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Filing deadline drama for state Senate candidate Rader

by George Bennett | June 17th, 2010



Junkies keeping an eye on the Florida Division of Elections online candidate tracking system might have noticed that state Rep. Kevin Rader, D-Delray Beach, hasn’t qualified yet for the District 27 state Senate seat he’s been seeking since last year. The qualifying deadline is noon Friday.

Read about it here.

The problem? When Rader, who serves as his own campaign treasurer, signed a $1,781.82 check to pay his filing fee, he didn’t draw from a Senate campaign account as required by state elections law, but from the “Campaign Account of Kevin Greenstein Rader State Representative District 78.”

Rader signed a correct check today after returning to the U.S. from Israel, consultant Neil Schiller said. Schiller said he did not know whether Rader ended his trip early to sign the new check. The check should be submitted before Friday’s deadline, Schiller said. Rader couldn’t be reached.


4 Responses to “Filing deadline drama for state Senate candidate Rader”

  1. Jackiej Says:

    Just another example how dumb this schmuck is.
    Another wexler dummy….this guy needs to just pack his bags and go back to his district as a constituent.

    Seriously…he is a joke.

  2. Jackiej Says:

    This guy should just not run.
    He is dumb and clueless.
    Endorsed by Wexler this time and last time.
    Because they are friends.
    Ever met this guy…dumb as all hell

  3. Pat Says:

    Kevin Rader is far from dumb and clueless. Before you make these kind of statements, you should take a look at his voting record. He was intelligent enough to vote NO on every bill that would have resulted in assaults on our teachers. I think you just wanted to get some rhetoric in slandering Congressman Wexler.

  4. Truth Says:

    Pat is right. Rader was on the right side of every major vote. Against the ultra-sound requirement and against the anti teacher bill. Passed a law that gives local counties and prosecutors expanded jail and fine powers to fight public official corruption. He’s human. He erred on a document. Take a deep gulf of air and find another target.

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