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Pain clinics to sue over pill mill bill if it becomes law

by Dara Kam | May 5th, 2010

An association of the state’s pain clinics vowed to sue over the “pill mill” legislation not yet sent to Gov. Charlie Crist.

Lawmakers passed the measure to rein in the pain clinics proliferating throughout South Florida and spreading across the state.

The new legislation requires FBI background screenings for pain clinic owners and bans felons and doctors not in good standing from ownership. The Palm Beach Post reported that some clinic owners are felons convicted of drug smuggling and other drug-related crimes.

The measure discriminates against the pain clinics by barring patients without health insurance from purchasing their pain peds from the clinics, the Florida Society of Pain Management Providers said in a press release. The bill (SB 2272) requires that patients without insurance have their prescriptions filled at pharmacies where they could pay with cash, credit card or check. The bill prohibits pain clinics from accepting those types of payment.

The association supports the portion of the bill requiring that the clinics be registered and licensed.

But the insurance-only provision would adversely affect the state’s poorest patients because the drugs typically cost more at pharmacies, clinic owner Paul Sloan, head of the association, said in a press release.

The measure contradicts Florida’s Patient Bill of Rights law which directs providers to treat patients without regard to the form of payment, Sloan said.

The insurance-only requirement for pain management clinics “has no rational basis” and the association will immediately sue if the bill becomes law, the release said.

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34 Responses to “Pain clinics to sue over pill mill bill if it becomes law”

  1. Mr. Bojangles Says:

    I’d back this too. My own doc would not prescribe my oxy anymore nor anymore codine. IT’S MY BODY! I SHOULD BE ABLE TO TAKE WHAT I WANT!

    It was easy to just walk-in to a clinic and get whatever I wanted and refills easy.

    This is good for me and our economy.

  2. Paul Says:

    For the complete press release go to:

  3. Get real Says:

    Hey Bojangles…I personally couldn’t give a rats if you overdose and kill yourself. In fact, the world would be a better place without junkies like you around, but we need restrictions on these drugs to try to prevent them getting in the hands of young people and so not turn them into social parasites like you.

  4. Dr. Phil Says:

    The Pill Mill owners should have amassed enough money to hire the top attorneys that money can buy.

  5. PassIt Says:

    Personally I think there should be stricter regulations put into play for these pain clinics.They should have a database where they would have to report who got what and when.I am also pretty sure that we all know of someone who has succomed to the wide spread addiction of these pain medications. It is a sad reality,however, not having insurance should not prevent someone from getting meds as long as the patient has a legit prescription. I also beleive that they should add a yield on pain med distribution within a 15 day cycle. That is just my opinion

  6. danno Says:

    The truth of the matter is that it is discrimination to require someone without insurance or the ability to pay with a credit card to get medical attention.Coincidentally, the poor s.o.b. represented here doesn’t have the recourses to fight for their rights. I understand the intent of the lawmakers; however a better solution must be available

  7. jimbo Says:

    Has anyone ever shopped at a mall with these pain places?? Half of there customers look like they just came from an after hours club. These places should
    have tighter restrictions. Close them all!

  8. JupiterFarmsMom Says:

    I would love to see all the pill mills shut down. If someone can’t get meds from their doctors, too bad! The pill mills are dispensing large quantities of pain meds to their “patients” who in turn make a profit by selling them on the street. Now we have young adults hooked on these meds. Alot of people live with pain and don’t have to depend on high doses of pain meds to get by.

  9. Robert Says:

    “because the drugs typically cost more at pharmacies, clinic owner Paul Sloan, head of the association, said in a press release.”

    Thats a down right lie.

    Pain clinics charge 2 to 3 times the amount for pills than a regular pharmacy does.

    Thats why its so lucrative. They certainly don’t make the money on the visit fee.

    Just how dumb does the pill mill assoc think the non drugged out people are?

    I have no insurance and have no problem going to a regular doctor to get a prescription for a legitimate need and then going to a pharmacy to get it filled.

  10. Plain and Simple Says:

    Hiring a scummy lawyer, not a good lawyer, to sue on this will be easy.

