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Crist vetoes abortion bill

by Dara Kam | June 11th, 2010

Gov. Charlie Crist has vetoed a controversial health care bill backed by powerful GOP legislators that would have required women seeking abortions to have ultrasounds and listen to detailed explanations of the fetus.

Crist, who abandoned his long ties with the Republican Party and is running as an independent for U.S. Senate, said in his veto message the bill places an “inappropriate burden” on women seeking abortions and violates the right to privacy.

“Individuals hold strong personal views on the issue of life, as I do,” Crist wrote in the message. “However, personal views should not result in laws that unwisely expand the role of government and coerce people to obtain medical tests or procedures that are not medically necessary. In this case, such action would violate a woman’s right to privacy.”

Conservatives and anti-abortion groups stepped up pressure on Crist to sign the measure (HB 1143) into law, and House Republican leaders waited until this week to send him the bill.

The veto will likely garner support from some Democrats and pro-choice Republican women, two voting blocs Crist is wooing to shore up his independent candidacy.

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69 Responses to “Crist vetoes abortion bill”

  1. Hooray! Says:

    Thank you, Governor Crist, for doing the right thing regardless of politics.

  2. Cindy Says:

    Thank you, Gov. Crist.

  3. mlrh Says:

    Thank goodness!! Finally, something done correctly for the good of all women in this state. We came close to losing our individual privacy rights to our bodies. Women in my generation fought so hard to get them for your generation and onward. Thank you, Governor Christ.

  4. words of wisdom Says:

    Crist.. Good choice of actions!

  5. Independent Says:

    Hooray for Gov. Crist for his veto and for leaving the Republican Party!

  6. Bret Says:

    I am glad to see that science and sanity still prevail and we continue to move away from the Dark Ages.

  7. Sad Babies Says:

    The babies are sad today. :’( They will never see life.

  8. Melissa Says:

    Horrible decision. Personal views resulted in abortions being made legal. Women are given ultrasounds all the time during pregnancy they aren’t invasive nor do they jepordize a woman’s privacy!

  9. Tres Says:

    Late term abortion is illegal. How do you establish term without a diagnostic tool like an ultrasound?

  10. Big Pete Says:

    Governor Crist has shown great courage in a politically backward state. he’s got my vote!!

  11. helen reid Says:

    thank you Governor Crist! Women and their doctors should remain free from government intrusion when seeking reproductive health care services. Thank you for maintaining their privacy and dignity.

  12. Heidi Says:

    Two thumbs up for Gov. Crist! Restoring faith in government one veto at a time. Keep it up & you’ve got my vote for whatever position you want!

  13. Deborah Says:

    Horrible knee-jerk reaction from a man who flushed his “convictions” down the toilet.

  14. er Says:

    Thank you Governor Crist, for allowing women to make this decision with their doctors. Public money does not have to be spent on abortions, but this is a private issue for each woman. How about all the holier than thou right-to-lifers adopting the babies out there who need help now? Or does their religious zeal end when it becomes inconvenient?

  15. Heidi Says:

    Deborah, Why would you want the government to force anyone to do anything? Even if you don’t agree with abortions, do you really want the gov’t tell you what medical test you need and what you have to listen to?

  16. samantha Says:

    Thank you Gov Christ!! you are a man for the people and the women of our state!! The GOP needs to stop with their scare tactics and grossness…let them take a few of the unwanted babies home with them if they’re so against abortion!! or take care of them when they’re abused by mothers who don’t want them (as well as fathers and boyfriends)!!

  17. LU Says:

    Crist is a turn coat. Will do anything to save his skin. Shame on you Charlie, you have disgraced yourself more than you think. By vetoing this bill you showed your true colors…especially when you told the conservative crowd that you were pro-life. LIAR! You are as phony as OBAMA.

  18. PalmBeachMom Says:

    Thank you Governor Crist. This was not a good bill and I am glad it was vetoed. Everyone has a right to their personal beleifs on this subject but I feel that the bill was a real threat to individual liberty and privacy in this state.

