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Hobo makeover for Rader in Democratic primary rival’s mailer?

by George Bennett | July 29th, 2010

Stubbly Rader

Stubbly Rader

There’s nothing unusual about a candidate putting an unflattering picture of his rival in a negative mailer. But a recent piece from Democratic state Senate hopeful Pete Burkert slamming primary rival Kevin Rader on insurance issues deserves special note.

The photo of Rader (above right) makes the state House member look like he went a week or so without a shave and borrowed Michael Corleone’s Nevada mobster suit from The Godfather II.

Rader, unaltered

Rader, unaltered

It’s as if someone enhanced Rader’s stubble, added some ear hair and sprinkled in some black forehead dots that look like failed hair plugs.

At left is what appears to be the original Rader photo (with a reversed negative) from a different Burkert mailer.

Burkert today said he wasn’t aware of any attempt by his campaign to alter Rader’s image.

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3 Responses to “Hobo makeover for Rader in Democratic primary rival’s mailer?”

  1. Sit in the Corner, Pete Says:

    How childish can a candidate get? Pete Burkert should be ashamed. He was not aware of the doctoring in the photo? To quote Chris Matthews, “Ha.”

  2. John B Says:

    What do you mean Burkert isn’t aware of what his campaign is doing? His campaign represents him, how effective can he be in the Senate if he can’t manage his own campaign?

  3. John B Says:

    The “unaltered” picture appears to be altered as well

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