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Rick Scott launches ad, website addressing Columbia/HCA fraud

by George Bennett | June 1st, 2010

Doing his best Ronald Reagan “There-you-go-again” imitation, wealthy Republican governor candidate Rick Scott addresses the Columbia/HCA Medicare fraud scandal in a new 60-second ad.

“Bill McCollum’s been in politics 30 years. You’d think he’d want to talk about his record. Instead, he’s just attacking me. That’s what career politicians do,” Scott says of the attorney general and rival GOP gubernatorial candidate.

Scott, the former chief executive officer of Columbia/HCA, acknowledges the hospital chain “was fined by the government for Medicare fraud,” though he doesn’t mention the dollar figure — more than $1.7 billion in fines and settlements after Scott’s 1997 departure.

“I wasn’t charged or even questioned by the authorities. But that’s not what matters. What matters is that the company made mistakes. And as CEO I take responsibility and learn from it,” says Scott, who then goes on to extol the quality and cost-effectiveness of his former hospital chain.

The Scott campaign has also launched a Truth About Rick Scott website to counter criticism.

55 Responses to “Rick Scott launches ad, website addressing Columbia/HCA fraud”

  1. Scott Is A Fraud Says:

    Scott is a fraud. When Floridians find out he turned a blind eye as his company bilked billions from taxpayers over the course of a decade, he will fade and be exposed for the fraud that he is.

    Bill McCollum will win this thing handily.

  2. PoliticTruth Says:

    Scott is trying to pull a “Nixon” with supposedly not knowing that his company made all of its profits while pirating Medicare funds from the Federal Government. Someone in his company must have taken the fall for him and was paid off well afterwards. Well, it’s been said that Nixon should have been judged guilty if he did know about Watergate and if he didn’t know about Watergate too since he should have. Rick Scott is so far removed from any resemblance of our founding fathers and their passion for representative government. Scott is just another opportunist looking for another meal at the public trough. Oink!

  3. jbw929 Says:

    Scott is just doing the typical Republican campaign gimmick: Negative Campaign. He attacks McCollum even as he accuses him of just that. Rick Scott is someone this state cannot afford. I can’t wait for Alex Sink to be elected!

  4. Ambrose Says:

    Rick Scott is just a bored silly millionaire in Naples who has has nothing better to do than run for governor. He made his millions over a health care giant that literally stole from the American people. A self serving “right wing” Republican, he certainly didn’t mind making tons of money from Medicare and Medicaid legitimately and illegitimately – both NATIONAL health care programs. Rick defines a new level of hypocrisy and it shows that people like him have little shame, guilt or remorse for thier sinful and morally bankrupt actions. Even if his hospitals were blanketed with awards – does that justify the thievery and the victimization of the American people? Finally, he has a limited concept of how Florida works. It is not a for profit healthcare corporation. Rick needs to stay in his guilded cage in Naples.

  5. DS Riley Says:

    What!!! we are suppose to forgive Rick Scott for defrauding the Goverment of Medicare. With that rationalization, we should forgive Bernie Madoff

    The fact that he waited until it was uncovered that he had been charged with fraud shows he was going to try to defraud the public again.

  6. Ed Fulop Says:

    Rick Scott was offered up by Columbia’s Board of Directors as a sacrificial lamb during the Clinton Administration, because of the successful campaign he helped organize AGAINST Hillary-care in 1993/4. The number of federal investigations was quadrupled by the Clinton Administration, and if you think that has nothing to do with his killing Hillary’s shot at “Obama-care”, you aren’t paying attention.

  7. OBIWAN Says:

    Rick Scott fought BillaryCare to its death. Clinton added 100,000 pages of ridiculous Medicare overregulation…

    Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, etc. were all fined for “fraud” – few could begin to interpret what thousands of new rules meant, let alone how to bill the 48 Meidicare “fiscal intermediaries” and “ins. claim contractors”. Of all the medical chains fined, Columbia was the largest so got fined the most – no one went to jail.

    MMA 2003 modernized this mess by turning over single point claim handling to 15 Medicare Administration Contractors. FL is MAC #9 (plus PR and Guam)…1,000 folks processing Medicare claims for 3.5 MN Floridians out of Jacksonville.