  19. JKM Says:

    Thank you Gov. Crist. You have my vote for the Senate.
    Republicans wake up and see that you are trying to turn this country into another theocracy just like the ones we have sons and daughters fighting. YOU are the Taliban. YOU are AL-Queda.

  20. Babe Davidoff Says:

    Finally, some good news !!!I am way too old to have anymore chidlren but I have granddaughters and great granddaughters . I am glad that their rights are protected.

    Babe Davidoff

  21. Hooray! Says:

    I don’t understand why anti-abortion proponents are upset. This bill would NOT have made abortion illegal; it’s just a dispicable tactic to try to make it more difficult, in an attempt to impose certain beliefs on people you don’t even know. A question to those who supported HB1143: Did you support the health care reform bill? The arguments against that included that it’s government intrusion between doctor and patient. THIS WAS THE SAME THING!

  22. Stupid Repubs Says:

    Republicans ae so stupid they don’t realize its only deomcrats and independants who get abortions anyway.
    Then the sidewalks at the abortion clinics are full of old retards waving signs about moma’s being baby killers and passing out cards to baby adoption centers and getting kickbacks for every baby the save (sell). What the hell, the more abortions they get the merry we are! Its the baby selling that bothers me more than their right to abort! Who knows who is buying the poor little babies, many are probably better off dead. With Crist penchant for corruption you don’t think the adoption agencies threw him a bone to vote thos one down do you?

  23. Mary Says:

    Unfortunately every woman I know who has had an abortion has become mentaly ill to the point of needed daily medication due to the overwhelming guilt they have for ending their babies life. You can’t erase that no matter how much you fight for “womens rights”. The fact is the woman loses her mind due to her impulsiveness.This was a very poor will continue to leave their responsibilities when they know their is always an out like this..

  24. Hooray! Says:

    Mary, the women you knew must have been crazy to begin with. It does not make you crazy. And, once again, this bill WOULD NOT HAVE MADE ABORTION ILLEGAL. Holy moley, why the confusion?

  25. PalmBeachMom Says:

    @ Hooray (3:36 PM): Exactly! This bill was never going to change anything about the legality of abortions, it was only a way to allow the government to bully women who are seeking abortions. Nobody, especially conservatives, should support such government harrassment against US citizens.

  26. whatever Says:

    While I personally am against abortion I do not have the right to tell another woman what to do nor do I believe the government has the right to squeeze its belief into that personal decision. As an educator I was thankful that Crist vetoed SB6. As a woman I am glad he vetoed this. I don’t care why. I only care that he did.

  27. Darwinist Says:

    Unscrupulous abortionists including Planned Parenthood have been “aborting” non-pregnant women who were late with their menses and either false positive or medical office fabricated “positive” pregnancy tests for years. A sonogram for the patient to see and confirm her pregnancy or absence of pregnancy would avoid fattening their wallets.

  28. Stephen Berger Says:

    Thank you very much Governor Crist, on behalf of my wife and myself, and actually every person I’ve discussed this issue. Isn’t interesting that ultra right wing politicians and radio “entertainers” scream for government to get out of our personal lives, but are the loudest to speak out, in the most hateful monologues for government to make the final decisions on individual medical choices. You have earned our vote and support in your upcoming election.

  29. comb over Says:

    If Rubio was governor, he would have signed the bill to get right wing votes…the same. I have to laugh when those who oppose Crist say he does things for political purposes..DUH!!!!
    He is a POLITICIAN…..politics…political.

    BUT, I am a republican who is glad he vetoed the bill. I’m one of those moderate, pragmatic republicans who gets embarassed by Rubio.

    Getting teacher support and now this veto……hopefully will enable Crist to win.

  30. whatever Says:

    Darwinist….Please stop smoking weed before you post. If what you say is true then attach some links proving it.

