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Republican Lynch, after two drubbings, concludes CD-19 ‘ is run by the condo commandos’

by George Bennett | May 6th, 2010



After losing two lopsided elections in a congressional district that’s 2-to-1 Democrat, Republican Ed Lynch opted not to run again this year — but says 2012 is a possibility.

He outlines a variety of reasons for passing on this year’s race in this letter to supporters.

Lynch, who got 27.2 percent in a 2008 run in congressional District 19 and 35.2 percent in an April 13 special election won by Democrat Ted Deutch, offered this observation about the electorate he failed to woo:

“Unfortunately, the electorate in district 19 is not fair and balanced. In fact a minority percentage of the electorate makes the decisions for the entire district. This district is run by the condo commandos of Century Village, Kings Point, Palm Aire and Wynmoore. These communities are bastions for the Democratic Party in Palm Beach and Broward Counties. Until those voters are truly educated and step out of that vote ‘D’ mentality can true competition be brought to the House Congressional Race.”


5 Responses to “Republican Lynch, after two drubbings, concludes CD-19 ‘ is run by the condo commandos’”

  1. Cynical Idealist Says:

    “Fair and balanced?”

    Now this moron knows how democrats feel in districts where republicans are in the majority.

    If he doesn’t like it, he always has the option of moving.

    Preferably back to whatever state he came from.

  2. So Says:

    Lynch: Why don’t you talk to your fellow Republicans who drew the district. There the ones that did this.

  3. Enviro Guy Says:

    2012! i guess thats why his campiagn signs are still up a month after the vote — he’s going to leave them up for 2 years!

  4. WHO?? Says:

    SO, district 19 was drawn super dem on purpose, it gives the dems a locked up seat so the republicans can have an easier time in the other districts.

    after the census, we should get another seat down here, and thats when it will get interesting, s little re districting is just what we need here.

    funny how george doesnt mention the fact multiple complaints have been filed against susan bucher for numerous counts of voter fraud and breaking dozens of election laws. try to cover all the news george, i know you got the press release.
    and ed isnt lying, those old decrepit condo commandos rule it all, its a darn shame.

    here is an idea, cant vote till 18, how about not after 75 eather, you wont be around long enough to see the consequences of your actions ;)

    seriously though, how all the jews here can vote for another democrat after what this administration has done to isreal shows me 2 things, they are stupid, or uninformed. its that simple.

  5. mike Says:

    That is the way the district was drawn.
    End gerrymandering by voting yes on amendments 5&6 and no on the Legislature’s amendments that kill the people’s amendments.
    About the 75 year old voting age limitation.
    Demographically that would gut the Republicans ensuring losses in numerous areas of the nation and Florida likely forever weakening the Republican brand that has already split apart.
    The Tea Party people are new converts to conservatism. They are people who have had enough of moderate Republicans.
    This November many Republicans will learn that division isn’t addition.

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