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I found skimmers, McCollum tells Obama official. Now get ‘em here.

by Dara Kam | June 25th, 2010

Attorney General Bill McCollum stepped up his demands for more skimming vessels to be sent to Florida to combat black waves of oil as thick as two inches deep washing up on Panhandle beaches.

McCollum, a Republican running for governor, sent U.S. Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano a letter today again seeking more skimming boats for the Sunshine State.

McCollum’s staff located at least four skimming vessels operated by a Jacksonville-based company that helped in the Exxon-Valdez oil disaster and included information about Crowley Maritime in his letter to Napolitano.

There are 28 skimming vessels in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida’s shores but thousands more are available from other countries offering services that President Barack Obama’s administration has thus far refused to accept.

“I don’t get it. There’s some real disconnect. It’s either incompetence or somebody’s decided we don’t need them,” McCollum said in an interview. “Why should we leave a single American flag vessel available? Why aren’t we calling them? I don’t know for the life of me.”

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14 Responses to “I found skimmers, McCollum tells Obama official. Now get ‘em here.”

  1. NoneyaBiz Says:

    Hey McCollum… GET A CLUE!

    The Administration has accepted aid from 5 foreign nations and only turned down one. We currently have over a hundred American Vessels and 14 Foreign Flag Vessels in the Gulf with 28 Skimmers currently.

    You are either very ill informed or you are lying to constituents to garner support based on said lies!

    Could we use more? I don’t know BP is saying what is now in use in adequate. Maybe your beef should be with “British”
    Petroleum that have LIED to our Govt. since day one. Instead of attacking our own Govt.

  2. OBIWAN Says:

    DAY 66 – the PBP says it all, but takes no position to look out for Floridians:

    “”There are 28 skimming vessels in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida’s shores but thousands more are available from other countries offering services that President Barack Obama’s administration has thus far refused to accept.”"

    Sheer unadulterated incompetence!! So polluted to the core with his lifetime Marxist ideology, BARAMA is incapable of making an honest decision…and privately brags about bringing those Republican Governors to their knees!!

    The impeachment should last at least 4 hours – then a firing squad is the least durable solution to America’s number 1 problem!!

  3. Steve Beste Says:

    I’d do a little fact checking or more reporting / detail on paragraph 4. It is the US maritime industry that is blocking the use of foreign flagged vessels saying that they are not needed.

    You give the impression that the administration is flippantly turning down the offers.

  4. Carol Says:

    The administration did turn down offers of help from other countries. The administration has NOT waived the Jones Act. Look up its definition. Immediately when Katrina hit, Pres. Bush waived the Jones Act that allowed foreign vessels, heavy equipment operators, etc. to work. To date, at the demand of the labor unions, the Jones Act remains un-waived. Even worse, there are skimmers at every drilling site throughout the U. S. & its coast. The administration will not permit them to be moved ‘because there might be a disaster at the site where they are presently based.’ I make no judgments. These are cold, hard and heartbreaking FACTS.

  5. TheEMBuzz Says:

    This is funny. How is it possible that the Attorney General found some skimmers but our own state emergency management agency couldn’t get a hold of them? What is going on with the state’s emergency management agency. Please bring back Craig Fugate. The current management team is just not cuttin the mustard. Charlie Crist should have done more to protect our beaches and not waited so long to get more skimmers.

  6. Muckraker Says:

    For FL Governor Candidates: Where do you stand on FCAT?



    Hey OBIDOUCHE, you are now promoting a firing squad to kill our President? Did you miss your medication you old coot? Look my anti American azzhole friend, you are against EVERYTHING in this nation: You are against the citizens, police, fire fighters, unions, foreigners, government, help for your fellow mankind, etc.. You are a NAZI my friend. You are a blow hard who bla,es EVERYTHING on Obama, not BARAMA you douchebag. Move to anther country and do the residents of PBC a favor. And be careful promoting a firing squad for the President. I am forwarding your post to the Secret Service because that is an offense against any President, whether you like them or not. You are a cancer on the anus of this nation.

  8. Don't Drink the Cool Aid Says:

    Steve Beste Says:
    June 25th, 2010 at 2:53 pm
    I’d do a little fact checking or more reporting / detail on paragraph 4. It is the US maritime industry that is blocking the use of foreign flagged vessels saying that they are not needed.

    You give the impression that the administration is flippantly turning down the offers.

    Hey Steve, if it is the maritime industry that’s blocking the vessels, why hasn’t Obama suspended the Jones Act??? Hmmmm? Do some of your own fact checking.

  9. Muckraker Says:

    My take:



    They did turn down the offer from 13 other countries citing the Jones act!!! Which the chosen one with one swipe of a pen could put on halt till this disaster is solved!

