses to “Crist brings indie Senate campaign to Democratic heart of Palm Beach County”

  1. charlie darlie Says:


  2. Independent Voter Says:

    Give em hell Charlie!

  3. GG Says:

    Crist in Martha’s Vineyard? On the downlow with Obama

  4. RJN4181775volunteer Says:


  5. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Charlie Crist: Endorsed By The Teamsters! Now There is a Conservative Voice I Can Believe In!


  6. Max Says:

    We are with you all the way Charlie!! Florida needs your Independent voice in D.C. See you on Sunday….

  7. Support Rubio Says:

    There is nothing independent about Charlie Crist. He will use anyone and anything for his own ambition. If ambition is actually used to do the hard work of the people, that’s a good thing. When ambition is solely there to reward oneself with a bigger crown, a higher title, Americans should be very leery. Well, that is the case with Crist. Remember his promise in 2006? I will make sure taxes and homeowners insurance will DROP LIKE A ROCK?

    He said it. He made that promise to us. I voted for him because I believed he would do everything in his power to turn this Titanic problem around. But that, dear readers, is hard work. Charlie ain’t up for that. Photo ops were on the table. And he grabbed every one of them. A Vice Presidency was on the table. Crist wanted that crown. So he spent all his time, on our dime, pursuing that (only to lose out to Palin).

    So, the two hardest and most important issues of the day — heck, let’s throw in JOBS for good measure — have been ignored by this sitting Governor. And when the going got rough, and the GOP found an all-star in Rubio, he bolted. Again, for his own good. Not mine. Not yours. Not any of your neighbors.

    Charlie Crist epitomizes all that is wrong with government today. And some will drink the coolaide again, and believe his phony “threat” of independence. It’s not real. He is not real. He is an empty suit.

    Pick Meek or Rubio. I like them both, though they are so different on many issues. But at least they’re workers and thinkers. That’s what we pay them to do.

    In November: Give Crist a permanent vacation.

  8. johnconner Says:

    Then next week he’ll go to a republican area and try to scoop up votes there. Typical politician … say anything, do anything for the allmighty votes and interest money. I say boot them all out!

  9. William Bailey Says:

    Hey Max, Are you just plain stupid?? Charlie Crist has never done anything good for Florida!! He’s a liar, a crook, and a thief!!! I wouldn’t vote for any person who switches parties just to get elected! That just show’s me his true colors!! No vote for Crist!!

  10. Carl Says:

    Ummm can someone say Robert Wexler….
    Hmm resigns because he was goning to get arrested for corruption, Slosberg knows about it…he told his staff.

    Deutch makes the deal to help Slosberg and take Wexler’s staff while endorsing crazy Sachs…hmmm.

    Wexler….sold out and got out before it caught up to him…funny Deutch is left carrying the bag..hmm now Deutch is Burt boy

    Wonder why?

  11. Obamacan't Says:

    I say it is one of the following to announce their support:

    Machek’s replacement short guy who can’t speak well,
    Joe something,
    whoever it is they are going to destroy the Democratic party of whatever is left of it.

    Thank you Wexler and Company!

    Self serving son of a witches

  12. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    This is Economic Insanity So Charlie Crist Supports It


  13. Out the door with Maria Says:

    That’s the WHOLE problem with CHARLIE YOU CAN’T BELIEVE HIM.

    He’s a switchy.

    He is NOT dependable.

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