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Democrat Aaronson urges party loyalty in governor’s race, not necessarily in Senate contest

by George Bennett | June 16th, 2010

Democratic Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson wants Bud Chiles to drop his no-party bid for governor, telling the son of the late Democratic Gov. Lawton Chiles in a letter that his candidacy could hurt Democrat Alex Sink and help elect Republican Bill McCollum or Rick Scott.

“Our job is to have a Democratic governor,” Aaronson said of the letter to Chiles that he co-signed with county Democratic Party Treasurer Bob Diffenderfer. “We love him (Bud Chiles) and his father was great, but this is not helping the Democrats elect a governor.”

Aaronson’s concern about a no-party candidate taking votes from a Democrat in a statewide race doesn’t necessarily extend to the U.S. Senate contest, where independent Gov. Charlie Crist so far is drawing considerable Democratic support at the expense of Dem Kendrick Meek or Jeff Greene.

“I look at that race slightly differently,” Aaronson said Tuesday. “I look at that race to make sure we don’t have (Republican Senate candidate) Marco Rubio.”

Aaronson said he won’t know the best way to block Rubio until after the Aug. 24 Democratic primary.

“We have three people in the primary (Meek, Greene and former Miami Mayor and health care “capitation” advocate Maurice Ferre). So I want to see what happens in the primary before we do anything.”

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5 Responses to “Democrat Aaronson urges party loyalty in governor’s race, not necessarily in Senate contest”

  1. Dan Says:

    We are waiting for Aaronson to drop out of his seat.

    We are also waiting for Sachs and Slosberg to drop out of their race.

    We finally got Mary to drop out….

    Now it is your turn and take your scum bag cronies with you.

    You are not a Democrat, you are a criminal.

    Stay in the race Chiles.

    Teach this guy what a Democrat is.

    Sachs is a Republic
    Irv is a Republic
    Deutch is a puppet
    Wexler is a criminal that has not been caught yet.

    Democrat my xxxxx

  2. Religion over Party Says:

    In essence this is what Burt is saying,

    Jeff Greene is my guy, he attends temple, so therefore, he should be the candidate supported.

    The jews are throwing over the afro american man who walked this state to get signatures.

    Wow! That’s how democrats are loyal to afro americans.

    Ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz who she supports.

    Ask Dave Aronberg who he supports.

    Ask Ron Klein who he supports.

    Ask Deutch who he supports.

    Ask Sachs who she supports.

    Ask the Middle East ‘nonprofit’ Wexler who he supports.

    There is a loyalty to jews, not the democrat party. That’s the problem. There is no advancement for the black man, it’s advancement for a religious entity to retain political power.

  3. Einstein Says:

    How Aaronson has avoided indictment is beyond me. The daughter working for GL makes his votes on land use biased. His time is coming to an end.

  4. whasup Says:

    Here is the ugly underbelly of the Jewish Democratic leaders: many of them just won’t support Meek, and they just won’t because he is black.

    It’s time for black Democratic voters, and their leaders, to put the Jewish statewide Democratic candidates on notice that, if the latter won’t support the black candidate, instead of Crist, then black voters will withhold their votes for Jewish Democrats in the statewide race.

  5. Christian Says:

    Burt, it is time for you to go to jail. You are as corrupt as they come so shut up!!!

    Wexler needs to go to jail!!!

    Deutch is a shill and an empty suit!!!

    Sachs = bag of hammers

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