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What's happening on other political blogs? says Wexler being ‘courted’ to be ambassador to Israel

by George Bennett | May 26th, 2010



Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, who was candidate Barack Obama’s envoy to South Florida Jewish voters in 2008, is being “courted” to be President Obama’s ambassador to Israel, unnamed “Washington Middle East hands” tell

Wexler left his Palm Beach-Broward congressional seat in January to head the nonprofit S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace.

On a purely political note, a Wexler ambassadorship would presumably end chatter about Wexler endorsing his pal Charlie Crist‘s Senate bid and steering Democratic votes to the indie candidate.


13 Responses to “ says Wexler being ‘courted’ to be ambassador to Israel”

  1. Hillary Says:

    If he is the envoy to Israel…we are really in trouble. He knows nothing about Israel.
    Damn Obama really does not know what he is doing.

  2. Andre Fladell Says:

    NO! What will I and Burt Aaronson do without the Robert to take our cues from?! What will the residents of the various condos and the egotistical Democratic club presidents in them do without our GREAT LEADER? He who anointed the Ted Deutch as Prince and now King of District 19! We must lobby against this! He will always live in our hearts.

  3. Christian Says:

    Wexler needs to go to jail for all of the fraud that he perpetrated against those living in his district. All Jews should wake up and protest this. What about all of the illegal issues that Wexler had. Obama’s administration is just “forgiving” the crimes of his cronies. They all need to go to jail!!!! Hey, what about those fraudulent mortgages too.

  4. Nelson Says:

    Wexler=S FL jewish cabal=democrat condo agitators=getting rid of the black senatorial candidate Meek.

    It’s about jewish people, not black people.

    Jews will throw you under the bus and they have slapped Kendrick Meek in the face.

    PB County democrats Aaronson and Abruzzo have thrown Meek under the bus. They ain’t party loyal, they jewish power loyal.

    WExler sent his minion Eric Johnson to work for Charlie Crist.

    It’s jewishness before anything else.

  5. Sid Dinerstein Says:

    The first anti Israel American President appoints the first anti Israel Jewish Ambassador.


  6. Agree with Sid Says:

    I read the headline and actually screamed! Seriously??!! Wexler is not pro-Isreal, he is just pro-Wexler. Great pick B.O.

  7. in the know Says:

    Why doesn’t the Post verify the names of the readers submitting comments?

  8. Ed Fulop Says:

    Wexler should change his name to Pilate

  9. Independent Says:

    So an Israel hating president appoints a self hating jew for Ambassador to Israel? Why is anyone so shocked and surprised? I wonder if he’ll do his work from Potomac MD like he did when he was a US Rep.

  10. Franco561 Says:

    Let’s get some things straight here, Wexler has by no
    means participated in any illegal activity or proved by any decisions that he is anything less than a strong pro-Israel advocate. He is a Jewish politician, one who only travels Monday through Friday or on Sundays, because of his strong convictions to his Jewish faith. He has never steered anyone wrong in regards to Israel so why should his scrupples on this issue be called into question now. I can personally vouch for Wexlers full understanding of the problems Israel is currently experiencing. He is owed the benefit of the doubt for Israel is always in his heart throughout his entire career. Good luck in the embassy mr. Wexler!

  11. Don't Drink the Cool Aid Says:

    Wexler an Ambassador? Aren’t Ambassadors supposed to represent the country they live in? Wexler would be working for Israel against the U.S. Ever looking into the bills he sponsored while in congress? You’ll see what I mean…a lot benefit Israel, or selling America short.

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