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Facing West challenge, Klein tells Dems it’s ‘an all-hands-on-deck moment for all of us’

by George Bennett | July 19th, 2010



Facing a tough and well-financed challenge from Republican Allen West and a difficult national climate for Dems, U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, sought to put a jolt in Democratic activists Saturday.

He mentioned Sarah Palin three times, the tea party movement three times and threw in a reference to the 1994 midterm elections, when there was a second-year Democrat in the White House and voters booted Dems from control of the House and Senate.

“We cannot afford to repeat what happened in 1994,” Klein told the crowd of 1,300 at the Florida Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner. “This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for all of us.”

Read about it in this week’s Politics column.


17 Responses to “Facing West challenge, Klein tells Dems it’s ‘an all-hands-on-deck moment for all of us’”

  1. Clothier Says:

    Ron Klein needs to be voted out of office. He supports everything Obama and Pelosi have implemented. He supports them 100%!

    Florida LOST the 27,000 SPACECOAST JOBS. We’ve lost the space shuttle!

    He and Bill Nelson don’t deserve to serve Florida. Let’s get someone who will work for job growth, KEEP jobs here in FL.

    Klein is another Robert Wexler. They seek to build their support in South Florida and ignore others.

    Florida can’t sustain an open border policy. Klein and Wasserman Schultz don’t support FL taxpayers. They seek to strip us of our money, through heavy spending and then TAXATION. Wait for January 2011..the taxation WILL hit, but that’s after the November election.

    $500 billion cut from medicare, the people of FL will have to fund the cuts in Medicaid and the the state is being flooded with immigrants seeking coverage. Our taxes are going to support them with housing, food, schooling, healthcare. We can’t take care of ourselves and Klein keeps opening the door for more immigration.

    Encourage jobs, reduce OUTRAGEOUS DEMOCRAT SPENDING, do NOT vote for Klein.

  2. Biff Logan Says:

    All hands on deck. Good, then these nanny staters can take them out of the taxpayers pockets. Good riddance Klein.

  3. Einstein Says:

    A recent poll in Israel shows 49% of all Israelis believe Obama favors the palistinians over Israel….how can an American Jew vote for anyone that favors Obama? Are the Jews in South Florida so ignorant, that this fact is such a non-issue, they continually vote for politicians that support Obama and his radical ideas. Ill vote for Col. West.

  4. Citizen Says:

    Klein lacks true respect for the voters of his district. His staff constantly tells me that I am not in his district and they ignore my request. I have a verified voting district form from PB county supervisor of elections that I live and vote in Klein’s district, yet he still disrespects my neighborhood of voters. He will be unemployed by the citizens come Novemeber.

  5. Tim Says:

    Allen West has LEADERSHIP, that Klein will never have. Klein is just another public servant (parasite) that has no idea what is best for the country. He will vote YES for every entitlement that comes along, in an effort to keep the poor people poor, and get their votes.

    Klein needs to be voted OUT, NOW!

  6. NOWEST Says:

    Allen West’s latest blog post is as Radical As Ever calling NAACP “Useful idiots” and perpetuating racism.
    West blames all African Americans Social problems on their own Victimization. West champions the Tea Party OVER his own Racial heritage. Again attempting to rewrite history by calling Democratic principles as those of enablers and overseers, while the Republicans and conservatives have stood against every civil rights issue in the last 50 years. This man does not have the temperament, character, or the proper state of mind to truly be a Representative of the people of District 22 in South Florida.

  7. Paul Says:

    Come on, Congressman Klein,

    You don’t have to appeal to some “all hands on deck” call to Democrats to get re-elected. You can run on your record.

    Point out how you voted to transfer the operating capital of the United States Government to the same Wall Street firms that donated so generously to your last campaign.

    Point out how you voted to scold those same firms with meaningless regulations that will do nothing to prevent them from operating as they have since the reins were removed by President Clinton.

    Point out how you have voted for the US Government acquiring over 50% of the United States’ economic engine. Remind the people how this isn’t socialism, because socialists have large moustaches, funny accents, and unattractive parents.

    Run on your record. It will be comical.