    Rick Scott recently spent more of his $$ doing commercials as a private citizen against commumnist BARAMAcare that over 65% of Americans want repealed last month!!

    Can’t find anything bad in Rick Scott’s background. Pretty sorry yellow journalism when the class warfare and guilt by innuendo / association takes the place of real facts!!

    Let’s face it – Bill McCollum has not enforced Florida Immigration nor Employment laws! I have personally challenged him BEFORE AZ to a 90 day ZERO tolerance enforcement announcement to then utilize 100% of all law enforcement and public employees.

    Those ESOL teachers know their kids are generally 98% Illegal Alien – so recently arrived they no speakie engleesh!! It is ludicrous to make them guilty of criminal misconduct for notifying ICE of their Illegals!!

    Being Governor is not a single issue, but Rick Scott certainly has the executive management leadership ability. Where does he stand on:

    1. 6% Sales Tax WITH NO EXEMPTIONS – do away with property taxes.

    2. Eliminate all Medicaid and other welfare benefits in excess of Federal minimums = worth several $$Billion!

    3. Eliminate all public employee unions.

    4. Set public pensions as defined contribution private accounts.

    5. Merge all local government/school boards/etc into State Risk Management programs for Property & Casualty.

    6. Merge all local government/school boards/etc. into State Employee Group Insurance programs – allow mutiple choice individual payroll deduct policies.

  8. jrwilson Says:

    Two bad choices here: 1. Scott who was head of a company that bilked millions from the public and
    2. McCollum who spent taxpayer money to hire a recently disgraced and resigned “family” homosexual to defend against adoption by homosexuals and who decided to sue the federal government regarding health care.
    How will our taxes be spent by either of these TWO hypocrites???

  9. Marion Says:

    Excuse me, but we are NOT talking millions here. WE are talking $1.2 BILLION!!!!!!
    There is no excuse for this man to be walking the streets. He should be in a federal prison.
    If he becomes governor of Florida, we all need to have our heads examined!!!

  10. OneHuman Says:

    First of all, I think that we are all regressing to be cavemen by enacting laws that punish people who are not of our color, race, descent, etc. especially when they were here before us.

    We all know that it is not about being illegal or not. It is about prejudice, racism, and greed. Let’s cut the B.S. and admit to ourselves that we don’t like Latinos…

    What a bunch of whinnying little babies criticizing the pursuit of equality we have become!

    Isn’t this land of the brave? Isn’t the American dream to become a part of this great nation by loving it and caring for it, working it and defending it? If immigrants are willing to do all this at our side, why are we shutting the doors to their faces? Don’t you want your kids to be more educated about other cultures, especially learn other languages? I bet anything that your children will grow to be better people if they are able to accept that there are other cultures in the world. Lets teach them that their neighbors are also their family, and that they do not have to hate others because they are different.


    …Why is Rick Scott even considering a political position when he admits to committing fraud?

    I mean, I know he says it was a mistake… But a mistake is only made when one doesn’t know any better; this guy clearly knew what he was doing. That makes him a criminal by definition. Sadly there are still people that come out to his defense, and are considering him for Governor of this state. Are you out of your mind? Is he paying you to write all those numbers in this page??? Is he promising you a piece of the pie???Are you related to him???

    Seriously now, are you people really considering letting this man control the state’s budgets knowing that he might make another “mistake”?

    I would think that there are intelligent people here in Florida and Rick Scott won’t receive a single vote… Well, maybe his wife’s’.

  11. Marion Says:

    “Mistake” is one thing, watching the coffers to a company fill with $1.7 BILLION is a whole other thing!
    This man is a criminal, if ever we saw one. He is not my idea of what this state or country needs. He’ll want to run for President soon!
    What a scam this guy is. Rick Scott – not your usual felon!!

  12. Marion Says:

    And………….his intensity in his look, really creeps me out!

  13. EdFulop Says:

    Marion –

    Read the post above from Obiwan — the “fraud” was a political vendetta carried out by the Clinton machine. I don’t know Rick Scott from Adam; never met him, not on his payroll, never heard him speak in person. All I’m saying is know the facts before you judge the man’s character. If he was guilty of a crime, wouldn’t he have been charged? With anything? Just for the political hay that the story would have made? Progressives LOVE to see video of CEO’s being marched down steps in handcuffs — why not with Scott? Don’t just read the talking points his detractors put out — learn what really happened, and if you still feel the way you do, than vote for McCollum or Sink. But, please, lay off the hate speech — the intensity in his look “creeping you out” not withstanding.

