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Klein campaign calls GOP challenger West ‘radical’ for proposal to abolish federal Department of Education

by George Bennett | July 14th, 2010

BOCA RATON — Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein’s campaign is blasting Republican challenger Allen West for saying last year that the U.S. Department of Education should be abolished.

West’s campaign manager says the fact that two-term incumbent Klein is going on the offensive shows he’s “desperate” and doesn’t want to run on his record.

Klein’s campaign today assembled three retired teachers — two of whom are active in Palm Beach County Democratic politics, the third a former Broward County teachers union leader — and a high school student to speak out against West’s “radical policies.”

In a speech last November that’s posted on YouTube (look around the 8:35 mark), West said there are “a couple of agencies up there” in Washington “that have to go.”

“The first one would be the Department of Energy,” West said, because it has failed to make the U.S. energy independent.

“Another agency would be the Department of Education because our education status has gone down since we’ve had the Department of Education,” West says on the video.

West stands by the remarks, says his campaign manager, Josh Grodin.

“Since the Department of Education was first established, it hasn’t done what it set out to do…It’s just another layer of bureaucracy that is failing to improve the educational system.”


35 Responses to “Klein campaign calls GOP challenger West ‘radical’ for proposal to abolish federal Department of Education”

  1. Sid Dinerstein Says:

    Actually, I’m guessing the teachers are on Allen’s side. Every dollar wasted on education bureaucrats is a dollar not paid to a teacher.
    In PBCounty the school district has 8,000 teachers and 12,000 “others.”

    Why is Ron Klein Desparate?

    Because Aleen West has more MEDALS than Ron Klein has lobbying clients.


  2. Get a life Sid Says:

    Sid — you know that Congressional members can not hold other employment so your inference that Klein is a lobbyist is a joke. Your boy West will go down again because he is a terrible candidate.

  3. Get rid of Sid Says:

    Another racist comment by a democrat calling a black man a “boy”.

    Democrats are throwing Meek under the bus for a billionaire who ran in another state as a republican, lost and then came to Florida and is now running as a ‘democrat’.

    Local democrat Abruzzo is backing this billionaire.

    Democrat Jimmy Carter started the Department of Education and since then education in this country has declined.

    Support dismantling the department and letting State and LOCAL governments have control. Which group KNOWS better..local educators or the bloated government program?

    Go WEST, you’ve got my vote.

    Klein is another ivy league college elitist. They’re just college debaters who continue to spend and tax the populace.

    Less government! Encourage a third party in PBC. Sid can’t find candidates. He’s inadequate in his leadership. Opportunities have abounded, but he can’t generate ANYTHING.

  4. Radical West Says:

    Allen West won’t stop with the Department of Education. Medicare and Social Security are next!!!

    This is a man who is a BP apologist who thinks praying really hard will clean up an oil spill and fix a wrecked economy. I’m all for having faith in God and living a moral life, but these are man-caused disasters and we need to come up with solutions, not pray that everything is magically fixed by a higher power. West’s only solution to the economy is more Bush economic policies that helped caused our downturn, and his only solution to the oil spill is to keep drilling (or ask random Americans to fix the spill with hay.)

  5. Ed Fulop Says:

    Calling a teacher anti-education because he calls for the abolition of the U.S. Department of Education, is like calling a lobbyist anti-money because he went into politics. Wake up.

    Restore Honor. Flip the House.

  6. James Says:

    Why should we send our money to washington for them to only send back a part of it to us. Lets let our local and state governments use the money more effectively and make our schools better!

    Ron Klein took money directly from BP. Allen west never apologized to BP, he was given money from Congressman Joe Barton.
    How do you critize that but turn a blind eye to klein accepting EVEN MORE MONEY from BP, the oil company responsible for the destruction of the gulf???

  7. Radical West Says:


    No one is criticizing West for taking money from Barton. $1,000 compared to the millions that will be spent by both West and Klein is not a huge deal.