    But Good F–king luck!

    These clinics, are simply legal drug pushers….plain and simple.

  11. Mother of Recovering Addict Says:

    Oh Danno, You really need to re-read what you wrote. It doesn’t make sense. I’m sorry, but drug dealers shouldn’t have rights. To many of our children are dying because of the pills coming from these places. Felons, Dirty Doctors and Drug Dealers creates a deadly situation. I can only guess that the people who defend these types of businesses are people without children or who are completely clueless, because drug addiction has never been an issue in their family, which really is hard to believe.

  12. kaelyn hunt Says:

    To reply to the statement that they charge more than regular pharmacies is BS>I am someone who LEGITAMATELY needs this type of pain management due to a near fatal car wreck from a hit and run driver who was never found.My life was ruined by SOMEONE ELSES NEGLIGENCE,NOT by my own hand or that of a drug addict.I do NOT GET ANY OTHER FORM OF GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY.INCLUDING DISABILITY,NOR DO I HAVE INSURANCE.I cant always afford the entire prescription at once,so the pharmacy at the clinic is a lifesaver as I can fill whatever I can afford at the time from the ONE script.I have tried with other pharmacies who blatantly say if I cant buy the whole thing,I cant have any of it.So I can either put food on my table,or get my neds thru the regular pharmacies.We are treated like pariahs,all because of the actions of a few.I am partially paralyzed,and have been trying to find work to support my family,only to be turned down again and again,not just for my disability,but blatantly told by a VERY large supermarket chain to which I applied as a cashier,they dont hire anyone like me on pain management as we are a liability because we MIGHT sell drugs to other people.I do EXACTLY as my doc says,where I go is NO MILL.They are very selective,no out of staters,must have bloodwork done regulary,subject to random drug testing.twice yearly MRIS.They also monitor everything from your diet,mental and physical health on a VERY regular basis.This is NOTHING more than a witch-hunt in an election year to get votes from those uninformed.Alcohol has contributed to more deaths,family breakups,and general misery than ANY OTHER DRUGS combined,yet its perfectly legal,taxed and regulated.Until someone somewhere can get commom sense regarding this issue,law abiding people such as myself will continue to be harrased,maligned and discrimnated against,and ultimately go through neddless and cruel suffering.And what about the violation of HIPPA by letting law enforcement look at our medical records?People say if you have nothing to hide,you shouldnt worry.Well if thats the case,why don’t those who make sooo much noise over this open THEIR files to them?Where is our assurance that law officers will not talk about our info outside of Law enforcement?Doctors dont just put on a badge and a gun and go try to arrest criminals and give tickets as they know NOTHING about the job.Why is it Law enforcement seems to think they can put on the white coat and pretend to know whats best for patients?The 72 hour law is ludicrous,and as far as limits on how many can be prescribed in prescriptions being law regulated,baloney.Only a doctor can determine whats best for their patients.So with all these draconian measures,terminal cancer patients will have to die in excrutiating pain,people like myself will see their quality of life that PROPER medication can help greatly,go straight to hell.Walk in our shoes for awhile, put yourself in our place.Its not somewhere you’d wanna be.God bless if lawsuits are started as this is DISCRIMINATION against some of the most needy folks out there,and it needs to be stopped NOW!

  13. Flaguy123 Says:

    The 72 rule states they can only fill 72 hours worth at the clinic then you fill the rest at your local pharmacy for what ever amount they wrote the RX for. No limits. Example your Dr says take 1 pill per day for 30 days. The clinic sells you 3 pills and then you take your RX to your local pharmacy where they give you the other 27. As for not affording all your meds at once ask your DR for smaller RX’s and call the PPA. People like you try every way to justify what these clinics are doing. No cancer patent will ever go without their meds, that is pure propaganda. Only limit in the bills is the amount the clinic can prescribe in a single day total to all patients.