    Restore Honor. Flip the House.

  14. liar, liar, pants on fire Says:

    To Ed Fulop, wow… you are so easily woo’ed by the 8 million now in media blitz. Rick Scott even lies in this advertisement. He was not charged with anything but he was QUESTIONED! well according to the DOJ (Department of Justice), do your own research! Do not just rely on, and the truth about rick… all of those websites are bought and paid for by rick scott.

    The DOJ has all the information online. they were upbilling medicaid, medicare and tricare. For instance when they had a case of simple Pneumonia they would bill it as advanced Pneumonia which was a $2500 difference. Extrapolate that over hundreds or thousands of cases! How did they figure it out? Well because certain parts of the country (specifically Columbia/HCA) were higher numbers of Advanced Pneumonia claims. Meanwhile they were charging insurance and citizens the normal amount. I guess you can say instead of sticking it to the man he was sticking it to the government.
    Meanwhile when the auditors came in the billings had sticky notes that said something like “Not for Auditors”. Why?
    Maybe he didn’t know about it. as the CEO making big bucks for all the decisions was either complicit or complacent. Take your pick. Either way if he is our governor which of the lesser evils will he pick when he screws up?

    We need to be extra careful so we do not end up with another Crist. I understand your concerns about McCollum, I have them too. But don’t let this guy off the hook and blaim the Clinton adminstration.

    The guy was a fat cat, that got caught and got his golden parachute.

  15. liar, liar, pants on fire Says:

    oops I meant blame… oh you get the idea!

  16. Marion Says:

    EdFulop –
    Regardless of what the scenario, please don’t stoop so low as to blame the Clintons! Overcharging that was as common as aspirin at Colombia is what gave Scott his millionaire status.
    If he is so anxious to be governor, and wants my vote, I have to see some behavior that is worthy of the office. Being a fraudulent felon who talked his way out of it, is not my idea of a person for the highest office in this state. Maybe in Louisiana, but not here!
    Furthermore, do you remember all the fraudulent companies of the last 15 years. Only a few CFO’s went to prison. The guy who takes the fall is the man who sits at the top and approves what is happening. You cannot improve your revenue by $1.7BILLION and NOT notice that we are doing something a bit shakey!!!
    No thanks on Scott! Let him go out and get a job at Aetna or Humana. Maybe they need him to keep bilking the government! he won’t get my vote!

  17. Dave Says:

    The Medicare Fraud is one thing. But cutting back on operating costs in staffing and sanitation at Columbia Hospitals is also a contributing factor to Mr. Scott’s wealth. In 1997, my Mother was a patient at Columbia Hospital in Gainesville, FL. She was supposed to have a routine stay and be discharged following routine testing. During her stay, the available staff was scaled down to a skeleton crew, a minimal staff. This same staff was required to work 60 to 80 hours per week The staff was exhausted and greatly fatigued. Studies show that exhaustion and fatigue can lead to mistakes and errors. Sometimes staff went with no days off for weeks. The sanitation was deplorable. For example, often, I would find used, soiled and bloody bandages simply lying on the floor, rather than properly disposed into a biohazard container. As a former Navy Hospital Corpsman, I was in shock from the unsanitary condition of the facility. This was the normnal way Columbia Hospital was operated. Shortly after Mom was admitted, her condition took an unexpected turn for the worse and in a couple of days she died. And I am convinced that his cost cutting measures is what ultimately resulted in my Mom’s death. Now you folks can believe Mr. Scott’s political ad about his hospitals “Providing the best healthcare available” if you want to. My Mom’s death proves that to be false.

  18. Marion Says:

    And, if you sit and listen to the ad on tv, Scott tells us “But, that is NOT what this is about……”
    Maybe not for him, because HIS mother did not die at one of his hospitals!
    How absolutely ugly!
    This guys needs to sit down and forget being an elected official.
    I would rather vote for one of my Chihuahuas than him.
    Rick Scott…..not just another felon off the hook!!!

