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Not our poll, police union says of latest WPB survey on Frankel, term limits

by George Bennett | June 7th, 2010



UPDATE: Mayor Lois Frankel didn’t directly answer a question about the poll, telling a reporter “When I’m ready to talk about if and what I’m going to do, I’m going to let you know.”

Tongues are wagging again in West Palm Beach over the latest round of political polling calls, which included lots of questions about Mayor Lois Frankel and the term limits law that will prevent her from seeking a third term in March 2011.

Respondents over the weekend were asked their opinions of Frankel, former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley and former West Palm Beach Mayor Nancy Graham. They were also asked about the city’s term-limits law and whether it should be scrapped or extended to three four-year terms instead of two for the mayor. There were also questions about the pay dispute between the city and the police union.

The Police Benevolent Association did conduct a poll a few weeks back. But PBA leaders say they’re not behind this poll.

Frankel couldn’t immediately be reached this morning.

For Frankel to run for a third term in March, voters would have to change the city charter. The most likely scenario for doing that would be through a referendum on the November ballot. To get a question on the ballot, the county Elections Office says it would need language by mid-August.

For that to happen, a petition drive to force a ballot question would have to begin soon.

Stay tuned.

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9 Responses to “Not our poll, police union says of latest WPB survey on Frankel, term limits”

  1. nativeWPB Says:

    A very reliable rumor has had it for several months that the mayor has been sending a city employee out into the northwest neighborhoods for the past several months to obtain enough signatures to put the referendum term limits on the ballot so she can be reelected. How sad we are paying for her to collect signatures on city time with our tax dollars.

  2. Rod Says:


    We need term limits!

    Political office should NOT be a career!

    NO to Frankel. Who spent taxpayer $$$ for trip to Turkey.

  3. WPB Resident Says:

    Frankel must go! She is the worst mayor in history. Ask her to show us the repayment schedule for all the CRA & DDA bonds she secretly sold. She has wasted the money and it will bankrupt this city in 25 years.

  4. David Says:

    Mayor Frankel should move on and find other work when her second mayoral term is up. We should not change the system for this one person and she should not be allowed to buy the votes to enable the charter change.

    The police need to accept that in a time when taxpayers are all experiencing job loss and shrinking incomes, they can’t expect pay raises as usual. Mayor Frankel is right to hold the line on this issue.

    Mark Foley – has no political future here. Just accept it and let other more deserving candidates step forward.

  5. Red Bull Says:

    We need TERM LMITS and FINANCE REFORM for ALL elected offices….

    Especially for the Judiciary !!!

    As in the 15th Judiciary —

  6. Magnolia Says:

    Lois and Turkey – what a good match – they all live in a previous age of lawless royalty.


    ALL government office has to have term limits. 4 is too short but more than 8 causes cronism. They get the golden parachute anyway after a year anyway I think.
    This mayor has NOT been good for West Palm. How dare she try to change the rules so she can keep her “gravy train” going.
    ALL jobs should not get raises at this time including cops. Some govt offices are furloughing for a year already. Get real you already make a decent living (thanks for your service) BUT unions are breaking all govt budgets. Who else do you know retires in 20 yrs at 80% salary WITH benefits. That is why so many work all that overtime before they retire. Some of them retire with MORE than their “regular” salary was. Shameful.

  8. Sherry Says:

    No charter change
    No extension of term limits
    No more career politicians
    Go get a real(non-government)job

  9. Says:

    Lois Chavez!





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