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Battle of the robocalls: Greene enlists Star Jones after Pelosi phones for Meek in Dem Senate primary

by George Bennett | August 16th, 2010



TV personality and attorney Star Jones has recorded a get-out-the-vote robocall for Jeff Greene as next week’s Democratic Senate primary looms. Greene’s rival, U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, has been getting telephonic support from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

According to celeb politics tracker, Jones’ previous political activity includes donating $1,250 to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Democratic presidential campaign.

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3 Responses to “Battle of the robocalls: Greene enlists Star Jones after Pelosi phones for Meek in Dem Senate primary”

  1. Games Says:

    Who the hell cares what celebrities think!

    From Sean Penn to Star Jones to any of them. They are OUT OF TOUCH with everyday Americans. Their lifestyle is SO removed from everyday Americans.

    Who cares what celebrities think?

    Does Star get a free cruise on Greene’s yacht, Summerwind, for her endorsement?

    Is it her skin that Greene particularly wanted to exploit?

    Who cares?

  2. True Blue Says:

    Nancy – you have enough on your plate without wasting your time and talents on this loser. Meek’s toast and no amount of work from you, Bill or the President can turn this around.

  3. EagerBeaver Says:

    I think it shows that once again Greene is throwing money at people to get his name out there. Greene is not authentic or a genuine individual at all. Why would you vote for someone who has not resided in Florida and does not have any kind of interest in helping Floridians. At least I know Meek is an honorable person. He’s a true Floridian and former law enforcement officer. Who else is better to work for Floridians!

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