    Mary…I know family who had abortion. She also has children. No drugs needed. Her friend had one. While her friend regretted it much later down the road she didn’t need medication. I think you must be around women who are in a support group or something.

  31. Edie Says:

    Inappropriate burden?? Maybe women should practice birth control. There is even a day after pill. Better then getting an abortion.

  32. tb Says:

    If you dont like abortions…dont get one. Nobody s forcing you to GET one…so dont FORCE people to have children who may not be in a position to have children. Thats their choice to make and live with.
    Mind your own business and stop forcing religious beliefs onto others.
    Glad that Crist is on the peoples side…

  33. Heidi Says:


    I seriously doubt any woman would submit themself to that if they didn’t think they were pregnant. It is wold be easier to assume you are not pregnant than to be confused about being pregnant…not a reason for the gov’t to mandate things

  34. NoneyaBiz Says:

    Thank you Gov. Crist… You have my vote in Nov!!!

  35. LC Says:

    Thank goodness! It amazes me that the same people who railed against health care reform saying it gave the government too much control are the ones who supported this. Really, make up your mind, you can’t pick and choose who the Constitution applies too, that’s discrimination and THAT IS ILLEGAL!!

  36. Julia Says:

    Thank you, Governor Crist. You recognize that women have the intelligence to make a personal decision without government interference.

  37. Sandra Says:

    What a sad day for all these innocent babies that will never see life. Im so disgusted by Crist and all the women above who are pro Crist and Pro-Choice. May God be with you all. Aren’t you all lucky you’re alive and your mother chose life.

  38. Julia Says:

    I have friends who have had abortions and they are very mentally and physcially healthy women. They do have to live with their choice and as a result think that every woman has the right to make her own choice. As one friend told me, no one can understand my reason for chosing an abortion because it was based on personal reasons.
    Mental illness is not only the result of having an abortion. Maybe the guilt that everyone places on the woman might cause her much anxiety.

  39. Julia Says:

    I am thankful that my Mother chose to have me. There were no health issues, personal issues or any issue to prevent my birth. However, God loves all of us and our decisions are between us and God.
    Surprisingly, many of us who are happy that Gov Crist veteod this bill are not Crist supporters. We are Rights of Women supporters.

  40. Tom Barrington Says:

    Chist is a D O U C H E BAG this was done to get more votes he only care about his H O M O lifestyle.

    He is a lying F A G

  41. Kill Babies Now Says:

    Yes, Abortion is Wonderful! Your mother should have had one. Everyone who supports abortion should go tell their mom she screwed up.

  42. Celebrate Dead Babies Month Says:

    Right to privacy verses the right to life. Let’s see, oh the heck, I kill you but it is OK because I do it in private. What, that’s not OK with you? Wait, I want an abortion. It’s a little late, but in ONLY MY business because it’s my child. So what if the kid is 5 years old, he’s causing me stress related health problems. That’s too old. Ok how about if it is only 1 year old? No good? How about is it’s only 8 months old or 1 month? Life starts at conception, not when little Suzy sees daylight. How hold does Suzy have to be to have a right to life?

  43. dalemabry pimp Says:

    you oughta work for me. you know how to get some action. Quite a Ho.

  44. Michael Says:

    Why doesn’t the anti abortion crowd care about the babies after they’re born. After all, many of them are from poor families and will require government assistance & help with health care, which you strongly oppose. Of course, you don’t care about their situation as long as you can impose your (delusional)moral beliefs on others. If you want the Government out of your life, stay out of other people’s lives. Especially something so personal. If you don’t want abortion, DON’T HAVE ONE! And any man that wants to tell a woman what to do with her body should just go join the Taliban, you’ll fit right in…

  45. 2cents Says:

    So happy to hear that!

  46. Sheila Says:

    So much for free speech! How many possibilities have your women flushed down the toilet. It’s easy for men but women have a limited number of miscarrigages or abortions, I could care less if you print this, but it’s a matter of female opinions, thank you

  47. Terri Says:

    He just lost my vote!