  14. Mr. R Says:

    Call the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in your area and see what services they can provide for you. My concern is your comment: “I was blatantly told by a VERY large supermarket chain to which I applied as a cashier,they dont hire anyone like me on pain management as we are a liability because we MIGHT sell drugs to other people.”
    Read the following excerpts from the ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act.
    Titles I and V of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended
    The ADA prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in all employment practices. It is necessary to understand several important ADA definitions to know who is protected by the law and what constitutes illegal discrimination:
    Individual with a Disability
    An individual with a disability under the ADA is a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, has a record of such impairment, or is regarded as having a disability. An entity subject to the ADA regards someone as having a disability when it takes an action prohibited by the ADA based on an actual or perceived impairment, except if the impairment is both transitory (lasting or expected to last six months or less) and minor. Major life activities are basic activities that most people in the general population can perform with little or no difficulty such as walking, breathing, seeing, hearing, speaking, learning, thinking, and eating. Major life activities also include the operation of a major bodily function, such as functions of the immune system normal cell growth, brain, neurological, and endocrine functions.
    An individual with a disability is “qualified” if he or she satisfies skill, experience, education, and other job-related requirements of the position held or desired, and who, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of that position.
    Reasonable Accommodation
    Reasonable accommodation may include, but is not limited to, making existing facilities used by employees readily accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities; job restructuring; modification of work schedules; providing additional unpaid leave; reassignment to a vacant position; acquiring or modifying equipment or devices; adjusting or modifying examinations, training materials, or policies; and providing qualified readers or interpreters. Reasonable accommodation may be necessary to apply for a job, to perform job functions, or to enjoy the benefits and privileges of employment that are enjoyed by people without disabilities. An employer is not required to lower production standards to make an accommodation. An employer generally is not obligated to provide personal use items such as eyeglasses or hearing aids. A person who only meets the “regarded as” definition of disability is not entitled to receive a reasonable accommodation.
    Undue Hardship
    An employer is required to make a reasonable accommodation to a qualified individual with a disability unless doing so would impose an undue hardship on the operation of the employer’s business. Undue hardship means an action that requires significant difficulty or expense when considered in relation to factors such as a business’ size, financial resources, and the nature and structure of its operation.
    Prohibited Inquiries and Examinations
    Before making an offer of employment, an employer may not ask job applicants about the existence, nature, or severity of a disability. Applicants may be asked about their ability to perform job functions. A job offer may be conditioned on the results of a medical examination, but only if the examination is required for all entering employees in the same job category. Medical examinations of employees must be job-related and consistent with business necessity.
    Drug and Alcohol Use
    Employees and applicants currently engaging in the illegal use of drugs are not protected by the ADA when an employer acts on the basis of such use. Tests for illegal use of drugs are not considered medical examinations and, therefore, are not subject to the ADA’s restrictions on medical examinations. Employers may hold individuals who are illegally using drugs and individuals with alcoholism to the same standards of performance as other employees.
    You may want ot exercise your rights here.Hope this helps.

  15. Paul Says:

    Go to
    and read PILL MILL OR NOT?
    seems pill mills come in
    all disguises

  16. DrPain Says:

    no other state restricts non”Board-certified” doctors from practicing pain management. I put the “board-certified” in quotes because according to the American Board of Medical Specialties, pain medicine is not even a specialty to be board certified in. Aside from that, are you kidding me? I mean, what field of medicine doesn’t deal with pain? pain is a virtue of almost any ailment. now you are telling me that only 600 doctors who have this self-made title are gonna be the pain docs for the entire 20 million people of Florida? The Florida legislature has gone insane, making laws that have no basis in any reality, data, studies, etc. In fact some of the worst pill mill docs have been these so called “Board certified” doctors.

