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The Palm Beach Post to host debate between Democratic Senate rivals Greene, Meek on Tuesday

by George Bennett | June 17th, 2010

The Palm Beach Post, in association with WPBT2 of Miami, will host the first debate between Democratic Senate rivals Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene on Tuesday at 10 a.m.

The 90-minute debate is not open to the public but can be viewed live at

Readers are invited to submit questions ahead of time to Include your name, phone number and the city in which you live to increase chances your question will be chosen.

The candidates will face off at The Palm Beach Post main office in West Palm Beach. Meek, 43, is a four-term member of Congress from Miami. Greene, 55, is a billionaire real estate investor and businessman who lives in Palm Beach.

The Democratic primary is Aug. 24.


9 Responses to “The Palm Beach Post to host debate between Democratic Senate rivals Greene, Meek on Tuesday”

  1. OBIWAN Says:

    South Florida needs a comedy show – the daily PBP has lost its humor long ago…

  2. MARC KLEIN Says:

    Green get out of the race…..
    You are a joke and so is the fat one running your campaign.

  3. Eye opener Says:

    A jewish billionaire and a black man who walked the state trying to secure signatures so that he wouldn’t have to pay a large candidacy fee.

    That’s the unfairness. This billionaire can pay for his candidacy, his commercials, his signs, PR group.

    Remember this, when you go to the voting booth. The democrats are not for the black man, they are for religious power/control in S FL.

    Know who supports you and who continues to manipulate you.

  4. Rick S Says:

    What is the point of a debate that isn’t open to the public?

  5. To Eye opener Says:

    Unfairness??? Unfairness??? How is it unfair that another MAN (jewish or black) made a bunch of money?!?!? Maybe the black guy should have worked a little harder. Sounds to me like the black guy was trying to get a free ride…not paying candidacy fee? C’mon, shouldn’t a person running for public office be responsible enough to pay their own candidacy fee?

  6. Info Says:

    If a potential candidate garners ENOUGH signatures they can for go the cost of registery.

    The billionaire just opens his wallet, the other guy walks the street.

    The billionaire is entitled to his money. He doesn’t have to give a penny to anyone he doesn’t want to. He can keep it, for all I care.

    What is VERY evident in this democrat senate race is that the black man is being thrown under the bus by the jewish cabal in S FL.

    That’s the hypocracy in FL. The democrat party says they are INCLUSIVE. This is CLEAR evidence that jews are for jews or they would have let Meek alone.

  7. Maybe Says:

    Maybe the jews are sick of the black guy in the white house throwing them under the bus?

  8. Hmmm Says:

    Hmmmm, two libs going against each other. Must be a race to see who can blame Bush the most. My bet, it ends in a tie

  9. Muckraker Says:

    My take on the Senate race


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