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Crist to meet with Philippe Cousteau, tour Pensacola

by Dara Kam | June 22nd, 2010

Gov. Charlie Crist is slated to meet with Philippe Cousteau, grandson of the oceanographer icon Jacques Cousteau, tomorrow before touring Pensacola by air and on the ground.

oily_fingersCousteau is carrying on the work of his legendary family as head of the non-profit EarthEcho International, an organization dedicated to protecting the planet’s waters.

Crist is also scheduled to fly over the Pensacola area with the state’s new incident commander, U.S. Coast Guard Commander Joe Boudrow, Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Mike Sole and Florida National Guard Major General Douglas Burnett. After the aerial tour, they’ll hit the beach on foot.

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One Response to “Crist to meet with Philippe Cousteau, tour Pensacola”

  1. Don't Drink the Cool Aid Says:

    Ah, Crist following in the foot steps of his mentor, Obama. Have a photo op meeting and go golfing.

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