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Crackdown: Holder targets West Palm Beach abortion protester

by George Bennett | August 22nd, 2010



Mary Susan Pine, who regularly protests outside a West Palm Beach clinic where abortions are performed, is the target of a U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit that seeks to bar her from any driveway leading to the clinic and could result in a $10,000 fine.

Pine, 58, is the first Florida person targeted under the 16-year-old federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act.

A National Abortion Federation lawyer applauds the suit as part of the crackdown Attorney General Eric Holder promised after the 2009 slaying of a Kansas abortion practitioner.

Read about it here.

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13 Responses to “Crackdown: Holder targets West Palm Beach abortion protester”

  1. Abortion is legal Says:

    These crazies need to mind their own business or be put in the nut house.

  2. angela Says:

    I work down the street from a clinic and a few times a year they’ll sit outside for over a month on the opposite side of the street and “Pray to end abortion”. I don’t think abortion should be used as a birth control, but it is legal. Leave those women alone and pray to end abortion at home or church. Leave them to their privacy and keep your views to yourself. They have no clue what brings those women to the clinic.

  3. Just Curious Says:

    Let me first say that we are a nation of laws and everyone must be accountable to them.

    Dear Mr. Holder,

    I would like to know who you find more dangerous, a 40 something New Black Panther waving a billy club in front of a polling place who has been videotaped shouting “kill all the cracker babies” or a 58 year old female trying to save the babies?

    Just Curious

  4. Ann Says:

    Just curious…that’s an easy question.

    The abortion protestor is the more dangerous. They are the only ones who actually have killed people and burned facilities.

  5. Baby Sellers Says:

    I really don’t have an opinion about what a woman does with her own body, I think that should be between her and her Lord, she’s the one who will have to pay for it! But, I have recently learned these protesters at these clinics who profess to be bible thumpers out to save the world are at least many times actually just trying to contact some of the pre-abortion mothers and convince them to have the baby so these “do gooders” can find the baby a good home! In other words they are nothing but baby sellers! In Clermont, Fl such a home has recently opened by Danny and Marta Hartzog who are the former managers of the notorious Green Isle Boys Ranch where untold complaints of child sex abuse over a 20 year period have been reported and covered up by the Lake sheriff who ran the school. So, you see even when it looks like the do gooders are trying to save the babies and protect the abused young children many times they are only being saved so they can be used for someone’s financial gain or others sick lifestyles.

  6. Big Daddy Says:

    While I don;t like abortion and think it’s wrong, I don’t have the right to tell any woman what she can or can’t do with her body. Clearly, I would like to see a non-bias educational program that would inform the would-be mother of all her options before she decides to terminate her unborn fetus. However, I doubt either side of the abortion issue would ever come to an agreement as to what course of action would be best in the educating and due process of this issue.

    On the other hand, I consider these anti-abortion fanatics no less dangerous than terrorists. These are a few people trying to force their ideas on the masses, disregarding the personal feelings and beliefs of everyone that opposes them. What I mean by fanatics is the people that block driveways and doorways of abortion clinic, harassing both staff and patients and imped people from trying to do what is their Constitutionally protected right. People or persons that do this or harm and kill others to force them to bend to their will, are no better than the terrorist that flew into the Twin Towers or kill our Military service people in the name of Islam. They don’t speak for the people, just their warped interpretation and visions of how this world should be.

  7. NO to democrats Says:

    Eric ‘a nation of cowards’ Holder worked for a law firm that represented the Gitmo prisoners.

    Now, as AG of the US, he’s representing the US.

    Just another one of Obama’s extremists employed by the White House and paid by the taxpayer.

    It doesn’t end with Holder, some bizarre guy is Safe School Czar, 2 ultra liberals on the Supreme Court.

    Our country is overrun with extremists appointed to positions and judges to lifetime positions.

    Start changing this in November by taking away the democrat majority in Congress (Pelosi) and the Senate (Reid). They move the legislation forward as democrats and the President signs it into law.

    Break up the domination of one party rule in our country. Do NOT vote for one democrat. It will give Pelosi and Reid the numbers to CONTINUE to push thru extremists.

    NO to ALL democrats. The democrats in our local election…they give Pelosi and Reid the numbers, the votes, to continue.

    NO! Vote in November

    As for abortion, that’s a personal issue. There still(so far) is Freedom to protest, this person should be able to express an opinion, but not to impede or harrass those who have made up their minds. And as long as the taxpayer is NOT funding the cost of this. The person got herself pregnant, then the person can pay with her own money.

  8. Charles Anderson Says:

    Abortion is the ending of a life. All life is sacred; the life of our planet, the animals that inhabit it, and the lives of human beings. I want honor the Earth, clean the air, clean the rivers, drastically lower pollution levels, and save babies from an early death. Life is life. If your baby is conceived, it is alive! Why is that so hard for some people to understand. Murder is murder and our culture is becoming reminiscent of ancient culture that used to sacrifice babies to their gods. The difference is that those cultures killed relatively few babies compared to the over 1 million per year in the U.S.A. How can you not see that this is the holocaust of our generation? Since my birth in 1973 nearly 50 million babies have been aborted! How can that not shock you? 50 MILLION in the U.S.A. alone! That about haw many people died in WWII. Sure I want to save the whales, abandoned cats, and abused dogs. I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, a cat and a rat. My animals are neutered. to keep them from breeding. Is that how we should think of humans? animals that need breeding and population control?

  9. Charles Anderson Says:

    P.S. I would never call myself a Republican nor a Democrat. This is not a political issue, it’s a spiritual issue! I am a devout Catholic who is borderline socialist. Sahron Angle is a waco, Reid is just the lessar of two wacos.

  10. Bleeding Heart Stopper Says:

    All you people who don’t want protesters outside of clinics are hypocrits. When its something on your agenda, you can’t wait to get out there and demonstrate. Yet when a small group demonstrates across the street from a clinic and prays for the mothers, you tell them to do it at home or at church. “Stop the War!” and you can’t wait to throw on a tie-dye shirt, slap a peace sign on some poster board & quote John Lennon songs. Peacefully demonstrate outside of an abortion clinic and you want them silenced.

  11. Matt Boston Says:

    I am prolife in my own life
    Prochoice for everyone else
    Everyone has the right to practice things that are legal
    The government should provide that for the citizens
    Scary fact:
    33% of Republicans think Obama is a Muslim
    Almost 50% of Americans think a Muslim is a national origin

  12. Skye Says:

    I use my energy not by protesting, but by working on making society accept that young girls, out of wedlock, have babies and to focus on helping them know if they keep the baby, that society will help them raise the baby at the sametime the young girls can continue to get a good education.

  13. Keith Richard Radford Jr Says:

    End sex laws to curb people that feel the need to capitalize on people like cattle/sheep/duck/chickens. Politics is simple, when Oprah almost shut these laws down with her campaign to make prostitution legal in the 70″s a bunch of fascist rot, bought her and started a run, well your run is done along with sex laws, members are in the dirt too their eye lids. Nazi BS. It’s not a mental disorder to like sex as a child, the a mental disorder for making laws and manipulating a nation by media into thinking every household should line up & goose step when kids die at the rate of 90K per day and kids set up adults and other children, sometimes at the direction of other members of the family for fun/status/home ownership/money/deception/a new/God/Daddy/or? more time on stage at the local house of worship trying to impress #1 In the words of Stephen Hicks: Nazis thought socialism should control? not only economics but breeding, religion and other intimate details of life. I was chip as a child & again as n adult and met with military before I was 9 & the push for sex laws are as bogus as the legeslators that think they contribute to anyone.

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