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Applause meter: Meek gets louder applause than Greene at Florida Dem dinner

by George Bennett | July 17th, 2010

HOLLYWOOD — The crowd at tonight’s Florida Democratic Party Jefferson-Jackson dinner gave noticeably louder applause to Senate candidate Kendrick Meek than to primary rival Jeff Greene when both spoke to the crowd of about 1,300.

With the party establishment lined up behind Miami U.S. Rep. Meek in the Senate race, Palm Beach billionaire Greene entered the race shortly before the filing deadline in April and has since pulled even or ahead in primary polls on the strength of a self-financed TV campaign.

“I know some of you were surprised by my entry into the race,” said Greene, who got polite applause when he was introduced early in the program.

Greene usually lumps Meek with Republican Marco Rubio and independent Gov. Charlie Crist as failed “career politicians.” Tonight, however, Greene focused most of his career politician-bashing on Rubio and Crist. He did, however, describe the Aug. 24 Democratic primary as a choice between himself and “more of the same career politicians who have failed us.”

Greene also pledged to support whoever wins the Democratic primary in the November general election.

Meek spoke later in the evening and got louder applause when he was introduced by U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston.

“No one else has the kind of support that I have in this campaign of real Democrats,” said Meek, who has criticized the fact that Greene ran for Congress as a Republican in 1982 and, after being registered for years with no party affiliation, only became a Democrat in 2008.

5 Responses to “Applause meter: Meek gets louder applause than Greene at Florida Dem dinner”

  1. nemo Says:

    To the palm beach post:

    Your black canidate is getting his clock cleaned , so you “invent” the applause calibration. Do you buttholes never give up?

  2. Billionaire Buyer Says:

    The billionaire democrat candidate Greene left CA where he lost a republican run at political office.

    Jeff Greene chugs his fancy dancy yacht to St Bart’s in the Caribbean and has the likes of Lindsey Lohna traipsing around the deck.

    That’s the kind of representation Floridians will get with Greene. More concerned about who will be photographing him, reporting on him and getting his name in the paper, rather than serving the people.

    Greene=CA republican, moved to FL and running as democrat

    Spent $6 MILLION of his own money on his campaign. It’s about HIM, not Florida, or Floridians.

  3. A. Robbins Says:

    As I see it Meek can win with only 38% of the vote. This may surprise some voters, but the Democrats have begun to unite.

    Meek supporters are growing fast every day. He is finally getting out to the Democratic base and his message has become loud and clear. I had my doubts in the beginning of the campaign but that’s changing.

    “Sorry Charlie you’re just NOT my tuna fish” voting for you would just leave me with a bad taste.

    Voters need to be reminded why they dumped the Republicans in first place in 2008, and why there is so much still to fix.


  4. CCB Says:


    In your honest opinion, will we EVER be able to get past the color of a person’s skin? Especially if that person is African American?

    Can Meek just be a candidate and not as you called him “your black canidate”?

  5. L. Rosenthal Says:


    I guess if I was truly realistic, I would not be surprised, in this day and age, to continue to hear such racist rhetoric, but there you go.

    In fairness, contrasting the two candidates: Meek – who has most of his adult life, been devoted to public service and whose record proves how successful he has been in these endeavors, and the other – Greene, whose only political experience was to run for office, and that as a Republican, it would seem obvious to all thinking voters who to choose.

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