  48. citizens2be Says:

    These individuals have rights, perhaps as US Citizens. Their mothers have right to be informed vs abortion clinics’ focus on procedural profiteering.

  49. Abortiion Failures Says:

    I believe in abortion. I wish Charlie,
    Lay moo, Greer, Rottenkamp, Cretul, Hays, Baker, McKee, Borders, Conner, Stewart, Hill, Renick, Semento, Wallace and, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Lincoln, Holder, Michelle, Emanual, and a whole bunch more mothers whose offspring has brought moral destruction to our nation would have believe in abortion. These sicko’s will all be defeated at the polls in the coming elections. Sickness No More!

  50. Ralph Says:

    I would approve of this bill with the provision that the cost of the Doctors call and the cost of the ultra sound be paid by the Republican party. They seem to be the one pushing this so let them put the money where their mouth is.
    If they would have to pay we would see a big retreat.

  51. Terry from Boca Says:

    I applaud Crist for making the correct decision on this highly emotional issue.

    That’s two good decisions lately for old Charlie, so naturally it makes me wonder what he’s up to.

  52. Faith in Govt Again Says:

    Thank goodness that Gov Crist is a rationale voice responding correctly to a backwards and degrading bill towards women. Renewed my faith in govt and in Crist himself!

    # 24 commenter above is crazy and needs to be banned from speaking in public!

  53. theotherpalmbeacher Says:

    What a sad day! Women have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies…blah, blah, blah.

    What about the RIGHT to be INFORMED?

    Why not dumb down these women even more in the name of progressive thinking. A smart woman is an informed woman. Have you talked to women who had one, only to regret it years later? What about the dangers of it, the emotional impact? Do women not have the rights to know how it might affect their life later?
    Thank you and hooray for what? For killing a life, then celebrate? The woman’s rights are protected? Really? I want to have the right to do what I want, BUT I also want to have the right to be informed. Then I can decide for myself. Yes, perhaps an ultrasound may change their mind and prevent them from a life of regret.

  54. Jack Says:

    The right wing “pro-life” crowd only care about the fetus. Once they’re born, they couldn’t care less. Poor women who have the baby can count on “pro-lifers” to fight AGAINST health care coverage, food stamps, welfare, or any other programs to help them care for
    the baby once born. While I am personally against abortion, the “conservatives” care only about fetuses.

  55. Deacon Lee Levenson Says:

    Gov. Christ has pandered to those who approve of terminating the life of the unborn child under the guise of “womens’ rights”, by playing to those who are bent upon denying the rights to the innocent unborn child, he has further removed himself from conservative values and those who treasure life of the unborn. He has lost my confidence and my vote, Deacon Lee

  56. Anti-fat Says:

    You know what? You guys are right. You’ve convinced me with your logic. A woman shouldn’t have to have a baby if she doesn’t want it. She should be able to have all the sex she wants without a pesky baby to get in the way of her lifestyle. I mean, all those women with unwanted pregnancies were all forced into having sex anyways, right? None of them CHOSE to have sex and run the risk of pregnancy.

    And along those lines, we should establish pro-choice fat clinics. Women should be able to eat all the fatty foods they want without having to pay the consequences of weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.

  57. Heidi Says:

    Dear Anti-Fat,

    Glad you agree. So it’s ok with you that women get to act just like men then…Thanks.

  58. Hooray! Says:

    OMG, off track much? This bill was about the government forcing a medical procedure; that’s it. Do you want the government to force you to look at the film of your colonoscopy? Hey, some of you may find your head up there.

