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Crist issues executive order allowing out-of-work Floridians to get extended unemployment benefits

by Dara Kam | July 23rd, 2010

With a stroke of his pen, Gov. Charlie Crist just accomplished what lawmakers refused to do earlier this year – give long-time jobless Floridians the ability to get extended unemployment compensation benefits approved by Congress yesterday.

Democratic lawmakers, including Palm Beach County’s Sen. Dave Aronberg of Greenacres and Rep. Kevin Rader of Boyton Beach, were among those who pushed their colleagues to extend the June 5 deadline for the benefits during the regular session that ended in May. That didn’t happen.

Sen. Dan Gelber, D-Miami Beach, worked behind-the-scenes with Crist on the executive order granting the benefits to about 100,000 Floridians whose unemployment benefits have run out and others whose benefits will dry up before Congress’ reauthorization ends.

“Unemployed Floridians are struggling in this challenging economic climate, trying to figure out how to pay their bills and support their families. We simply cannot desert the 250,000 Floridians who qualify for the extended federal assistance signed into law yesterday. I am committed to exercising my Constitutional duty to authorize the use of available federal funds to help out-of-work Floridians who qualify for this help,” Crist wrote in a release this afternoon.

Congress initially established the extended benefits program in 2008 to provide federal funds for jobless workers who exhausted their state unemployment benefits. Congress has since reauthorized the program several times.

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44 Responses to “Crist issues executive order allowing out-of-work Floridians to get extended unemployment benefits”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Many sincere thanks to Aronburg, Rader and Governor Crist. This really means a lot to us, the unemployed.

  2. Gary Says:

    Thanks You sooooooo much! God Bless You!

  3. Huzzah Says:

    Rader, Aronberg, and Crist: you’ve done right by the people of Florida. We won’t forget.

  4. Fedup Says:

    I am amazed how Florida politians are running the show. All other states are getting ready to send owed check to unemployed people knowing the Florida need this help desperately. He should’ve yesterday sooner! This is just another politic tactic.

  5. Thank You Says:

    It’s nice to see a politician do something for the people without thinking politically. We should all be happy that Crist is not running in any important elections in which he would need to buy votes from people. Thank You

  6. luke Says:

    takes away the incentive for the unemployed to seek work and spend resposibly.

  7. dlong Says:

    luke you are such a stupid idiotic mess of crap…did you ever try to feed a family, pay rent and utilities, buy clothes, etc. on $275/week? That assumes you get the Florida max, WHICH MANY DO NOT!!!


  8. me Says:

    Thank you to everyone who helped.

  9. Scott Says:

    Lost 2 votes Crist. I’m tired of paying for all the deadbeats in this country. Your like Obamas long lost brother!

  10. luke Says:

    dlong im happy for everyone that needs it , but if u think that some of those collecting unemployment arent lazy or working off the books and spending like drunkin sailors you are wrong.

  11. Grateful Says:

    Luke, your opinion is not an experienced one obviously. I personally have already lost my house and my prized toy, a vintage mustang. I’d rather have a job and keep those things but the jobs are scarce. Amazingly Walmart’s parking lot is always full. People purchasing goods manufacturered outside the US therefore sending what money we do have out of the country. Thank you, Governor Crist. I will remember you come election time because I want a leader that does the right thing for PEOPLE.

  12. SMOKER Says:


  13. Crist, Harry Reid and Obama Team up Says:

    Crist Sides up with Obama to buy the couch potato votes in Florida! Their next secret rendevue coming August 14th in the Panhandle! Crist OK’s meeting with Harry Reid! Reid is jealous! Crist is getting to much of his sugar from Barak!

    Obama Allies Boosting Crist in Florida
    Tuesday, 20 Jul 2010 01:10 PM
    Democratic allies of President Barack Obama are coming to the aid of independent Senate candidate Charlie Crist even though he will square off against a Democratic opponent in November’s general election.

    The Florida governor has recently brought several Democratic operatives into his campaign, including a pollster and consultant, The Wall Street Journal is reporting today.

