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Slosberg plays hardball vs. ‘Klassy’ Klasfeld in bid for old state House seat

by George Bennett | July 20th, 2010

Our Samantha Frank provides this overview of the state House District 90 Democratic primary between former Rep. Irving “Irv” Slosberg and educator Sheldon “Klassy” Klasfeld.

Heavy favorite Slosberg is suing to try to knock Klasfeld off the ballot, claiming his filing documents are improper.

“He’s acting like a thug,” claims Klasfeld.

The race reprises two of the more memorable campaign slogans in south county politics. Slosberg was elected three times urging voters to “Let Irv Serve.” Klasfeld lost a 2006 primary despite the catchy “Send Klassy to Tallahassee” slogan.

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4 Responses to “Slosberg plays hardball vs. ‘Klassy’ Klasfeld in bid for old state House seat”

  1. Stop the Domination Says:

    Wexler, Deutch, Aaronson, Sachs, Gelber, Aronberg, Slosberg, Klasfeld. Greene, Frankel and the list goes ON…

    Can you see any similarity? Is there no diversity in the democrat party? Is there only one religious group that runs the democrat party?

  2. Klassy Says:

    Meet the real klassy

  3. RealAngst Says:

    @stop…you mean like the religious group of the Republiknuts?

  4. Laugher Says:

    Its sad that this is the best the county has to offer. It really is. Klassy, you can’t fight for Israel in the State House. How about finding some ways to work with the majority or get Ds elected in other parts of the state instead of just protecting 4 counties state wide. Obama won the state and the Dems picked up I think 1 seat in the state house. Its a joke.

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