  59. Anti-fat Says:

    Dear Heidi,

    And those women agreed to have sex with those same men. It takes two to have sex. The consequences should be shared by both parties. Sex is something sacred that is to be shared by a husband and wife. It is too easy of a cop-out to say that “People are going to do it anyway.” so we’re going to provide school kids with contraceptives and build abortion clinics for all those “mistakes”. Removing consequences makes it easier to remove your clothes. Remember, for every irresponsible man that makes a baby, there’s a woman who was just as irresponsible that had sex with him.

    I am NOT for abortion in any sense of the word. But if an abortion is performed, they should perform a vasectomy or better yet, a castration, on the man responsible. I’ll bet that would lower the unwanted pregnancy rate.

    By the way, babies are NEVER a mistake.

  60. Heidi Says:

    Dear, Anti-fat,
    Your assumption is the women agreed on the sex. If that were always the case then I would agree with you that people need to take responsibility for their actions, however that is a false assumption. You have to take into consideration laws are black and white and why would you insist on further traumatizing someone who has already had an extremely traumatic experience because it goes against your personal belief.

  61. Anti-fat Says:

    Dear Heidi,

    YOUR belief does not take into consideration the baby. Life begins at conception. Whether that baby was the result of consensual sex or rape does not overrule the fact that there is a reason for that baby’s existence. Rape is a tragic thing that I would not wish on my worst enemy but abortion does NOT make things right again. There are plenty of couples who can’t conceive that would love to adopt a baby. A woman who willingly carries a child to term then gives it up for adoption gives a gift of hope and joy.

    Abortion just commits another crime…and just as heinous.

    Even if the rapist escapes man’s law, he will NOT escape God’s.

  62. Heidi Says:

    I respect your point or view but we will have to agree to disagree…it has been lovely discussing the issue with you. Best wishes – Heidi

  63. Heidi Says:

    oops typo…
    I respect your point of view but we will have to agree to disagree…it has been lovely discussing the issue with you. Best wishes – Heidi

  64. citizen2be Says:

    The ultra sounds should be videos emailed to patient for review away from the influences at clinics motivated by profiting by each procedure as it is a conflict and adds confusion and stress to the
    mother. With email she can confide on a personal level.

  65. Aufwuch Says:

    Life begins at conception, but not viable life. Big difference. Most all opposition to abortions are religious in nature, the “soul” all at the mythology. Nature aborts about 30% of embryos anywway. Only crazy women go crazy after an abortion…nice right-to -life idiot talking points.
    Thank you Gov.!

  66. Anti-fat Says:

    Dear Aufwuch,

    When you remove a baby from the uterus, you remove its only means of survival. It is MEANT to stay in the mother’s womb. You’re penalizing the baby because man does not possess the technology to keep a baby alive at such an early stage. The only reason it’s not viable is because abortion removes it from where it’s supposed to be so it can develop and grow.

  67. Joyce Says:

    Thank you, Gov. Crist for NOT making a very very difficult decision for anyone to make even more difficult. I know women who have had abortions and no one wants to find themselves in that position. It is a terribly hard choice to make. Thanks for NOT making it even harder.

  68. Anti-fat Says:

    You know what I find puzzling?

    The same people who are outraged at the mistreatment of animals are the very same people who vote for abortion. They want everyone to see videos and movies made about animal cruelty so that we’ll be driven to stand up and do something about it because the poor animals can’t defend themselves and they NEED an advocate.

    But to require a woman to have an ultrasound so that she may think twice about killing a baby is incomprehensible and an invasion of privacy. I have not read the entire text of the bill, but I believe on the first page it says it does not even require the woman to review the ultrasound. She can sign a paper and opt out of the review. If she is a victim of rape, incest, domestic abuse, or has a medical condition necessitating the abortion she doesn’t have to review it. If you go to the doctor and tell them you’re pregnant and want to have an abortion, haven’t you already given away your privacy in that matter? How is having the ultrasound an invasion of privacy that has already been given up?

    A baby’s life is worth more than every mistreated dog in the world, but who gets the sympathy and protection of the law? Let me give you a hint…it’s not the babies.

  69. Richie Askey Says:

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