  8. Mr Smith from Weston Says:

    If Klein loses it will be not because he’s done a bad job, but because the Democrats are just going too far. I voted for Obama, but the government takeovers and bailouts and the ridiculous spending WITHOUT RESULTS is going to come back to haunt all these Democrats including Klein.

    And the constant flirtation with Muslims, whether its coddling Iran or having your NASA administrator say his job is to outreach to Muslims…that kinds of stuff turns me and my family off in a HUGE way.

  9. constitution 101 Says:

    Ron Klein does not respect the voters of the district. He avoided the townhalls in this cycle. He votes with
    Pelosi almost 100 % of the time.
    He supports J Street the anti-Israel
    lobby. He supports Keith Ellison the
    anti-semitic Muslim as a member of the
    Congressional Task Force on anti-semitism. He clearly does not represent
    his constituents. Is time to leave office. NO HOPE AND CHANGE THIS YEAR !
    Col. Allen West is the leader we desperately NEED.

  10. jondos Says:

    Ron Klein is a political animal. He has no central belief system to promote, whatever the Democrats want is what Ron believes in. All this to the detriment and against the will of his constituents. Let me change that, the voters, because in Ron’s mind he has no constituents, no one to answer to and no one to care about. He is a single issue politician and that one issue is Ron Klein, and his place at the public trough. No town halls, no debates, no shows at events, only legislative dictates. He has become useless and tiresome, predictable and calculating, underhanded and manipulative, and dishonest and boring. Ron Klein has worn out his welcome. And Allen West is waiting in the wings to claim his rightful place in Congress. He IS the man Obama claimed to be, A MAN OF THE PEOPLE, ALL THE PEOPLE! A man with honor and courage and loyalty. A man with a true belief in Constitutional Government. A man we can trust in Washington to REPRESENT District 22!

  11. KNOW WEST Says:

    Know West, know peace — no West, no peace.

  12. RealAngst Says:

    I have a problem with both of these men. One is a career politician who has ignored the voters for YEARS and the other shows signs of being as deluded as some in the Bush Administration and the so called Tea Party who are as racist and repugnant as any I have ever seen.

  13. John Says:

    Real Angst is really confused about the Tea Party and Allen West. Allen West is a man of great integrity who has served our nation for over 20 years in the Army, a year as a public school teacher, and will continue to serve our nation and CD22 as our next Congressman.

  14. RealAngst Says:

    @John…there is no confusion here, West may have served this country, many of us have and for as long if not longer, which qualifies him to be an exceptional citizen. You act as if the man had no issues during his service which is far from the truth. The UCMJ had issues with his so called “leadership” as do I. I wont vote for Klein, so he may win the CD seat. I also wont be settled on him the way you are, much the same way I was not settled on Bush II.

  15. John Says:

    @Real Angst… Allen West did face issues during his career, and chose to put the safety of the men and women serving under him before his own career. I wish members of congress would put their constituents before their careers.

  16. RealAngst Says:

    @John..Sorry sir, that wont wash and you know it. The “rules of engagement” exist for a reason and the UCMJ is not some vague suggestion. Lt. Col. West violated the UCMJ and because of the “popularity” of these wars under POTUS Bush, it was covered up and swept under the rug. That is not the behavior of an Officer and Gentleman and the FACT that we hold OURSELVES to a HIGHER STANDARD than our enemies is what makes the US Military the greatest forces in the world. If we behave as those we fight, then are we no better than they are? I do not believe that Lt. Col. West is a bad man, but his lack of moderation does concern me. If I can not trust him to follow the rules, then why would I have him represent me in government? There is but one standard here John, that is excellence. No matter what the cost.

  17. jondos Says:

    @RealAngst Yes sir, it DOES WASH. That is exactly who I want in office right now. We have government in Washington right now who is stepping on the Constitution, not listening to the people, and setting up THEIR OWN rules each and every day. They have abandoned all concept of following the laws of this country and yet feel everyone else should be beholden to them. FORGET THAT! This government has declared war on it’s own people and I think Allen West in the PERFECT man to send there to fight for us. You fight fire with fire! You can sit in your ivory tower until the fighting is over!

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