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Allen West comes out for kids, flag, Constitution in first TV spot

by George Bennett | August 25th, 2010

The morning after winning his Republican primary — and drawing an attack ad from incumbent U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton — Allen West releases his first 30-second TV spot, an upbeat message featuring kids saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

West campaign manager Josh Grodin says he’s still rounding up documents that will show a 2005 IRS lien against West in Indiana, the centerpiece of Klein’s ad, was a mistake that the IRS corrected.


27 Responses to “Allen West comes out for kids, flag, Constitution in first TV spot”

  1. Mark Says:

    Allen West-Once again not telling anyone anything about what he will actually do in Congress.

    But wait, he is pro-kids! He’s got my vote now!

  2. skeptic Says:

    Allen West is a joke, but after all he is a Republican.

  3. Exnjcop Says:

    Klein defaulted in his responsibility to represent the wishes of his constituents by voting for healthcare, Stimulous and cap & trade. He cast his lot with Pelosi and the uber-liberal democrats. He forgot his district leans right or he simply didn’t care. Nov 2nd is the time for Klein to pay the piper for being a good foot-soldier in shoving unwanted legislation down our throats. Klein is in real trouble and he knows it. He has hidden from the voters for the last year. Don’t avoid explaining your voting record and expect me to pull the lever for you. I’d rather try West..he CAN’T be worse

  4. Einstein Says:

    Ill be voting for West. Klein is an Obama ball-washer.

  5. Al Says:

    Mr West needs to check the papers of those kids. Some of them look suspiciously like illegal immigrants.

  6. No more religious candidates Says:

    The joke is on Florida because the same old religious group keeps running their candidates in S FL.

    Aren’t there democrat latinos who could break into S FL politics. Why jewish domination.

    The jews always put down the black man.

    Look at billionaire jew Jeff Greene who ran against Meek.

    Break the hold on a religious group on south Florid politics.

    It’s trillions of taxpayer dollars being funneled to Israel and more American soldiers dying for Israel.

    Stop the massacre. When was the last time an Israeli died BESIDE our service people?

    Stop the domination of S FL religious politicians.

  7. Mark Says:

    Allen West: The pro-Pledge of Allegiance Candidate? Give me a break.

    West supports the same old George Bush economic policies that started to lead our government into debt. This ad just tries to cover that up.

  8. buzz Says:

    when a politician comes out as anti kid, anti flag, and anti constitution, that is news. This is a yawn.

  9. McTrak Says:

    Smear campaigns are waged by politicians who are unable to cite accomplishments made during their careers. These same smear artists also avoid promising to do anything for constituents, leaving their future actions open to manipulation by party politics.

  10. mark Says:

    How can he be pro constitution when he is against the 1st amendment. You have the freedom of religion as long as you’re a Christian.

  11. madmama Says:

    To Einstein, Al and Skeptic…..Allen West is what a real leader and a real man looks like. Not some de-balled, metro sexual, elitist who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag!!! Let’s throw Barack (or any of you!) and West out in the desert and see who comes out alive! I’ll put my money on West anytime!
    And for Mark…you might want to check your facts…when Bush was in there…there was 4% unemployment, the dow was over 14,000….it was when the Dems took over in Jan. of 2007…when things started going downhill!
    When the name calling starts, that’s when you can tell that the fear is starting to set in!
    That’s all you people have got…..and you say you’re the party of tolerance??? What a bunch of hypocrites!
    Exactly the reason I quit the Democratic party!

  12. Sickofpantywastes Says:

    Again all you Obama-bots do is repeat the rheotric of what you have heard from other uneducated voters. When you learn to start educating yourselves is when this country will stop wasting away. WELL SAID MADMAMA!

  13. dave Says:

    LTC West belongs in the White House. The man knows what honor, courage, and character are all about. To those who say he isn’t specific enough about what he’ll do once elected, I say this: read the Constitution. That’s Col. West’s guide; it should be yours as well.

  14. linda Says:

    I think he is exactly what we need, I would love to see him run against Obama in 2012

  15. linda Says:

    we need him in the white house

  16. linda Says:

    TO No more religious candidates: Maybe you think that it is cool having a Muslim for a president who is in office and his objective is to destroy this great country. It is people like Allen West who has secured your freedom to voice your stupid opinions.

  17. KNOW WEST Says:

    Know West, Know peace — No West, No peace

  18. Dave Says:

    Allen West is a great candidate, a veteran who has proudly served our country. He also opposes amnesty for illegal aliens and has my support!

  19. Dave Says:

    Don’t forget that a vote for Klein is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and her radical far left agenda that has led to record unemployment and a $1.4 TRILLION annual deficit.

    We have to vote out of office these radical incompetent Democrats who are destroying our economy and our children’s futures.

  20. constitution 101 Says:

    GO WEST!

  21. O.H.I.O. Says:

    STILL WAITING ON THE EVIDENCE…..TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK….36 hours and counting…come on Josh, where is it???????

  22. RealAngst Says:

    West is another clown who will not get this Republican vote. I dont even care who is running against him.

  23. RealAngst Says:

    Linda. You really can not be that stupid. A Muslim as President? We have one of those? I may not agree with him on much, but there has to be a point where the IGNORANT take a pause for the cause, admit they are spewing venom. On issues, we may agree, on Religion, never. On accusing the POTUS of being a Muslim, not that being RELIGIOUS ON ANY LEVEL IS WRONG, is just plain IGNORANCE.

  24. RealAngst Says:

    Hey Linda…Psssst…Lt. Col West had LOTS of help. Some of us were there BEFORE he VIOLATED THE LAW and was ALLOWED to retire. How odd that you forget that there are MILLIONS of VETERANS who did the heavy lifting for people like Lt Col West. Now, go get some education and come back when you have learned something. This is akin to those who think Ollie North is some hero. CRIMINAL. In a word.

  25. Lindsey Says:

    RealAngst: If you were under Allen West’s command overseas, you may owe him your life! Are you an elitist RealAngst? Do you have an elitist education that entitles you to tell Linda to “get some education”? Or do you worship elitists rather than God? Or both?????????

  26. adam Says:

    America does not need another power hungry teabag like West.

  27. linda Says:

    Allen west is intelligent…knows how to talk without a teleprompter…and stands for the constitution…He is exactly what this country needs….I do not believe he is a Muslim..we already have a Muslim in the white house…He is destroying our country…Allen west has served our country for 20 years, you should be thanking him for your freedom…

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