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McCollum compares Rick Scott to BP’s Tony Hayward

by George Bennett | July 26th, 2010

UPDATED with reaction from Scott’s campaign at the end….
FORT LAUDERDALE — Reacting to reports that spill-tarnished BP Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward is stepping down, Attorney General and GOP governor candidate Bill McCollum took a shot at Republican primary rival Rick Scott.

Scott took a severance package from Columbia/HCA after it came under a Medicare fraud investigation that ended with the hospital chain paying $1.7 billion in fines after Scott left.

Said McCollum on his way into a Florida Sheriff’s Association lunch:

“BP has caused this problem. Hayward did it under his watch. He’s responsible for it. And there’s some similarities here to, actually, to Rick Scott. You know, the CEO of a company has responsibility for what happens on their watch, just like the captain of a ship does. And I’m not surprised that Tony Hayward was basically forced to resign…

“Rick Scott was also forced to resign when his company got in trouble with over 50 of his hospitals being raided by the FBI. And we all know the results of that huge criminal thing that happened out there, whether he knew it or he didn’t know it. Very similar relationship between the two of them, ironically.”

The Scott campaign’s Jennifer Baker offered this response:

“Most people look at the oil spill and see a tragedy, Bill McCollum sees a political opportunity. Floridians are looking for someone like Rick Scott who will solve problems, not see what he can get out of them.”

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6 Responses to “McCollum compares Rick Scott to BP’s Tony Hayward”

  1. Poopy Pants Says:

    Two losers. Who cares. Sink is our next governor.

  2. Sick of incumbents Says:

    ZZZZZIIIIIIINNNNNGGGG!!! Nice comeback Scott…

  3. Scatterthevultures Says:

    LET’S GET TO WALK Rick Scott is the result of Howdy Doody playing with sticks until he created the monster that will eat him.

  4. Litmus Test Says:

    Now we see why we should have a LITMUS TEST to run for public office! McCollum is begining to sound like a kid with his finger caught in a car door! He didn’t scream this loud when Rick Keller beat him in 2000. But remember back then he didn’t really have anything but power to lose either! When he got defeated by Ric Keller in congress he kept all his salary and insurance and benefits for life! Then he took on a big fat lobbist job and made more money! Now at 66 years of age he will only have four years on the Florida state retirement system (that’s the one he gave $250 million dollars to his NYC friends to lose out of!) He would not be vested in the Florida retirement system until he gets six years on the Florida State payroll! So, this time he stands to lose another big fat retirement check from the taxpayers, along with his big fat paycheck for turning his head and doing nothing on corruption with his friends and co-harts! Speaking of which! If he loses this race he and his corruptacans in Tallahassee are afraid Rick Scott won’t cover up their corruption and they all might have to face a real investigation and a real judge they don’t own or control! Now that’s why McCollum is screaming like a long tailed cat with his tail under a rocking chair!

  5. Hoowdy Doody Acting Like A Spoiled Brat Says:

    PPP poll: Scott leads McCollum big; Meek edging Greene
    2010 U.S. Senate race, 2010 election, 2010 governor’s race, Bill McCollum, Rick Scott — posted by bshaw on July, 22 2010 12:27 PM
    New Public Policy Polling analysis — culled from the 900-voter robo-poll done earlier this month and released yesterday — shows Rick Scott with a14-point lead over Attorney General Bill McCollum, solidifying recent polling by other companies that show Scott as the frontrunner. Indeed, slightly more Republicans now have an unfavorable view of McCollum — who’s spent 30 years in GOP politics in Florida — than see him favorably, the poll reports.
    “With polls right now showing both Democratic candidates under 20% in the general election you almost wonder if it even matters who the nominee is,” the analysis concludes, “but this race is looking a lot different than it did four months ago and it could shift a lot more yet in these final 3.5 months leading up to November.”
    Read the full analysis below:
    Rick Scott is looking like the frontrunner to be the Republican nominee for Governor of Florida, although both he and Bill McCollum have been badly bruised by their primary fight. Scott leads McCollum 43-29.
    Scott has certainly succeeded in destroying McCollum’s popularity with GOP primary voters. Only 26% have a favorable opinion of the Attorney General while 40% see him unfavorably. He hasn’t done much though to make Republicans take a charitable view of him. 35% see him positively while 32% have a negative opinion of him, not usually the kind of favorability numbers you want to see with your party’s base.
    Scott has tried in particular to court the party’s large conservative voting bloc and his favorability with them is a positive 38/27 spread. But that’s come at a cost to his standing with moderate Republicans, who see him negatively 28/43. That doesn’t bode well for the general election and goes a long way toward explaining why Alex Sink fared so well in the numbers we released yesterday.
    With 28% of voters still undecided McCollum is certainly not out of it but Scott has to be seen as the strong favorite at this point.

  6. Career Politican Corruption Says:

    Let’s see, for those of you old enought to remember “abscam” Richard Kelly, this McCollum was living in that 5th district in Brooksville and run and won!
    Richard Kelly is the congressman who got caught (back in the old days they actually watched and caught these corrupt suckers) cramming 25 thousand in his pockets! So, McCollum replaced this crook! He worked his way through a few years in the 5th district and then he decided if he moved to Orlando he could really get in with the Mickey Mouse school of serious corruption! So. he moved and ran for the 8th district ( now we have Alan Grayson in that district) In the Orlando congressional district he made the connections with the likes of Penny Pritzner and helped her family basically steal the Orlando Naval base property. Later after his stint as a lobbist and subsequent annointment by the Bush followers he helped the Bush friend Mori Hosseini double the value of the Stanaki land deal in Volusia county by he and Charlie Crist giving development rights to swamp land under water and a re-appraisal of the property. Recently McCollum stated his integrity has never been in question. What I want to know is would someone please come forward who can prove this crooked self and friend serving corrupt individual ever possessed anything near integrity. I’ll swager I know of no one who knows anything honest about this corrupt career 30+ year professional politician.

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