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Some key Dems uncommitted as Meek heads to Palm Beach County

by George Bennett | May 12th, 2010

With Democratic Senate frontrunner Kendrick Meek coming to West Delray on Friday to campaign and solidify support with the party’s base, Palm Beach County Commissioner and alpha-Democrat Burt Aaronson is advising party voters to “keep their powder dry” in the primary.

Delray Beach Democratic operative Andre Fladell, the volleyball-playing chiropractor who’s sort of an unofficial buckle on the Palm Beach County condo belt, goes even further, saying he and some other Dems are willing to talk to Republican-turned-independent Gov. Charlie Crist about supporting his third-party bid for U.S. Senate.

Says Fladell: “We’ve expressed to Crist directly that the door is open for discussion, that our leadership is very undecided right now and we have no commitment to anyone.”

Asked who “we” are, Fladell said “a significant number of Democratic leaders.”

Fladell is close to Aaronson, but Aaronson said he has “no idea” which Democrats Fladell is talking about.

Aaronson said he’s “looking very carefully” in the Democratic primary at party establishment favorite Meek as well as former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre and Palm Beach billionaire Jeff Greene.

“When you have three Democrats running in a primary, you just want to wait and see….The best thing I can do is tell Democrats to keep their powder dry,” says Aaronson.

Meek is attending a $20.10-a-head fund-raiser Friday at 5:30 p.m. at the South County Civic Center.

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12 Responses to “Some key Dems uncommitted as Meek heads to Palm Beach County”

  1. rivercountrydems Says:

    Kendrick Meek is our Democratis candidate for Pete’s sake. He has served Floridans very well in the U.S. House of Representatives. Why would anyone want to abandon him like the Republicans abandon theirs just because they can’t predict the future?

    Crist was, is and always will be a Republican and I will never vote for him in favor of a true Democrat. NEVER!

  2. George Says:

    Where is Robert? Pretending that he is helping Israel? These creeps are a joke and that is why we are in this shit hole. Who needs Republcans with this asses as Democrats.

    Go home Fladell and Aaronson…your time is up.

  3. George Says:

    You ain’t shit. Just two has beens that think you carry weight. The only weight is in your head.

  4. Howare Says:

    That is great that means they are not going to endorse Sachs since Laxer is running…yeah yeah yeah yeah GO LAXER GO LAXER GO LAXER!!!

  5. Seth Platt Says:

    Kendrick Meek is the only candidate with the political will and courage to stand up for average Floridians in Congress. The other candidates are ideologues and opportunists with ulterior motives. Kendrick has a history of fighting for the little guy in the face of what seems like insurmountable odds.

  6. True Blue Says:

    Kendrick is toast!!!

    The meek do not always inherit !!!

  7. Don't Drink the Cool Aid Says:

    It is not about party lines any longer. The reason why they are backing off him….they’re showing their true colors (no pun intended). The DEMs will throw anyone under the bus to keep face. Which is not working for our best interest, it’s working for their best interest…WAKE UP Palm Beach…time to clean house.

  8. LOL! Says:

    Honestly, who really cares or bases their decision on what Burt or Andre have to say except for the most ignorant voters who validate these hobby puppet masters? Clearly George Bennett has had a slow news day since he is reporting the fluffy nonsense coming out of the mouths of those two fools.

  9. Alan Says:

    Laxer is not going to run. She is way too smart to. She is going to do policy to teach the left and the right a few things. Meek is weak. Sachs sucks, Aaronson I like and Andre is funny as shit.

  10. ReformDem Says:

    The New Democratic Coalition dislodged the power brokers after the 1968 national convention and instituted the McGovern Reform Rules that enabled rank and file democrats to participate as delegates in the candidate selection process.

    Aaronson and his cronies dominate not because they are strong leaders, but rather, because democrats in the county have chosen to remain disorganized and apathetic — and treat politics as a spectator sport.

  11. Lloyd Says:

    Former Miami Mayor, Maurice Ferre is by-far the most qualified candidate. Read more about his campaign and his solutions for Florida at

  12. Boca Dem Says:

    What about the oath that Dems take to be loyal to any legitimate candidate of that party? It is truly about time that these two, who try to wield a non-existant power, be taught that their time is long past. How they can even consider supporting any but a Democtatic candidate is mind-blowing. We have 3 litigimate candidates, with Meek being the most qualified, having shown how well he will work for the people of this state. Fla. Dems will support him in the primary and again in Nov.

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