    Also, Alfredo Balsera, a member of Obama’s national finance committee in 2008 and a leading presidential adviser on Latino outreach, is now advising Crist and is planning to host a fundraiser next month that will bring together mostly Obama supporters.

    Crist “has successfully courted top Democrats — including some with close ties to President Barack Obama and the White House — to work on his campaign, even though two Democrats are making serious bids for the Senate seat,” The Journal disclosed.

    In late April, Crist trailed former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio, a conservative tea party favorite, by 30 percentage points in the race for the Republican nomination, a lead so insurmountable that Crist left the GOP to run as an independent.

    Now he is seen as the front-runner, leading both Rubio and the likely Democratic candidate, U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, in the polls. A Quinnipiac University poll in June showed Crist with the support of 51 percent of independents, 28 percent of Republicans, and 37 percent of Democrats.

    Crist defended his credentials as a Ronald Reagan conservative in an interview with Newsmax as recently as February. But he has moved to the center since abandoning the GOP to run as an independent.

    He vetoed two Republican-backed bills, one dealing with abortion and the other with teacher tenure, winning praise from many teachers and liberal women’s groups. Although he insists he is “pro life,” he told The Journal that he would not seek to overturn Roe v. Wade.

    In March, he vowed he would fight to repeal the Democrats’ healthcare reform plan. But last week, he said the plan should only be “modified.”

    Last year he opposed the Supreme Court nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, but he now says he “probably” took that position under pressure from the GOP primary. Asked by The Journal if he feels differently now, he said: “Perhaps.”

    Crist has not promised to caucus with the Democrats if he wins the Senate seat. But he has met twice in recent weeks with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for discussions, The Journal noted, “that signal that he may be moving in that direction.”

  14. mike Says:

    Just to let you know WE NEED STABLE JOBS, this is temp and we dont know what is gonna happen in November when every one just start to exhausting there tiers4, then what there is no tier5 , then we get dropped and they will consider us we have jobs , snap out of it we need jobs .

  15. arnold james Says:


  16. vulcangurl Says:

    Huh Scott,
    2 votes from..oh…say about 100,000 (minimum)???

    Does not seem to be a problem..

    BTW, Scott…”Your” as you stated, means a state of possesion.
    The correct verbiage would be: You’re, as in, you are..Just saying..

  17. vulcangurl Says:


    How much does a “drunken sailor” spend anyway?

    Just curious

  18. William Nicoll Says:

    Thank you to all of those who took my calls and made me feel like you listened. This is a huge day for all of us unemployed. However everyone needs to remember that we have to keep fighting for the 99er’s . If the jobs dont come back we will soon see and share the same fate.
    A special thanks to :
    Corinne Rubin

    Legislative Analyst
    She cares and listened in a time that I really needed someone to hear me.
    God Bless us all.

  19. Joe Says:

    For those of you that say it only helps deadbeats….. I dare you to try to apply for a job anywhere… McDonald’s, Wendy’s, any store at the mall, anywhere! You’ll be unsuccessful, because NOBODY IS HIRING!! WE’RE IN A DEPRESSION PEOPLE!!!

  20. it Says:

    So the working work harder to pay for the Lazies? Is that it?

  21. Joe Says:

    If the government doesn’t help us in need, you better load your gun or buy one if you don’t have one, cuz we’re breaking into a home near you for survival. You choose, ……….government pay us, or we’ll force payment from you from your belongings at a pawn shop. Be afraid, be very afraid, cuz there are millions of us who are near desperation if no more unemployment.

  22. vulcangurl Says:

    Well, “it”…

    I would propose that if your employer is making you take on the work of the three fellow employees he/she laid off due to the economy, your beef is with your employer, not those laid off..If you are tired, maybe you should talk to your boss..


  23. BrendaStarr Says:

    I am so happy for the unemployed getting this very badly needed help. To those of you who have never faced this disastrous event in your life, just shut up. Thank you Governor Crist, soon to be Senator Crist. Tune out the repubs, they’re on the crazy bus these days and they’re going off the cliff. If there are no jobs there are no jobs. Very simple. I wish you all well and pray daily this will be over soon and Florida starts to boom again.

