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Meek rips Dem Senate rival Greene as ‘billionaire…who only voted four times in his life’

by George Bennett | June 11th, 2010

Democratic U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, who despite being the pick of his party’s establishment for U.S. Senate finds himself in a virtual tie with out-of-nowhere Democratic primary rival Jeff Greene, blasted the Palm Beach billionaire’s scant voting history today.

In an interview on on the ABC/Washington Post program The Fix, Meek called Greene “the billionaire that only showed up in Florida in 2008 and only voted four times in his life.”

Greene spokesman Paul Blank called Meek’s attack “a clear sign of desperation” because of Greene’s surge in Democratic polls.

Actually, it appears Greene has voted five times in the last 18 years. Los Angeles County, Calif., did not have records before 1992. Their records show Greene voted in the 1992 general election, the 2000 primary and general elections and the 2004 general election. He also voted in the 2008 general election in Florida.

imagesThat means, as a Californian who was registered with the GOP and with no party affiliation, Greene skipped the 1996 presidential election and lots of nonpresidential contests, including the 2003 recall election of Democratic Gov. Gray Davis and the subsequent special election that installed Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor.

“Jeff’s an outsider,” Blank said of Greene’s voting record. “He was focused on building a successful business and creating jobs and he got results. Now that he has an 8-month old child, he’s focused on taking his job creator skills and making sure his son and every Florida child and grandchild has the same opportunity to live the American dream he has lived. That’s why he decided to run for office.”


8 Responses to “Meek rips Dem Senate rival Greene as ‘billionaire…who only voted four times in his life’”

  1. Seth Platt Says:

    Could GOP be so foolish as to place two Republican election plants with the same name (GREENE) in South Carolina and Florida?

  2. Reader Says:

    The jewish cabal in S FL is trying to wrest the votes from the afro american democrat Meek.

    See the ‘loyalty’ from the democrats? Even former chief of staff for the quitter democrat congressman Wexler, Eric Johnson, is ‘helping’ Crist to the detriment of Meek.

    WAKE UP! Ask other democrats in S FL if they will support Meek or Greene?

    Abruzzo has already said he won’t and commisisoner Aaronson has not supported Meek.

    S FL jewish first, then maybe a black. Where’s the OUTRAGE, black community?

  3. Jrm466 Says:

    Meek is A desperate Jerk With All the scandals involving Him Now he is afraid of getting Ripped a new one

    JUST GO AWAY MEEK F**King jerk

  4. OBIWAN Says:

    Komrade, we have examined your voting history and decided to send you to Siberia for retraining!!

    So much for that American virtue of privacy, of cherishing the right of every citizen to vote or not as their conscience dictates.

    I will not vote for Greene. I cannot as a registered Republican vote for him in the Democrat primary.

    In the main election my vote will go for the Republican candidate as that person will undoubtedly promise to stop the Marxist sellout of America!

    But, the PBP is prejudicing all of our voting rights by this slimy yellow journalism – predicted as soon as Greene announced.

    I can safely say from living in Miami from 1981 – 1997 you want nothing anything the swarmy Marxist Meeks have to offer – the son fell straight to the ground from the mother’s tree!!

  5. Alex Stink Says:

    Meek is a hack, a cheat and has only been elected because of his name. Throw this bum out!!!!

  6. Honorable L.Laird Says:

    Palm Beach Racist Bigots; and I thought they all live up here in Northwest Fl… Poorest and Dumbest people in the State. I guess I was wrong. Their Rich $$$ cousin move to Palm Beach… Oh, I forgot, the plumpest Pig Limbaugh lives in Palm Beach, what else can I say‚Ķ?

  7. Tina DiDonato Says:

    Sure vote for another republican – I expect nothing less from un-educated Floridians. First Jeb fleeced the state, his brother pretty much dismantled the US by starting a useless war, wire tapping of citizens and you, Obistupid, have no idea what marxism is. Bush the Moron sold out our country to corporations, which is fascism stupid!

  8. Kraig Febres Says:

    Oops admin you have lots of strange bugs on your blog that says parse error unexpected T String in line 17

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