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Meek won’t say if he’d support Dem primary rival Greene in general election for Senate seat

by George Bennett | July 28th, 2010

UPDATED with reaction from Greene’s campaign.

Palm Beach billionaire Jeff Greene said at this month’s Florida Democratic Party dinner that he’d support U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek in the general election if Meek wins the Aug. 24 Senate primary.

On a conference call today, Meek was asked if there is “any way” he could support Greene if Greene wins the primary.

Read Meek’s answer, and the Greene campaign’s response, after the jump…..

Kendrick Meek responds to question about whether he would support Jeff Greene if Greene wins their Aug. 24 Democratic primary:

“I don’t like to live in the world of hypotheticals and I really, I’m not even prepared to answer that question. I do see Mr. Greene as a Republican versus a Democrat.

“Hypothetically — and I do mean hypothetically in a big way — if he was to advance from the Democratic primary then Floridians would be looking at three Republicans debating one another. Because that’s the reason why Mr. Greene is running a Republican-style attack against me in the primary because that’s who he is. I don’t see Floridians really having a dog in the fight if I don’t make it to — hypothetically speaking, very hypothetically speaking — if I don’t make it to the general election. But I believe that’s the reason why Democrats are going to come out and vote for me…”

Greene ran as a Republican for Congress in California in 1982. He was registered with the GOP and with no party affiliation in California before moving to Florida and registering as a Democrat in 2008.

Republican-turned-independent Gov. Charlie Crist is also running for Senate, as is presumptive GOP nominee Marco Rubio.

Greene campaign spokesman Luiz Vizcaino offered this response to Meek’s comments:

“It’s hypocritical of Kendrick Meek to say he’s the ‘Real Democrat’ when he won’t even commit to supporting the Democratic nominee for US Senate. Jeff Greene has said he would support the Democratic nominee because we need the next Senator from Florida to be a Democrat.”

5 Responses to “Meek won’t say if he’d support Dem primary rival Greene in general election for Senate seat”

  1. Nixie Says:

    Just remember western communities that DEMOCRAT rep JOE ABRUZZO endorses billionaire (made $$$ off of those who LOST THEIR HOMES) Jeff Greene, (who also is former Republican candidate in CA, who lost, then moved to FL and is running as democrat) OVER a Florida native and afro american who walked the state seeking signatures to run!

    Don’t vote for Joe! He turns on our own state resident for a former California billionaire!

  2. Your'e No Dem Says:

    And Neither will any other Dem, get a clue Jeff.

  3. True Blue Says:

    And Meek claims to be the”real Democrat”

    What a joke!!!!

  4. Imagine Says:

    Imagine that, an indecisive black guy. What a shocker

  5. Jill Cramer Says:

    I’m a bit distrubed that Maurice Ferre is not covered.

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