  11. OBIWAN Says:

    The first 17 nations offered full assistance with skimmers, vacuum and supertanker holding vessels by DAY 3 … when BARAMA’s original estimate of “only 1,000 barrels a day” was ten factored!!

    No Oil would be on ANY beach IF a full fleet of skimmers, etc. were on the job!! AND, BP wouldn’t have to use all those Apalachicola Oyster captains and their boats for cleanup…so 80% of the harvest is lost!!

    Tonite when you see a mile long oil slick 29 miles out, ask yourself why don’t they sent out a large skimmer to collect it BEFORE the beach gets it all?

    The Jones Act was recodified in 2006 as part of the Bush Admin’s cleanup of old outdated laws. Along with the US Harbor Workers and Longshoremen’s Act, it allows huge benefits ordinary workers don’t get under state Workers’ Comp acts… you can sue claiming employer negligence for example… and benefits are thrice as high.

    Most firms have to warrant they have NO Jones Act exposure to even get General Liability and Workers Comp!!

    There is no gain for our Maritime Industry IF BARAMA doesn’t waive the Jones ACT to get on with cleaning up the oil spill!! Do you think the Ports of New Orleans, Biloxi, Mobile, Pensacola or Tampa will not be drastically impacted economically IF their harbors are shut down with an oil slick???

    BARAMA and his Marxist TSARS have no excuse – Saudi Arabia used the world’s skimmers when Saddam opened the oil seacocks in Kuwait [900,000 barrels reclaimed with 20 times that siphoned form the desert "oil lakes" following blowing out 700 wells fired by Saddam].

    All the afteraction FEMA reports were clear about the rescue effectiveness of waiving the Jones Act to allow private citizens to assist…

    Scotty said it best “think man, think!!”

  12. melody Says:

    Dispersed oil sinks and that is what is washing up as tar balls. Tar from dispersed oil washes up from the bottom and filling the ocean as far as can be seen off the beach will not stop the tar from washing up off the bottom of the ocean! What is floating is being skimmed and is not what is washing up on the beaches. What is washing up on the beaches is just the same as the sea shells that wash up off the bottom of the ocean floor! Yap all you want about needing Jones Act Waivers and skimmers but that will not stop the oil from washing up as TAR! There you go idiots you yapped yourselfs into the truth being put out there! You don’t have the technology to prevent the beaches being spoiled and trying to get political points about some useless skimmers just killed tourism in the coastal states! It is your fault so start working on something to clean the ocean bottom without sucking up all the other sealife along with with the oil and tar balls! Just the action of using bubble curtains to raise the oil up will kill sealife that must stay on the bottom! Start putting up the TAR OFF stations at the beach and dropping the prices to attract the tourists brave enough to walk the beach and enter the water.

  13. Krayton Says:

    Sigh. So much misinformation and distortion out there…the bulk of it coming from political partisans looking to score points at the expense of the truth.

    Consider this before making up your mind- The rate of flow of oil is massive. Yet the amount of oil on any voastline is relatively minimal. All those photos of oil and oily birds from Louisiana? Ck the captions. Those pics were taken almost exclusively in TWO locations.

    Florida Beaches? 99.9% oil free. And what oil did appear was quickly removed.

    The fact is, both BP, the Feds, and private citizens are doing a remarkable job of containing the oil. The response has been fast and effective.

    The local Pols whining are looking to score politically from the incident.

    The Jones Act has an exception written into it for oil cleanup- no need to “waive” it…pure partisan bs.

    As for skimmers, the assumption is that skimmers would stop tar ball deposits and / or there are too few skimmers.
    But the bulk of the oil is not on a form that can be skimmed. Peoe seem to assume that the oil just remains in big, thick pools that can be easily skimmed up- that’s not how it works.

    You all need to take a deep breath and stop with the hysterical partisanship. Espicially all the absurd “Marxist” rhetoric.

    Remember, the only reason the Feds are having to do ANY cleanup is because BP, a private entity, cannot do it alone.

    So all of you screaming “Socialism!!” are bashing government for not taking a larger role in making up for a private sector disaster and inadequate private sector response. Then u champion a Socialist natiin’s skimmers and offers to help clean up this private sector caused mess! There’s so much irony at work it’s laughable.

  14. Not Alan West Says:

    Once again, the hypocritical nonsense here is astounding. How many deep water oil spills have there been in the Gulf of Mexico? THIS ONE! Where exactly is this platform where people lost thier lives? INTERNATIONAL WATERS! Why is it that some of you people think that the response was so poor and the responsibilty of the POTUS? Because Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck said so? Are you kidding me? This is BP’s mess and WHATEVER IT TAKES and WHATEVER IT COSTS is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF BP! Our Republican leaders want us to blame Obama, as if he is some kind of Oil Engineer. The Democrats want us to find fault with BP, which makes the most sense. BP is the alleged EXPERT and all of US know squat unless it comes from a talking head with his or her own agenda. Enough already.

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