  19. Spike Says:

    All the above aside, it comes down to one thing, he was the CEO, the TOP DOG, he therefore is responsible for everyhting that happened under his watch, no excuses, no ifs ands or buts!!! In the military the top man always takes the fall for anything that happens under his watch so why is this any different? Who in their right mind believes he didn’t condone the bilking and defrauding of the system? Who cares about the Clintons etc etc, bottom line he was the CEO, the TOP DOG of a company that defrauded us, THE US TAXPAYERS OF $1.7 BILLION!!
    PS not the government, the taxpayers, you and me!!!
    Once again it comes down to the lesser of the evils, but hey, that’s politics!!

  20. james Says:

    rick scott is another republiCON, he just wants to make his friends,a lot of money. the jobs in florida , state jobs,that is outsoured, just look at the state road dep. the grass is cut by people who cant speak english, the state time sheets are outsoured to people overseas. i was a voting republican, but when the rich dont pay taxes and the jobs leave , its time to change, heis right bin one way ,he says its time to get to work,would be nice if the jobs were here

  21. Fuzzybratman Says:

    Where will the “buck stop” if he is ever elected to office? Here’s a guy you can trust as far as you can see him. If he were smart (which he obviously is not) he would step aside, take the egg off his face, and give a doable candidate a chance.

  22. Defeat Socialism Says:

    The U S of A is still the country of free speach. (Not for long with the ostreiches sticking their heads in the sand) So at this point everyone can get on here and accuse everyone of everything in the world and not be held accountable. One blogger practically accuses Scot of murdering his mother. Thats his or her right. But don’t use your fingers to attempt to take away the rights of the people to vote for whomever they want to represent them in the Governors office. This is the peoples choice! After all the people whether coerced, whether legal or not apparently elected a president who come out of no where. No history, no proven education, no birth certificate. He just appeared and was the author of a couple of questionable books and zoom he is president of the US of A. The people of Florida should be afforded the same options. That is the right to vote for anyone on the ballot, whether other people like it or not. The problem with Rick Scott is he comes from outside the political world. He is not trained in the political world of corruption. He has money and does not have to depend on selling his soul to the company store. The establishment is scared to death of this man! Already Jeb Bush is rattling Ad after Ad on TV wanting yu to vote for “my friend.” As the polls fall in favor of McBusholum we sill probably see “W” and maybe even
    ole “GHW” if they can prop him up begging the voters of Florida to vote for “my friend.” Even while many refuse to accept it the socialist movement was alive and well under both Bush administrations. Ole Bush could not open his mouth without mentioning “The New World Order.” Many people belive those words brought on his political downfall. For those who care to notice, if you remember “W” didn’t go around slinging that phrase. Ultimately if the voters can keep the crooked diebold people away from the voting machines, the voters will elect the ones of their choice, and voters don’t like mud slinging! Voters will go for the underdog if you keep this up! So come on
    establishment bloggers dig your candidate farther into the ground and see if honest people care!

  23. Marion Says:

    Hey Defeat Socialism
    If you are going to blog, you have to get your facts straight. I guess your speach(sic) is ok, but your facts are ala Fox News.
    Obama is educated at Harvard Law School, perhaps the best in the nation. He was born in Hawaii. If you want to debate that, find the birther site and go at it.
    The rest of us are worried about running a country that went down for 8 years while W and the man who would be king – Cheney ran this country like a dictatorship.
    Try not to deflect the issue of Scott being a fraudulent creep. As he says in his ad, Yes, but that is not the point, or whatever. Well, in my humble opinion, the bilking of the US gov’t for $1.7 BILLION is THE POINT!!!
    And, I don’t want this fox in our henhouse!
    STick with the topic and stop the mudslinging. It is soooo Tea Party and Sarah Palin, it makes me gag!

  24. Defeat Socialism Says:

    Beg To Differ, Marion! Normally I do not respond to poeple of the socialst leaning movement but, just in case your last blog might confuse someone with brains I thought I would take the time to clerify some of your statements.
    #1 – Even Bil O’reily went to Harvard but he has provided proof!

    #2 – No one including you has ever seen a certificate of live birth on Obama.

    The only reason I previously pointed this out was to prove he is at least equal to Bush Royalty in his shortcomings!

    But, back to the real subject RICK SCOTT, the real reason I decided to respond to a blog from socialist leanings is to point out it is you, not me, who has your facts wrong.

