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Cash on hand: Klein No. 1 nationally among House candidates, Crist No. 4 among Senate hopefuls

by George Bennett | July 17th, 2010

Check out this searchable ‘n’ sortable Washington Post table on money-raising for key congressional and Senate races around the U.S.

U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, has the most available cash to spend of any congressional candidate with $2.9 million, edging a largely self-financed Ohio car dealer and Republican, Tom Ganley, who has $2.7 million. Klein’s Republican challenger, Allen West, ranks fifth in the nation with $2.2 million cash on hand.

West’s $1.4 million raised in the second quarter was the second-highest total for any congressional candidate in the nation, trailing only the $1.7 million taken in by U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

Among Senate candidates, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s $8.2 million in cash on hand is the fourth-highest total in the U.S. California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer is tops at $11.3 million. Republican Marco Rubio had the second-best money quarter of any Senate candidate in the nation. His $4.5 million haul was surpassed only by Boxer’s $4.6 million.


6 Responses to “Cash on hand: Klein No. 1 nationally among House candidates, Crist No. 4 among Senate hopefuls”

  1. Bill Nebauer Says:

    The money element in the campaigns is interesting, but not as fascinating as a new development. Nobody bothers to tell how much money the Tea Party has. And nobody cares. What the Tea Party has is VOTES. You know how the media tells what percentage of voters turn out, 20 percent or 50 percent or whatever. Tea Party people turn out 100 percent. It may turn out that votes are more effective than dollars.

  2. NOWEST Says:

    It ain’t cheap to combat all the negative publicity that West generates.

  3. KNOW WEST Says:

    The part of the story no one is covering; what it means is that Klein has been going back to donors who have sent him checks in the past to ask them for more, and they are saying no.

  4. Crist Not For People With Brains Says:

    They say Florida is the state of the nuts and flakes. If thats true maybe there is enough of them to send this sicko/ wacko job to wooshington. He fooled the people with brains in ’06, but never again. His trail of under the bus body bags is long and complicated. The Tea Party people around cenral and north Florida don’t go for his shet, So its going to be a contest between voters with brains and the nuts and flakes of south Florida. When that happens Obammy has one more alli in the senate.

  5. Caren Says:

    Or the fact the Deutch walked into the Wexler seat by selling himself and his entired district. Wow between the D’s and the R’s you have the following:

    1) Greene: buy votes
    2) Wexler: sell votes
    3) Deutch: sell soul
    4) Irv: buy food
    5) Meek: bought car
    6) Crist: buy and sell anything to get elected
    7) Sachs: husband sold her and the district *** for brains.

    The loosers….us!

    GO RON KLEIN!!!!!!

  6. David Says:

    Klein and Cris are both Incompetent Incumbents. Both are part of the Corruption in Government we are plagued with. I am riding on Harley’s advice: “Go West young man.”

    “Ain’t it a shame,” That where Klein and Cris count is in the cash they can generate? Cris is no Republican; and if the Democrats want more corruption… they are welcome to him. I think the independent thinkers will oppose him. I do, and for just cause.

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