  24. dasha tucker Says:

    Thank you!

  25. Dumb Conservatives Says:

    Many, many thanks for Governor Crist and the wonderful Democrats Gelber, Rader and Aronberg! I’ve been looking for work since November 2009 but this Republican Recession has outsourced any job that offers a living wage. And if the Republicans who are currently running Florida don’t create something soon, they will find themselves looking for work after the next several elections!

  26. dasha tucker Says:

    Thank you for signing the bill

  27. Dumb Conservatives Says:

    Witness more hateful rhetoric from Conservative Republicans and Tea Baggers. That’s all they have to offer; no ideas, no jobs, just hate.

  28. Dumb Conservatives Says:




  29. sarah turch Says:

    To all the neg. responses out there unless you walk in our shoes don’t pass judgment on us….trying sending out as many resumes as you can and not getting one response and yes workforce also nothing there will not retrain for another job field, so when and if you become as unfortunate as us that are unemployed through no fault of our own..mayby you should keep your dumb opinions to yourself…there are more of us looking to work then look for a handout….first time for me in 40 years how many years you all working …

  30. tom7001 Says:

    Thankyou Charlie! The Florida republican legislature is a disgrace! Shame on them…They say it will add to the deficit? The Bush years racked up a record 11 trillion[although they use Enron accounting tactics to dispute it, 2 bush wars where not free]! These skunksters want tax cuts for the rich, but can’t find money for the unemployed, who they have put there with there republican deregulation of wall street…They didn’t want us voting on a oil ban for their oil buddies, now vote out republicans!

  31. Gloria Page Says:

    Thank you Govenor Crist. I’ve worked non-stop for 35 years and have been out of a job since October. I want to work but can’t find a job. Do critics of the Governor’s signing this bill really think that the unemployment benefits are enough to live in the lap of luxury? Of course, there are deadbeats on the unemployment benefit rolls. Always will be. But don’t punish the majority of honest people because of them.
    I’m a Democrat but will vote for Crist in November.

  32. Relieved Says:

    To God be the glory for giving us the victory. Much thanks goes out to Rader, Aronberg for having the best interest of the unemployed in their hearts. Governor Crist only did what he HAD to do, he is truly in my prayers because had he acted when he was SUPPOSED to months ago we would not have to had to hold our breathes. While I am very very grateful being out of work for 20 months and working since I was 15 years old and I am now 45 years old (a tax payer) not lazy but very hardworking but unable to find a job. I pray for people that have not walked in these shoes that they never will have too. But again we must give credit will credit is due to God first and to the Representatives for the State of Florida that went that extra mile to make this happen; again Crist did ONLY what he had to do.

  33. LEE Says:

    To all the idiots saying they want the unemployment shut off:
    I don’t hear a single one of you @holes whining about the billions of breeder scum on WELFARE. You know – the ones who have NEVER PAID TAXES, who get FREE rent, FREE CASH cards, hundreds of dollars a month in FREE food stamps, FREE GAS cards, FREE cell phones with FREE minutes??!!
    You know – the lazy ones who have NEVER worked and NEVER WILL work??!! And yet they collect a few thousand dollars a month in total, tax-payer funded, “benefits”.
    Those of us on unemployment WORKED and PAID TAXES to get the pathetic $250 a week we get from unemployment.
    THERE ARE NO JOBS. (1,214 applications in the last 15 months and no job.)
    Once we’re homeless – WHO, exactly do you imagine will hire people who have no way to shower, clean up and wash clothes to go to a job interview….and even if hired – will need to live in the company parking lot and wash up in their sinks, because we have no home, no vehicle and/or no gas to get anywhere?
    I’d like to see the government take away millions of welfare checks. We’d have instant riots, civil war and crime through the roof.
    The only thing keeping you safe in your bed at night is that the people who are getting shafted here happen to be decent, tax-paying, hard-working, law-abiding, American Citizens.
    You think about those facts.

  34. Lost in Says:

    Thank you and God Bless for everyone who worked so hard to accomplish this extension of EB.
    I can now get some of my medications and pa a bill– Thank you so much!

