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Democrat Klein raises $511,150, but it’s dwarfed by GOP challenger West’s $1.4 million

by George Bennett | July 16th, 2010

U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, reported late Monday that he raked in $511,150 in contributions between April 1 and June 30 — an impressive figure, but only about one-third of Republican challenger Allen West’s $1.4 million haul over the same period.

It was the third straight quarter in which West out-raised Klein, a two-term incumbent who’s one of the top Democratic moneymen.

Klein still holds an advantage in overall cash on hand, with $2.9 million to West’s $2.2 million. But his lead has shrunk from $1.6 million three months ago to $722,719 now.

Klein defeated West in 2008. For their 2010 rematch, West has capitalized on YouTube popularity and frequent cable TV appearances to raise nearly $3.5 million while Klein has raised about $2.4 million.

West’s campaign announced his second-quarter fund-raising total last week. Klein released his figure shortly before the midnight Federal Election Commission deadline.


16 Responses to “Democrat Klein raises $511,150, but it’s dwarfed by GOP challenger West’s $1.4 million”

  1. Citizen Says:

    Vote Klien out of office he is a Obama suck up, never voted against a tax and is afraid to meet in a town hall with his voters.

  2. EdFulop Says:

    Na na na na — Na na na na — Hey, hey, hey — GOODBYE Ronny!!

    Beat the rush, make your reservations early; 1-800-GO U-HAUL. Trailers will be in high demand after this November 2nd!!!

  3. lynn-a Says:

    I support Col. Allen West–change we can believe in!

  4. Sid Dinerstein Says:

    Allen West has more medals than Ron Klein has lobbying clients.


  5. NOWEST Says:

    Allen West was relieved of his military command for Overseeing the Torture of an innocent Civilian Iraqi Poliiceman and remains indignant about the entire incident.
    Allen West is a rubber stamp for John Boehner and the Corrupt and unethical policies of the Republican Party.

  6. NOWEST Says:

    West is no Patriot, as he continually bashes the US Government its leaders and its agencies that Americans depend on. West’s extremely radical views continue to receive attention from the Right Wing Media Circus garnering him national fundraising support. Almost a third of all of Allen West’s money comes from out of state and out of district in a deliberate attempt to subvert the democratic will of the electorate of District 22 in FL.

    West’s views are extreme, his attitude is one of arrogance and disdain, and he is basing his entire candidacy upon right wing disdain for the President and Congressional Leadership, rather than the issues that matter to South Floridians. That is because he also is NOT FROM SOUTH FLORIDA. Another transplant sent here by the Republican party to try and wrestle a seat away from Democrats.
    Truly Offensive this man is.

  7. Independent Says:

    West saved the lives of many US troops by firing his pistol ‘near’ an insurgent. He put his troops before his career so I’d say he’s a hero. We need ‘men’ like him in Washington, not spineless weasles like Klein who won’t even meet his constituents.

  8. NOWEST Says:

    @Independant 2pm
    That’s what West would like you to believe however the truth is: No evidence of any bombing plot was ever found or corroborated. Hamoodi was detained for 45 days, then released without having been charged. West told the NY Times, “It’s possible that I was wrong about Mr. Hamoodi.”

  9. NOWEST Says:

    It is ludicrous to think that Klein should allow Tea baggers to berate him in public because of their frustration for loosing all National branches of the Government to Democrats.
    To think that West would represent ALL of his constituency is Absurd since he constantly and arrogantly treats those who disagree with him and their opinions with Contempt.

  10. NO to Klein Says:

    WEST served his country. Did Ron Klein serve his country? NO! He never put on a uniform.

    WEST doesn’t want to federalize education. He wants LOCAL control of education.

    Ron Klein is cut from the same cloth as Obama. An ELITE IVY LEAGUE COLLEGE graduate, all talk, all debate, NO SUBSTANCE.

    They talk the talk, but DON’T walk the walk.

    KLEIN supports democrats, and Obama’s policies from the federalizatin of education, Race To The Top to SPENDING and TAXATION, plus regulations and restrictions. PERIOD!

    Do you want a MAN who served OUR country or an elitist pipSQUEAK who whines and has supported EVERYTHING the democrats have put forth?

    It’s WEST, he at least served OUR country instead of bailing through going to an elitist college.

  11. d Says:

    Ooh Rah, lets put West in the east. Elect him !!!!

  12. Independent Says:

    If we had more leaders like West we probably could’ve avoided 9-11…I really don’t care about detaining an individual for 45 days if it means ‘the possibility’ of preventing a mass murder. NOWEST you are very naive.

  13. KNOW WEST Says:

    Hey No West

    On post #6, you say “truly offensive this man is”. Does saying B.S. backwards like you were friggin’ Yoda from Star Wars make it sound more truthful in your mind? What a tool.

    Know West, know peace — no West, no peace.

  14. O.H.I.O. Says:

    As an Ohio State Alum, calling OSU an Elite Ivy league School is AWESOME!!!!! Go Bucks!


  15. No Surprise Says:

    Ron Klein=Robert Wexler=Middle East

  16. fearful of west Says:

    West has never been a diplomat.
    He reminds me of McCarthy in the 1950s. West views every Muslim in America as an enemy to the state.
    If West is in poweer, he will lead America into a war that will never end.
    Do you want to elect West knowing that he will send your children and grandchildren into into a war?
    Under West, there will be no diplomacy and no peace in the world. Do not elect this dangerous war-monger.

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