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Allen West: Obama ‘immature’ in handling McChrystal flap

by George Bennett | June 23rd, 2010



Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Allen West, a high-profile Republican congressional candidate, faulted an “immature” President Obama for allowing the controversy over Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s remarks to escalate to a situation in which McChrystal was summoned to Washington and submitted his resignation today.

“I really do think it’s a very tragic thing that Gen. McChrystal was released. When I go back in history and look at some of the confrontations between American generals and American presidents, this is a very minor thing,” said West. West, whose speeches often include references to military history going back to ancient Greece, mentioned Lincoln’s firing of Gen. George McClellan during the Civil War and Truman’s removal of Gen. Douglas MacArthur during the Korean War.

“I don’t think there was a threat to this president’s authority or strategy,” West said. He said McChrystal’s remarks in Rolling Stone “could have been handled off-line.”

West is no stranger to military controversy.

A decorated combat veteran, West was relieved of his command of a battalion in Iraq after a 2003 incident. During an interrogation of an Iraqi police officer suspected of having information about an assassination plot against West, West fired a pistol near the man’s head to get him to talk. After a military hearing, he was fined $5,000 and allowed to retire with a full pension.

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30 Responses to “Allen West: Obama ‘immature’ in handling McChrystal flap”

  1. Hmmm Says:

    How dare he criticize obama, he must be a racist…oops

  2. O Really Says:

    West can exercise his free speech all he wants as a civilian. The military has its own code of conduct which cannot tolerate insubordination where the ranking field commander criticizes a bevy of his superiors. What are lower ranking troops to think. Do you want Gen McC’s junior officers to talk to the press and go off mission….Hmmm?

  3. BrendaStarr Says:

    “A decorated combat veteran, West was relieved of his command of a battalion in Iraq after a 2003 incident. During an interrogation of an Iraqi police officer suspected of having information about an assassination plot against West, West fired a pistol near the man’s head to get him to talk. After a military hearing, he was fined $5,000 and allowed to retire with a full pension.”

    Wow. Sometimes the stupid and the hypocrisy really hurt. Mr. West, you’re making a fool of yourself, collect your pension and help clean up some oil….

  4. Huh? Says:

    West is a joke. Democrats and Republicans have been universally behind Obama’s decision. It’s called chain of command, he should understand.

  5. Fendo Says:

    I fail to understand how a field-grade officer cannot see the affects of this General’s comments. Question Lt. Col. West: What would you have down if one of your company commanders was published in the same article bad-mouthing you? Being on the enlisted side of the military I personally can say that it would it would have a devastating affect on troop morale and discipline. Troops think: If our top commander can display insubordination, then why can’t we? And on that subject, what does the Uniform Code of Military Justice say about insubordination? Isn’t that the final word?

  6. Don't Go West Says:


    Heaven help us if this angry, broke, bad husband of a man gets elected. It would be an awful day for American politics.


  7. Tom Barrington Says:

    Thanks Col. West you are a great American Hero.

    The Muslims all deserve death they are nuts. Muhammad was a terrorist are so are all muslims.

    Since they want to be martyrs lets help them along.

  8. EdFulop Says:

    Hey “Don’t Go West” (post #6) –

    you describe the Colonel as an “angry, broke, bad husband of a man”? Where in the hell do you get off passing judgement on something you know jack squat about? Go soak your head.

    Restore Honor. Flip this House.

  9. da_truth Says:

    If you want see real immaturity, just watch one of West’s speeches on You Tube.

  10. constitution 101 Says:


  11. Dee Smith Says:

    Go West we love you here in Mesa, Az

  12. John Says:

    Hey Dont Go West,

    You have every right to disagree with Lt.Col. West’s opinions and statements, but by accusing a self sufficient family man of being broke and a bad husband when you have never had the HONOR of meeting him, you are acting both immature and libellous. The constituents of CD 22 are tired of your unwarranted mudslinging against an American Hero, and our Next Congressman.

  13. Leilani Says:

    GO WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Don't Drink the Cool Aid Says:

    I just wonder, when push comes to shove, will West be able to tell the military to cut their budget because America is broke?

  15. JGP Says:

    Lost in this controversy is the substance of McChrystal’s comments. As a uniformed officer McChrystal should never have made the public comments about Obama. But that doesn’t mean that McChrystal was wrong about Obama.

    McChrystal self-admittedly voted for Obama. We should consider his criticisms of this Administration carefully.

  16. Donna O'Neal Says:

    There is a reason West is no longer in the military…and he is NOT a hero. I do know him. He is an opportunist.

  17. Angela West Says:

    I would like to say that my husband is neither broke nor a bad husband. He is an honorable MAN who stands up for what he believes. I am the daughter of a retired military NCO and both of my brothers have served; one retired from the Air Force. In your zeal to defame, please stick to the facts of what he said and not try to personally defame.