    But West agreed with Barton that BP shouldn’t set up an escrow account for those it harmed with the spill, echoing Barton’s sentiment.

    “Earlier this week, however, West appeared to share some of Barton’s concerns. At a business luncheon in Palm Beach Gardens, West said that while he was “angry with BP” for the spill, “when you have an executive branch that goes to a private sector business and takes their private equity funds and demands that they put it into an escrow account, something is upside down in this country. That is a very dangerous precedent that we establish.”"

  8. Ed Fulop Says:

    Radical West (poster #7) –

    Which article in the Constitution gives the president the authority to demand that a foreign company that has had an accident in the “exclusive economic zone” — within 200 miles from the coast, not international waters as some main-stream media outlets are saying — do anything? Please cite that for us.

  9. nemo Says:

    God bless Allen West. This bloated, useless government needs to be trimmed. The trimming needs to start at the top.

  10. constitution 101 Says:

    The federal Department of Education is a massive,bloated government bureaucracy. It has a budget of $63.7
    billion in discretionary appropriations
    and $96.8 billion in discretionary
    funding. EDUCATION IN AMERICA IS PRIMARILY A STATE AND LOCAL RESPONSIBILITY.Trim the fat. Let the local and state government run the schools more effectively.
    Klein A smaller government is not a RADICAL concept.
    concept. GO WEST

  11. Educator for West Says:

    I must concur with constitution 101, “EDUCATION IN AMERICA IS PRIMARILY A STATE AND LOCAL RESPONSIBILITY.” This quote is demonstrated by the need for a State License for each teacher as they move to another state. If DOE truly worked, Educators would have a USA wide license.

    Furthermore, why are we waiting till 6th grade to teach Civics? This course should be started immediately with equal views taught!

  12. West Sucks Says:

    Allen West, Ed Fulop and his Glen Beck Circus Troupe SUCK. You guys are the worst thing that has ever happened to America. Must be nice to have a black candidate to hide all your racist members behind. Keep stirring up your seditious racial hatred toward our President and Federal Government. No One finds you Patriotic besides mental midgets and Bubbas.
    Abolition of the Department of Education is just another attempt by the Elite Right Wing to continually suppress Average Americans. Not everyone can send their kids to private Christian Schools like West.

  13. Ed Fulop Says:

    “West Sucks” = coward

    sign your name to what you write

  14. NOWEST Says:

    Ed Fulop thinks foreign companies (BP) should not be held responsible for the Disaster they created similar to the right’s continual denial of culpability for the current economic, and foreign policy nightmares we find ourselves in today.
    Abolishing the Department of Energy during the worst energy crisis in Decades is as absurd as just about everything else that Allen West has ever said. Allen West spent his entire career working for Uncle Sam and does not quite grasp how the real world works. His ideological rhetoric is a campaign tactic to attract disgruntled Americans into giving him money and not part of any substantive or realistic effort to improve our country. Allen West thinks Average Americans should get nothing from the Government yet he used political influence and favors in D.C. to hold on to his military pension after he was found guilty of War Crimes.
    West is another PIG at the TROUGH who should be sitting in Leavenworth.

  15. West Sucks Says:

    NO ONE is scared or intimidated by you and your Goons you FAT Sack o Crap ED.
    YOU SUCK, WEST SUCKS, AND South Florida 912 SUCKS.
    FLIP THIS _|_ (-.-) _|_ DOUCHE

  16. Ed Fulop Says:

    NOWEST –

    Putting words in my mouth. I never said, or even implied, that BP shouldn’t be held accountable for the disaster. In fact, I believe they need to pay every cent of the cost of the clean up, as well as the economic costs to those who’s livlihood has been effected by the spill. Furthermore, if it is proven that their negligence to safety contributed to the accident and death of the 11 men on that rig, they should be punitively fined with such a crushing amount, that other oil companies faint at it’s mention. But, that’s the point: there has been no trial here, except for the court of public opinion. We are a nation of laws, whether you agree with that or not. A corporation has the same rights and protections as you or I do, and due process demands that they get their day in court. If they are found guilty, woe be unto them, but until then, the law reigns, not a king or tyrant. If you can bend one law, you can bend them all — what will you say when the government bends one that effects you?