    You state: in my humble opinion, the bilking of the US gov’t for $1.7 BILLION is THE POINT!!!
    And, I don’t want this fox in our henhouse!

    Liberals like you can never get the facts straight. The reason being is you have nothing of substance and your entire lives are a fantasy. If you had any gray matter and if in fact Rick Scott was the crook you try to make him out to be you would know the truth. THE FINE PAID BY COLUMBIA/ HCE WAS 1.7 BILLION DOLLARS. NO MENTION WAS EVER MADE OF THE AMOUNT OF MONEY THEY WERE ACCUSED OF AS YOU SAY “BILKING” THE US GOVERNMENT OUT OF.

    Besides that, liberals like you no longer have to worry about any hospital or private organization bilking the government out of medicare or medicaid since Obma now has his socialized medicine. Soon it will be the employers and private individuals forced to by government healthcare that will be bilked by the government. Maybe that is what it takes to make you socialist happy while in transformation to communism. The topic here is allowing everyone to run for public office and allowing a free voting society to vote without having to send someone like Jimmy Carter to every voting precinct.
    That what you liberals can’t stand!

  25. Marion Says:

    Ohhhh DS, you are pathetic!

    Your ability to cloud the issues stands in the way of your ability to see this clearly.

    The reason that Scott is not sitting in a federal prison today is because he left before the charges were levied.
    But, where do you think his money came from? I take great issue with people who get rich taking others for a ride.

    If you are ok with that, so be it.
    But, don’t ask me to stand and watch this fool try to increase his hold on people when we are still reeling from no bid contracts, major oil tax breaks and idiot appointees who cannot find their way to the bathroom.

    No Scott, no way!!! I will work with the rest of the “liberals” even though I consider myself a moderate, to ensure this criminal never sees the inside of the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee.

    And, BTW, how do you think the DOJ came up with a handy little number like $1.7 Billion?????? Damage assessments and overcharged calculations!

    Wow, there are none who are so blind who cannot see!!!!

  26. Defeat Socialism Says:

    OK Billy you win! I’ll bet if you ever get another chance you will solve these problems before they become so “large.”

  27. John Panaro Says:

    The audacity of this scoundrel is beyond comprehension.

    He should be hung on a yardarm along with Bernie Madoff and the rest of the Wall Street Scoundrels that have comprised the downfall of the American Dream.

    Scott should be in PRISON, but this country still likes to prosecute the weak who can’t defend themselves.

    Write me back if you dare. I am a Graduate Economist who’s a lot more than a normal crank you read about.


  28. Marion Says:

    It is apparent by this blog and others I have seen on this topic that Scott does not have a snowball’s chance in Hell to get to the Mansion. So let the SOB spend “his” money, that he stole from Americans to stimulate the economy in the interim.

    I am done haggling with history revisionists and mudslinging mispeakers who have not a clue.

    It is truly a validation of a life long thought I hold dear.

    “There is no substitute for education.”

  29. Defeat Socialism Says:

    Marion – Did you miss that education when Kruschev told Eisenhower he would destroy us from within? Well, he didn’t live to see his “suckcess.”

  30. Ralph Says:

    I have heard enough to be very sure I will not vote for Rick Scott. He simply is not of the proper character. He should save his money and resign from the race now.

  31. Craig Says:

    I have worked in the Hospital setting (surgery) for 10 years. Fraud is not new. Fraudulant statistics are also not new, these statistics are misleading, as well as bought and paid for. To achieve the end result(s),statistics are manipulated for a specific purpose…Money and profits! Rick Scott says he accepts accountability? How? He avoided accountability by selling others down the road. He knew exactly what was happening (as CEO)of the Columbia corporation. “Best care at the lowest prices” this is a blatant lie!

  32. Jennifer Says:

    Ok! Why on earth would the CEO of a company who, for over 10 years, committed medicare fraud NOT be questioned?! For crying out loud, he was the head of the company! Does he really expect us to believe he knew nothing? How did he get away without being questioned? That’s what I want to know!

  33. david Says:

    After hearing the facts about this subject, it makes me glad I’m not a Republican. Rick Scott is an embarisment to any political party!! Why would he think that he is the right person for Govener or any other position in government. The only position I see him in, is, someones girlfriend in prison.