  18. Don't Go West Says:


  19. Glenn Morris Says:

    As a veteran I understand the dilema about the Generals comments, however I don’t have much faith in our media these days or their biased opinions, and I wonder how many people have read the article in rolling stones Mag. I will get my copy Friday when it hits the news Stand, and then judge for myself. As for Allen West, I believe he held the pistol to the Iraq Policemans head to gather vital info. to save soldiers lives under his command . Which he did. As a decorated combat veteran we need to give him the benefit of doubt concerning the issue, sometimes desperate measures are needed in combat to save men’s lives in the field. Remember one thing ! In combat you are fighting to protect yourself and the lives of your fellow soldiers, and to be in command and in the field and to do what Colonel West did is part of an officers code( to protect his men and women to the best of his /her ability! As a member of a Military Vets M.C. many of us support Colonel West, because we know he can make the right
    decisions even under duress with our best interests in mind, and he has proven that time and time again. It is time to replace the career politicans, with people that are going to truly represent us NOT THEMSELVES.
    Hooyah ! Colonel West.

  20. EdFulop Says:


  21. GIN Says:


  22. NOWEST Says:

    West loves military infractions to be handled behind closed doors with little accountability.
    West continues to demonstrate a lack of judgment and constraint that is evidenced by his record of conduct and rhetoric.
    McChrystal stepped down, as well he should. This type of conduct is unacceptable at any rank in the military and had to be quashed immediately.
    Obama took quick and decisive action to maintain the proper military chain and code.
    It was McChrystal that should have handled his dissent ‘off-line’, not Barack.
    BTW the detainee who West threatened, & oversaw the beating of and fired a pistol near his head while held down by his soldiers was released 40 days after the incident occurred and no evidence corroborating any plot was ever found.

  23. Not Alan West Says:

    Lt. Col. West (Ret) should know better than to call Mr. Obama immature for his response to the statements of the good General. UCMJ Code states clearly that it is a violation and as someone who knows, I think it is a disservice to any POTUS, regardless of like or dislike, to be criticized by an EMPLOEE in such a manner. I didnt vote for Mr. Obama, but he did the right thing. I liked Lt. Col. West before this, he needs to rethink his opinion and refer to the UCMJ that he also violated and got a slap on the wrist for.

  24. EdFulop Says:

    Obama could have come out of this flap smelling like a rose in one easy move. When meeting McChrystal face-to-face, he should have plainly said “I picked you to execute our army’s battle plans and mission. For you to say the things you’ve said about me to a reporter tells me one thing; I’ve obviously failed you in some way. Tell me what it is you require of me that I am not providing. If I provide it, can you execute your mission?”

    McChrystal showed poor judgement, but that doesn’t excuse Obama’s thin skin. Leaders who lead can take criticism — in fact, many of the best leaders surround themselves with people who disagree with them. Obama has a circle of ideologues and “yes-men” in his cabinet. A 30-watt bulb will only burn so bright.

    Restore Honor. Flip this House.

  25. Douglas Says:

    Don’t Go West has been taking the Obama black birdie up the 2 hole for so long he has lost contol of his bowel movements and its coming out all in his posts!

  26. Michael Says:

    Its sad that instead of looking at policies you accuse LtC(R) West of being a bad husband. I have seen his family and children and know how strong their bond is and what an amazing family they are and will continue to be. Why don’t you focus a little more on whats better for this country rather than just accusing someone you disagree with of being a bad husband.

  27. Cory Says:

    Hey Don’t go west,
    Did you really just call Allen West a bad husband?
    What a cowardly and immature thing to say.
    Do you have any respect? how much lower can you get?

    You can say his policy ideas are not what you think they should be, but the facts are Allen is a hero who dedicated over 20 years of his life to making sure you and i and everyone else in this nation would be free and safe.


  28. Stumpy Strykes Back Says:

    Poor, poor, Don’t Go West.

    You know that he’s run out of pertinent facts and even his logic when he starts taking personal shots. He’s lost all of his credibility and his value. He’s attracted more opposition against him that support. He is nothing, he is a nobody. Allen West leaves him in his dust.

  29. Not Alan West Says:

    Why is it that West supporters can not get past the nonsense. I have heard Dickless Farrel say that he supports West and agrees with him. What if Lt. Col. West was POTUS and one of HIS Generals made such a statement about one of his decisions? There is a reason This is addressed in the UCMJ. Because it is wrong. Gen Mac was dead WRONG and he knows it. Lt. Col. West knows it as well.

  30. RealityBites Says:

    West is out of touch with reality. Gee what a surprise… He’s ex military! The world doesn’t have to be kill or be killed. It’s only because of wacko presidents like bush that the world lives in fear. Leave the muslims alone they will leave you alone. 911 was direct retaliation for the USA screwing with the middle east for the last 25yrs.

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