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State Rep. Brandenburg drops county commission bid

by George Bennett | June 15th, 2010



Term-limited state Rep. Mary Brandenburg, D-West Palm Beach, just announced she’s abandoning her run for a Palm Beach County commission seat — leaving school board member and fellow Democrat Paulette Burdick as the only active candidate in the District 2 race.

UPDATE: Despite recent chatter, West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel says she’s not hopping into the county commission race. “Being a county commissioner would be a really great challenge but I made a commitment to do this job as mayor and I want to see it through,” said Frankel, whose term expires in March.

The deadline for candidates to qualify for the 2010 ballot is Friday at noon.

Brandenburg said she’s going to focus on her husband Pete’s campaign for her District 89 state House seat.

“Pete and I have always campaigned together and we’re finding that it is difficult to have two campaigns going on simultaneously. So we figured we’d do a good job with one campaign,” Mary Brandenburg said this afternoon.

Brandenburg’s name was floated by the Police Benevolent Association last month in a poll of potential 2011 candidates for mayor of West Palm Beach. She said she’s not interested in that race.

“I hate to say ‘never,’ but if I was going to say ‘never’ I would be tempted to say it now,” she said of the mayor’s race.

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9 Responses to “State Rep. Brandenburg drops county commission bid”

  1. Mary Hammerstein Says:

    Mary has done a great job as State Representative. It is disappointing she is not runing, she would have been a good commissioner. I hope that Paulette does not get elected without having to run a campaign. Thanks for all your great work Mary.

  2. Lies, lies, lies Says:

    Mary Brandenburg is running for Mayor of West Palm Beach. This business with trying to hand her husband her legislative seat is a smokescreen. And she never even opened a campaign account for the county seat. It was just a trick to keep her name in the news.

    Why won’t she just come out and tell the truth? Voters don’t like this “behind the curtain” bs.

  3. Too funny Says:

    If you’re waiting for Mary Brandenburg to tell the truth, don’t hold your breath. It doesn’t happen very often.

    This is the women who touched off the Pay to Play investigation in West Palm Beach. Then she tried for months to quash the documents, so the public wouldn’t know the truth. The Grand Jury wrote a scathing passage about her.

    Yes, we all know she wants to run for Mayor. Yes, it would be nice if she’d just come out and say it. Yes, we’d love it if she could tell the truth.

    But why should she start now? She lied about running for County Commission. Now she’s trying to pass her seat onto to her husband.

    God, that all looks bad, right? Well, where there is smoke, there is fire.

  4. Mike Says:

    Hello, Paulette Burdick. Just DON’T TAX US, we’re dying as it is. Paulette is a taxer though.

    Another democrat on the commission.

    That’s what you get when no one cares to run.

    Where are the republicans running for this office?


    Where Bob Kanjian?

  5. Admirer Says:

    Mary’s major fault is she is forth right. Imagine that. An intelligent, approachable elected official calling them as she sees them.

    I am disappointed she is not running for the commission and wish her well in future endeavors, beginning with Pete’s election.

  6. Wheelin' & Dealin' Says:

    And now Paulette stands poised, unchallenged, to do to PB County as a whole, what she did to the School District. Mary would have whipped Paulette. Wonder what kind of deal was made to have Mary step out.

  7. The Deal Says:

    The deal was simple. Step aside, and we will support your husband, and then support your bid for Mayor.

    It’s pretty easy to suss out, don’t you think? And also clear that the deal was consummated long ago, otherwise Mary would have opened a campaign account.

    And to those on here saying good things about her, evidently you don’t care that she just lied to everyone for a year, telling them she was running for County Commission without opening a campaign.

    A pure out-and-out liar.

  8. George Bennett Says:

    I won’t wade into any of the speculation about dealmaking. But, for the record, Mary Brandenburg opened a campaign for county commission 16 months ago, on Feb. 13, 2009.

    Through March 31 this year, she raised $2,875 and spent $447. The information is on the county elections website.

  9. Paulette... Says:

    Please remember the people who will elect you to serve. Please consider non-partisan elections for CC moving forward. We need to leave the politics out of our commission and elect leaders to represent the people…

    We dont need another commissioner who listens to the people…then votes against the will of the taxpayer

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