  34. matt gordon md Says:

    Jeb ought to be able to recognize organized fraud when he sees it. Indeed, he might have psychic powers to predict when subpoenas will start flying as he managed a few times to sever ties just in nick of time.

  35. keith Says:

    Does anyone really think the clinton era doj would not even question Scott if they thought they had something on him? Off course the Scott haters are like most simple people… “an simple lie is much easier to believe than complicated truth”.
    It is unfortunate that most truths are complicated and almost all lies are very simple but logic will usually guide a person. So I should just believe Scott is guilty even though the DOJ never even tried to bring him up on charges? Seriously….
    And for some of you, Scott never said that it wasn’t important that the company he was ceo of was fined he said that it wasn’t important that he was never even questioned. His point is that the company had done something wrong. Maybe you want him to through himself in prison. I don’t know why when the department of justice never thought there was a reason to try.

  36. keith Says:

    I meant throw himself in prison not through

  37. Craig Says:

    Jennifer, the fox escaped the “hen house” with timing and luck, and deflecting guilt to others. CYA, this is a known term; “cover your ass”, he did just that. He is one of many prime examples of why our healthcare system is in shambles; the predators at the top!Bilking millions and billions in the name of greed! We could and should have a world-best healthcare system, but too many greedy predators exploit the opportunity and shift blame to “illegals”. This is not the reason it has crumbled. Quality care is a non concern, it is a motto only, it looks good on a “mission statement”. The corporate machine of healthcare has only one concern…..MONEY! Not the patient, you the(patient) are the vehicle to make that money.

  38. KC from Jax Bch Says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would even think about voting for anyone who was involved in stealing from the government and the American people. Aren’t there any good people out there anymore? Why are we even thinking about choosing from the lesser of two evils?

  39. PAM Says:

    What I can’t understand is the people who have to say we hate “Latinos” just because we cannot understand why some people are so dense they do not or refuse to understand what ILLEGAL means. They are breaking the law and that is why they should not be allowed here. The ones here legally are fine. This is America and the Flag is still the American Flag not the Mexican Flag. When you become an American you act American and fly the American Flag and speak English.

  40. Lauren Says:

    I don’t like these allegations, but I will be voting for Rick Scott. He will do something about the illegals once and for all!

    McCollum says “We don’t need that law here, it’s not gonna happen” referring to AZ’s new law that actually just reinforces the federal law that is NOT being enforced! Most Floridians are fed up with the illegals and none of the politicians doing anything about it. As a registered conservative Republican, I’m tired of the GOP just “not getting it” — they continue to push and support RINO’s — Republicans in name only and CONSERVATIVES are fed up with it. Marco Rubio?!? What a joke. Mitt Romney endorsing pro amnesty Sen. John McCain?!? They just don’t seem to want to hear the American people and center right people, but they will in November. They shouldn’t assume that all registered Republicans are going to vote the GOP candidate. I’ll gladly vote for an independent that is a CONSERVATIVE. The whole tea party movement is flourishing because the GOP refuses to act like conservatives. Some choice we have for the US Senate — Rubio, Crist or Meek. Meek is an Obamatron and Rubio and Crist both have done NOTHING to curb illegal immigration. I just might vote for Crist to send a message to the GOP. RICK SCOTT FOR GOVERNOR!!!

  41. April Says:

    As usual, we have to pick the best from the worst, but I will be voting for Rick Scott because he will crack down on illegals. McCollum is part of the GOP machine…sick of it!

  42. Lauren Says:

    I see the comments “Rick Scott is an embarassment” — then what is OBAMA?!? Talk about the king of all embarassments.

  43. Jacque Says:

    Ok let me get this straight…his company gets fined for fraud. He accepts full responsibility and resigns.
    If he was personally committing the fraud I would have to assume the investigators might have found it important to address that. Since they didn’t I can only assume he had nothing personally to do with the fraud. Innocent.
    Unfortunately, most of the people making comments have never been involved with billing for Medicaid or Medicare. Your massive government has royal screwed up EVERYTHING it touches, and you think billing is different? I own a company I bill Medicaid, the govt. changes there requirements constantly. I can easily see when you own that many hospitals if small errors occurred they would add up in a very quick order.