  35. 1 Says:

    Too true, Lee.

  36. Jerzy Says:

    Thank yo Gov. Crist! You and the 2 Maine Republican Senators are the only 3 politicians I believe in!!!

  37. To Joe @ 2:50pm Says:

    I’m locked and loaded buddy, come and get some

  38. Dune Dawg Says:

    $3.4 TRillion later – = how are we doin’?

    Unemployment doubled to over 17% – no one knows the real number anymore, as those finally giving up looking are no longer “unemployed”… by GOVT definitions.

    Small Business creates 80% of all new jobs…specifically that new business startup that is not yet 3 years old is our economic engine that could.

    GW Bush gave us 100% tax reductions for every citizen, every business!! Few entrepreneurs want to venture into any new startups with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid promising to “end the Bush taxcuts”!

    These entrepreneurs may even agree with the semantics that it is not really raising taxes to just not renew existing tax rates. But, they are smart enuff to know they will pay higher taxes because of the Marxist gang of thug Politicians killing America every single day with their new laws, rules and regs…by so many TSARS only accountable to the Shadow GOVT Chosen One!!

    Our GDP is currently propped up with GOVT NannyState… Feb – May by that $5,657 EITC 60 million “workers” got [and extra $2,000 over what they and their employers paid in in payroll taxes]. Unemployment benefits “extended” from 26 weeks to 99 weeks and how much longer is anybody’s guess? Doubled Federal Spending on Non-Security Discretionary budget (GOVT employees AND TSAR’s princedoms grew hugely…)

    What is left when we can’t borrow or print another dollar?

    For the US the reality might well be our new war with Iran … or North Korea will happen sooner – these thugs are no better at foreign policy than domestic!!!

  39. Thank You Gov Charlie Obama Says:

    CharLIE U De man! You done sucked up or off Obammy and got us all dis money! We gona repay you bu slowing up on some of dis robbing and stealing around Dissey Land like you and Bailey already said we done! You keep th emoney flowing and we keeps supporting you! Kendrick ain’t give us nuthin lik you duz!

  40. silvy Says:


  41. Thank You GOv Says:

    Thank YOU GOV..
    IN times of despair a good laugh
    makes life more bearable!!! lol

  42. LEE Says Says:


  43. Floridian Says:

    Unemployment is not welfare , it is earned unlike other benefits. In order to be eligible you have to have had a job. To be eligible for max benefit amount it had to be a good job and to get the full 26 weeks you have to have been at it a fairly long time. The workers pay for it when they work through employer who pays them less than they would if they did not have to pay it , like the social security amount that employers must match and workers comp insurance which ultimately comes from our paychecks.
    If you do not need it ever you are lucky , if you do at some point then you will be thankful for it.
    The federal funds now being used will ultimately cost us all less than if you stopped the benefits suddenly and sent millions to seek other assistance , welfare , food stamps , medicaid ,public housing etc.
    As long as they are getting paid they will not qualify for the other assistance except in extreme cases.
    I know several unemployed people who lost good jobs and have had to replace them with the available crap jobs out there or good jobs where the employer is only hiring temporary to avoid giving benefits people need or commission work selling things people are not buying in this economy so not getting paid even though they are working. Things are a mess out there and those calling unemployed lazy , freeloaders etc are showing their total ignorance on the subject. I hope Luke and the rest keep their job and do not have to become a “freeloader” , but by their definition anyone who ever files an insurance claim to collect a benefit that they have paid for is a freeloader. So if you have medical insurance and actually use it to see a doctor when you are ill you are a lazy freeloader going by Lukes standard.

  44. Kathy in Fort Pierce Says:

    It is nice that so many people have huge bank accounts and great jobs, but to those of us hit hard, we are trying to switch careers and took great losses depleted our savings. Now this gives us a little bit more relief to get help while completing trainings in new job fields. I am happy for the rich people that have large investments, but you should be happy for those of us getting some help for our struggle. Other states were glad to help their friends …sorry our legislatures required a gov. to do care for us instead.

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