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Another big money-raising report for Allen West

by George Bennett | August 12th, 2010

Republican congressional candidate Allen West raised more than $532,000 from July 1 to Aug. 4, his campaign manager Josh Grodin said this afternoon. That five-week figure — more than Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein during the last three-month reporting period — should keep West among the top congressional money-raisers in the nation.

Because Florida has an Aug. 24 primary, the latest round of Federal Election Commission finance reports are due by midnight tonight. Klein hasn’t filed his report yet. Klein raised an impressive $511,150 from April 1 to June 30, but West raised $1.4 million during that quarter.


12 Responses to “Another big money-raising report for Allen West”

  1. Tim Says:

    Ron Klein supports Race To The Top,the FEDERALIZATION OF EDUCATION, taking away LOCAL control. It is the democrats’ own educational initiative, Obama’s own Secretary of Education, putting forth the plan.

    Klein will continue to support Obama’s policies and programs. He failed to show up to speak directly with his constituents while on break. Klein will vote to have Nancy PELOSI continue as Speaker of the House. That’s not acceptable. NO to Ron Klein

    Klein has never served in the US military, but continues to degrade his opponent’s military service. Mr West served BRAVELY and that service is not question, as Mr Klein tries to mimize and circumvent that West DID serve, and Klein didn’t.

    Klein is the type of politician that will send soldiers into combat, but he himself does not serve.

    That’s how Klein treats veterans.

    Klein also supports Dem FL Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her stance on immigration: “Haiti is Florida’s 69th county”. Two peas in S FL pod.

    New leadership is needed. NO TO KLEIN.

  2. Einstein Says:

    Ill be voting for Col. West. Klein will be Pelosi’s little servant…we need a change in Washington and Col. West exemplifies the best in this country.

  3. Tyler Sutton Says:

    West will not be a leader. He will only divide our country further. He is not even in D.C. yet and his rhetoric is already full of half-truths and exaggerations and sometimes flat out lies.

    Tim-Please give one example of Ron Klein saying something negative about Allen west and his war record. Don’t believe everything your leader West tells you buddy.

  4. rukiddingme? Says:

    Klein is history. Anyone with any sense can see that West will be an excellent member of congress. He will work to fix everything that this lousy administration and the special interest lapdog congress has screwed up.

  5. Tyler Sutton Says:

    Allen West supports nothing but the failed economic policies of George W. Bush. He is not from this district, has only lived in South Florida for a few years, and will not be a member of Congress that seeks to represent his constituents. He will only try and further himself politically by pandering to the far right.

  6. NOWEST Says:

    And west is to big of Coward to Face Debbie Wasserman Schultz in an election of his own district in which he lives.
    Klein doesn’t bash his military service, but I do. His service is a disgrace to our nation, and he should have been thrown in Leavenworth.
    West is an Islamaphobic, Homophobic, Fear/war mongerer. who will say anything for attention and your Money.
    You are all Suckers.
    If he gets elected he will be the greatest embarrassment this country has ever seen.

  7. Tyler Sutton Says:

    I almost do want to see Allen West elected, just for the comic relief. Then again, the national right wing will probably try and run the man for President if he gets elected, which will then be the biggest embarrassment this country has seen. Think the Palin Vice President candidacy but ten times worse.

    Col. West is way smarter than Palin and much more articulate on the issues, but there is no doubt the national spotlight from the MSM will magnify his glaring flaws.

  8. Sid Dinerstein Says:

    Allen West has more medals than Ron Klein has lobbying clients.


  9. Tyler Sutton Says:

    Speaking of puppets, West is not even elected and he is already a puppet for the national right wing (Palin, DeMint, Bachman, Beck, Hannity, Levin, Breitbart etc.) Imagine if he is actually elected to office how bad it will get.

    West will do anything to raise his national profile so there is no doubt he will continue this when in Congress and become a puppet for the Orange man, John Boehner.

    Fortunately for us, winning an election is not about how many times you can appear on Fox News and national talk radio.

  10. Barack Obama Says:


    Will you start reporting on all the stupid stuff Allen West has said? Check out the press release he sent out yesterday calling Democrats and Klein racists for saying anything bad about him:

    I mean, come on George. When Allen West exposes the racial hypocrisy of the left, it is front-page national news.

  11. Lynn Anderson Says:

    Anyone who is against Allen West, is part of the problem. How do you like that statement? Too right winged conservative for all you pinkos out there? :)

  12. Stumpy Strykes Back Says:

    I laugh in NOWEST’s face. Bahahaha. He is on the run, struggling to defend his overlord Klein.

    You, sir, are why Allen West thrives. You provide the senseless, fact-less, embarrasingly-shameful comebacks to which the people can respond and enjoy a hearty laugh. You are the radical and extremist that everyone wants to stay away from. You are a typist, faceless and meaningless. I suggest for your next attack, you launch some chocolate-frosted cupcakes at Allen West’s Abrams tank.

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