  17. Ed Fulop Says:

    West Sucks –

    Not trying to scare or intimidate you — just testing the courage of your convictions. If you had any courage, you’d be proud to sign your vitriol and name-calling. But you continue to hide behind a made up name. Try standing FOR something, instead of AGAINST something or someone; It makes it easier to sign your name to it.

  18. West Sucks Says:

    I have seen and heard what happens when people use their names to post anti-West and Anti-Tea Party positions. They are threatened with violence harassed by thugs, followed by Pickups, and slandered by political hacks like you and your cronies.
    West and the Tea Party are content with destroying the peace quality of Life that South Floridians have established for themselves.
    Like I said:
    _|_ (-.-) _|_
    Why don’t you get a real job you fat slob.

  19. Ed Fulop Says:

    sticks and stones, brother, sticks and stones . . . . you’re living in your own little Hollywood movie there, being tailed by pick-up trucks with Palin bumper stickers on them, eh? You’ve seen and heard what happens to the anti-West crowd? Any pictures or video? Audio, perhaps? How about a forwarded e-mail? The only slander here is from you and your pals, not from my side, bro.

  20. Seth Platt Says:

    I can recall several times Ed Fulop has slandered my name ‘West Sucks.’
    He is a libelous troll and you are right he and West SUCK.
    These are Bad Dudes Bro.
    Signed with Conviction and indignancy to the Tea Party, South Florida 912, and the Disgraced Soldier and Carpetbagging Liar Allen West.

  21. Ed Fulop Says:

    Hello Seth! I was pretty sure “West Sucks” was you when you started with the
    “fat bag of crap” name calling. You really hate us fat people, don’t you? Using up all your resources! Breathing up all of your fresh air; driving around in our fat cars; sitting on our sofas using up all your air-conditioning.

    Now you’re pretending to be new to the dialog, and complementing yourself on your pithy comebacks! That’s rich. You shouldn’t waste your time on this blog — should spend your free time at Klein’s campaign headquarters push-polling for your guy. He needs your help.

  22. Seth Platt Says:

    ROFLMAO, Ed, so wrong you are…
    West Sucks ain’t me buddy, there are plenty of West hatin people happy to post. Just helpin out the troops.
    BTW for the umpteenth time, I don’t work for Klein I just detest WEST.
    I was not new to the convo though I am NOWEST.
    BTW I don’t couch behind my moniker its just clever marketing.

  23. NOWEST Says:

    Don’t speak for me Seth. I’m the real NOWEST; I don’t need you to stick up for me. Like you said, there plenty of use West-haters happy to post.

  24. Ed Fulop Says:

    Sounds like somebody’s off their medication for multiple personality disorder . . . .

    Nice chatting with you all, er, one.

  25. Seth Platt Says:


  26. NOWEST Says:

    No, I am NOWEST

  27. West Sucks Says:

    I am NOWEST too Seth
    I think it is West who has forgotten to take his meds…
    _|_ (-.-) _|_ U Fulop

  28. GOWEST Says:

    Will the real NOWEST please stand up?

  29. Educator for West Says:

    “Gentlemen”, must politics always digress to name calling and nastiness? Can’t we as adults respectfully agree to disagree?

  30. NOWEST 2 Says:

    I am NOWEST

  31. West Lies Says:

    Allen West is a hypocrite, all his higher education was paid for by the Federal Government.

  32. Another Nowest Says:

    I am Nowest

  33. KNOW WEST Says:

    Know West, Know Peace — No West, No Peace.

  34. John Says:

    Their seems to be a lot of in-fighting in the socialist, big-government loving, and libelous nowest community.

  35. Phil Nussbaum Says:

    Allen West is real man – a man of principle. He’s the kind of leader America needs!

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