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Reports: former RPOF Chairman Jim Greer arrested

by George Bennett | June 2nd, 2010


Read indictment of Jim Greer

Gannett and the Orlando Sentinel and others are reporting that lavish-spending former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer was arrested this morning in Orlando.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has slated a news conference in Orlando at 11:30 a.m. that we’ll be monitoring.

In the meantime, an apparent mug shot of Greer is already on the Internet.


6 Responses to “Reports: former RPOF Chairman Jim Greer arrested”

  1. Sid Dinerstein Says:

    Make no mistake about it.
    Governor Crist is TOTALLY responsible for this mess.
    Jim Greer was never a member of our state party, just a member of the Crist campaign team.
    Crist stuck us with Greer.
    Greer looted the party.
    And Crist wants to go to Washington, where they have real money.


  2. Corruption Collapse Says:

    Sid Dinerstein is right! Greer was Crist’s hand picked looter! Personally annointed by Crist as RPOF Chairman. I mean one giant step from Oveida City Councilman to Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida. Speaking on national news regarding national issues! Annointing Crist and McCollum as the only allowed primary candidates for senate and governor. Telling Charles Bronson he could not run for governor because the party could not afford to finance a primary! If Crist, McCollum and more don’t go down in this culture of corruption investigation the job is not finished. Hopefully Big Jim will do like Rothstein and sing like a canary! The starving, unemployed people of Florida deserve to see an end to this ongoing culture of corruption and it don’t end with Jim Greer!

  3. Not a Greer Fan Says:

    I am not a Greer fan and very happy this matter was investigated. I think it is a shame that an alleged drunk driver killed a young man and was able to turn himself in… and to sensationalize this story. Jim Greer is picked up from his house while shaving.

    Now why is it that an alleged killer is treated with self respect and allowed to maintain dignity with his family but an alleged thief is taken from his house.

    Something is WRONG here.

  4. Your Answer Says:

    The difference between a drunk driver who caused a death and a drunk theif who has stole millions and manipulated the political process is. The drunk driver got a needle put in him or her at the accident scene. The results of that test coupled with the investigation of the accident scene is the evidence necessary to prosecute that drunk driver. With the arrest of a theif when it is necessary to serve search warrants of the theif’s home and/ or office it is recommended that law enforcement makes an on site arrest and subsequently serve the search warrant. Since you are obviously ignorant to the process this is provided to you and any others who might think law enforcement has gone to great lengths to make Big Jim’s life miserable as a public service.

  5. Muckraker Says:

    In depth reporting on “L’Affaire Greer”, Part One: The Mugshot…


  6. Polly Ticks Says:

    So now Greer’s attorney says on TV his arrest was motivted by polly ticks. Well one thing for sure, there’s no ticks like polly ticks! But then also, there’s nothing colder than ashes after the fire’s gone out! His lawyer should fess up himself! Its caused by Greer, Crist and McCollum’s corrupt style of politics. Thats the real answer! Crist continues to say he has faith in our judicial system. I hope all of these people involved in this organized corruption get a fair trial, including Crist. The problem is in order to be fair it will have to be federal charges.

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