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Rader drops ‘Greenstein,’ fixes check, qualifies for Senate race

by George Bennett | June 18th, 2010
Good check

Good check

Bad check

Bad check

State Rep. Kevin Rader, D-Delray Beach, beat today’s noon deadline and qualified for the District 27 Senate race this morning, according to the Florida Division of Elections. Rader, who serves as his own campaign treasurer, had to return early from a trip to Israel after the Division wouldn’t accept a check drawn on his old state House campaign account. His new check, signed Thursday, was submitted this morning.

Rader appeared on the ballot in his 2008 House race as “Kevin Greenstein Rader.” This time around, the Division of Elections lists him as “Kevin Rader.” Rader couldn’t be reached this morning.


3 Responses to “Rader drops ‘Greenstein,’ fixes check, qualifies for Senate race”

  1. Valerie Says:

    Talk about pandering. He runs in a more Jewish district and uses Greenstein to win. Uh oh, he’s running in a more Republican and less Jewish area and he drops the Greenstein. If he wins this primary then the voters should be ashame of themselves for letting themselves get played.

  2. Croy Says:

    I second that Valerie…I thought the other guy was my Representative. Older man. Very nice always shows up to things.
    Hmm this guy sounds like an idoit and sick to run a campaign like this.

  3. Silver Says:

    This is the problem, people like this make good people look bad. He pandered to a group of people that he belongs to and then forgets the middle name because its a mixed district.
    Really what do you expect he is also being pushed by Wexler and Deutch who wont even stand up for Israel. These are not leaders in the Jewish community. They are opportunist who are scared to do what is right.

    You are leaders for any demographic only for yourself.

    You all should feel ashamed!

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