    I am voting for Rick Scott for Governor.

  44. Marion Says:

    You almost got it right. He found out that the Feds were starting an investigation, so he jumped ship.

    My favorite part of the commercial that he does is at the end……..he talks about “accountability”.

    Unless he returned money that he stole from the taxpayers, I think he cannot spell accountability!

  45. SDHC Memory Card Reader Says:

    Sweet , I can’t get enough from you and continue these great posts that really gets me motivated.

  46. Isabel Says:

    If you want an objective accounting of Scott’s “career” at Columbia/HCA, read his biography on Wikipedia. Rick is an attorney who specialized in health care law, which largely involves medicare/medicaid reimbursement issues [i.e. advising hospitals on how to game the system]. So, he knew more than your average health care CEO about how to scam medicare/medicaid before he became a health care entrepreneur.

    He is very smart and hands on. There is quite simply NO WAY he didn’t know about the fraud.

    The only question I have is why he personally wasn’t prosecuted. The company itself was charged criminally but ended up with a plea agreement under which it paid the highest fine in history.

    I think this guy must be delusional to think that he could get elected with this 800 pound gorilla in the room. Only Rick could be so arrogant as to think he could talk himself out of this aspect of his past. I hope and pray that anyone is elected governor, other than him, Rep or Dem.

  47. old nickelodeon shows Says:

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  48. Marion Says:

    The abject mania of the people who support this creep tells me LOTS about them.
    If you support loot and plunder, vote Rick Scott.
    If you want someone who is a decent human, vote any of the rest!

  49. Marion Says:

    Oh, BTW, Scott’s father was a truck driver and his mother worked in retail sales. In Texas.
    So, maybe W was his idol!

  50. Marion Says:

    Looka like we have another one on the other side of the aisle waiting in the wings – another “billionaire”!!!

    Senate hopeful Jeff Greene has slim history as registered Democrat
    by George Bennett | June 1st, 2010

    Jeff Greene
    Palm Beach billionaire and Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene spent most of the last three decades registered to vote with no party affiliation, except for a period in the 1980s when he was a Republican in California, voter records show.

    Greene, an unsuccessful Los Angeles-area GOP congressional candidate in 1982, gave money to California Republicans Pete Wilson (1988) and Meg Whitman (2009) before opening his checkbook in a big way to Democrats last year.

    Greene registered as a Democrat when he moved to Florida in 2008.

    Greene’s spokesman says Greene’s registration history proves he’s an outsider and an “independent Democrat.”

  51. Marion Says:

    Here is some thing that was put out by the Florida Democrats yesterday. Worth reading………..

    Ever since Republican Rick Scott decided to spend millions of dollars to try and buy the Republican nomination for Florida Governor, Floridians have been talking about Scott’s record as CEO of Columbia/HCA Healthcare and how his company engaged in the largest Medicare fraud in history.

    It didn’t take long for Rick to offer a response, deciding to spend the money he got from Columbia/HCA Healthcare to defend the fact that he was never charged. In his ad, Scott called the fact that his company defrauded the taxpayers and paid a $1.7 billion fine “mistakes.”

    We had trouble accepting “systemic fraud” that resulted in Columbia/HCA pleading guilty to 14 corporate felony counts and paying $1.7 billion in fines as a simple “mistake.”

  52. Hey Says:

    Generating money online can be hard at the begining but Its the people that be persistant to it that succeed.

  53. steve cleary Says:

    dear mr scott i want to thank you for nothing the reason im writeing you this is because i sent you a email about two weeks ago about what was your stand on helping the poor people of fla i all so wanted to know if you could help me with a problem i was having with the state of fla.but sence your for the rich and dont care about poor peoples problems (just like the last ten gov) i wont be voteing i would like to have voted for you anyway thanks for nothing my name is steve cleary my#904 477 3169

  54. Marion Says:

    Sorry that Rick disappointed you. But, you are not the first and will not be the last!!!
    He let people die outside of the doors of Columbia Hospitals when it was discovered they had NO coverage. One man died outside of the doors of a Columbia Hosp after the staff put him out there!
    And, anyone in their right mind wants to vote for this low life!!??

  55. Michael +Kotsay Says:

    Your record shows you to be thief, If you think I’d vote for you, you’re nuts!

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