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Democrat Sink’s careful reactions to Arizona law, federal suit and today’s injunction

by George Bennett | July 28th, 2010



Democratic governor candidate and Florida CFO Alex Sink opposes bringing an Arizona-style crackdown on illegal immigration to Florida. But she also faults the federal government for failing to enforce immigration laws or enact immigration reform.

With polls showing the Arizona law is popular among Florida voters, Sink’s pronouncements on the issue tend to be carefully worded statements that minimize explicit criticism of Arizona while emphasizing her displeasure with Washington.

Sink’s reaction to today’s temporary injunction blocking enforcement of key portions of the Arizona law is no exception.

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First, some context.

Here’s a video posted in June by The Reid Report blog in which Sink blasts the feds and also says an Arizona-style law would be a “very, very bad for Florida.”

Next, here’s Sink’s statement earlier this month reacting to the federal lawsuit challenging the Arizona law:

“Like most Americans, I see an immigration system that is broken and needs to be fixed.  The Federal government has not lived up to its responsibility to secure our borders and crack down on employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. 

“The federal lawsuit against the Arizona law does not address the real problem – Washington should be a partner, helping fix our immigration problems and enforce our laws.  I support comprehensive federal immigration laws that are enforced by Washington.  I am opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants — any path to citizenship must be reserved for those who obey the law, pay taxes, and go to the back of the line.”

“I don’t think that the Arizona law is right for Florida, given the potential economic losses and the need for our local law enforcement to focus on fighting violent crime, not do the federal government’s job for them.”

Finally, here’s a statement from Sink today on the injunction in which she sidesteps a discussion of the ruling itself and offers more tough talk about federal failures:

“Regardless of the ruling on Arizona, the federal government needs to work with the states to crack down on illegal immigration.  A comprehensive immigration policy is the responsibility of the federal government.  Unfortunately, the federal government has failed to secure our borders and aggressively pursue a solution to illegal immigration.”


5 Responses to “Democrat Sink’s careful reactions to Arizona law, federal suit and today’s injunction”

  1. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    My take:


  2. Half Pint Says:

    This ‘political correctness” has just got to stop. Talk plainly and firmly: “If you are in the USA illegally, get legal or go back to whence you came from. Only American citizens can enjoy the rights and freedoms of America- and until you become a legal citizen, you are breaking a federal law”

    This wish washy, tip toeing around has got to stop. This would not even be an issue if the situation was reversed in another country.

    Put on your big girl panties and enforce the law- the PEOPLE of this country are demanding it- step up and be our voice or we will put someone in office who will.

  3. Unreal Says:

    If Alex wants any chance of winning her handlers need to give her an extreme makeover. Get rid of the frumpy banker look. She is an attractive woman, but our TV based society needs that extra effort to be made for a political figure. Get her some new clothes also. Get her a real designer wardrobe, and some public speaking lessons where she can learn to speak with authority. While Alex certainly has a good fiscal background, and seems to be disciplined, her demeanor does not scream out ‘LEADER’.

  4. Opening Eyes Says:

    Alex Sink Supports Washington Democrats Who Love Taxes, Just Not Paying Them ~ She Gives Florida Retirement Funds to NYC Donors!

    Alex Sink Has No Problem Bankrolling Washington Liberals Who Want to Raise Your Taxes But Don’t Pay Their Own

    Tallahassee–The Republican Party of Florida today commented on the trouble Alex Sink’s liberal friends in Washington have when it comes to paying their taxes.

    “Time and time again, Alex Sink has demonstrated her solidarity with Washington’s Democrat elite by contributing to the political campaigns of some of the most ardent tax hikers in the business,” said RPOF Executive Director Ronnie Whitaker. “Now, John Kerry is avoiding paying $500,000 in taxes on his yacht, Charlie Rangel was forced to step down as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee due to a pending ethics investigation and a plethora of appointees to the Obama Administration face inquiries about their own problems paying their taxes.”

    Whitaker continued, “If Alex Sink wants to represent Floridians who pay their taxes, why does she support Washington Democrats who don’t?”

    • Senator John Kerry Is Avoiding Paying $500,000 In Taxes On His Yacht.
    • Congressman Charlie Rangel Failed To Disclose Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Assets.

    Sink Sunk $250 Million of our Florida money in a bankrupt NYC Apartment for her donors!

  5. Independent Voter Says:

    Alex Sink obviously panders to the same line as Obama and the Democrats in Washington. Funny how they ALL seem to know the Federal Government has done little to nothing in our immigration problems(illegal and too high legal). The previous Republican Administration also did little to nothing. If she even expects a vote from me, this political correctness baloney must end. If you are not willing to take a stand that the Federal Government will not, you will not get my vote, PERIOD.

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