  17. chris in pain Says:

    I have been coming to Florida for almost two years now i have been with Fortlauderdale pain for almost one year i like my Dr there he is the only Dr that takes time to explain my injuries to me. My wife and i were in a car accident several years ago it destroyed my back and hers untill we started coming to pain clinics in Florida we could barely get out of the bed in the morning to get our three children to school soccer games and swim meets were out of the question. Today and all last year with the help of Fortlauderdale pain we live a much better life even work is not like being shot in the back everyday by a shot gun because that is what i felt like before i got on pain maintanance i want to thank Bill Benton and all the Drs at his clinics as for the junkies well that is a choice and a decison they make to live that life style what about all the cocain and heroin that for some reason slips through south Florida every day all the overdoses as well as shootings and drug wars. It will be a shame if clinics are shut down people need pain meds for other reasons than cancer. Find a police officer that has been very injured in the line of duty and ask him how his pain meds help the bottom line is the BIG BOYS in polotics arnt making as much money for there million dollar houses and fun when abroad away from there family wife and kids playing with escorts and more than likly doing a little blow that just happens to slip in from the carribean if all the complaints from the people in the parking lots are such a bad thing then why arnt they doing there job instead of watching the parking lot i seriously doubt that any one from a what florid call a Hillbillie or a person making a million dollars a year are coming into these so called complaint offices and askind mrs secretary for one of her pain meds she gets from her own DR. Leave the clinics alone it has doubled the flow of money and provided jobs for people in Hotels and resturants in south florida. I would have never come to south florida if it wernt for the help i get there i hope it dosent stop maybe a little more control with crowds but for the most part it is helping people like my wife and i face it when you close down thse clinics the herion dealers will be very happy then see if you can put a three day limit on them.. Thank you for letting me comment Hurt and frustrated

  18. Chris Holder Says:

    I am currently going to a pain management clinic which is run by an ex-user. He was so bad into the same product he was recommending to his clients,that he lost his license,his practice,his marriage,and nearly his life. He is now back in operation and has a temporary license monitered heavily by all legal entities which oversee cases like this. I am currently enrolled in a Suboxone Patient Assistance Program at his clinic to beat my addiction. I receive the medication free at his office compliments of financial-aid thru the the manufacturer.Also included in my program is a life coach,couseling as needed and very close monitering. I understand that the treatment I am receiving is different than that of which we are discussing.But this treatment would not be necessary if stricter policies had been established preventing me from becoming addicted in the first place.I have never been addicted to any substance until now. As a professional athlete I was thrown a combination of pain meds that I now know I neither needed nor at the time knew the consequences of embarking on this path of just pure destruction to my life this would eventually cause.I am normally very careful on what goes into my body but I took the advice of not just one but several doctors as being best for me. I am concerned that certain bills attempting to get passed may affect someone like my doctor who has had a past.A doctor who I give credit to saving my life.On the same token I Am For ANY and ALL New Restrictions/Regulations which will help bring an end to pill mills and doctors who have essentially become the Modern-Day Drug Dealer.Doctors like these who give out an exorbitant assortment of pain meds for very basic injuries and long term-use which pain management was never meant to be! Doctors who recommend the use of pain medication without any alternative solutions and most importantly their lack of stressing the risk factor when taking these highly addictive substaces.I have more freinds then not who are now,after years of use,succumbing to opiate/opiod addiction.Unlike crack users or other illegal substance users which typically can be categorized in the poor class very rarily seeing its way to middle and upper america. Because these Legal Drugs are being PUSHED onto the public in All Classes, by not street pedlers but professional doctors which we expect have our best interest,my freinds,my family,who once held their head high as respected members of their community,are now secretely battling opiate/opiod dependency.
    Sorry for the long post but we are experiencing an epidemic where in most states More People Are Dying From Prescription Pain Meds A Day Than ALL Other Illegal Drugs Combined!! For those who beleive I am exaggerating take your heads out of the sand.Stricter policies must be enforced, we just have to be careful not to alienate those who actually need help or doctors like mine who may have had a shotty past,have turned their life around to make a difference in lives like mine.

  19. Hurt and need clinics Says:

    I am very happy with what used to be my pain clinic i am fourty one years old and my wife and i were in a bad car wreck we live in ky and travel to Florida to see our Dr and will continue it has changed our whole life style we now go to our kids events take them snow skiing and have fun together as a family we dont sell our meds and we dont abuse them we take them as perscribed we are not what people from the south call HillBillies we both work and raise our childern to the best of our ability i want to personnally thank Mr BIll Benton buisness man that owned all three clinics that have been closed for now. My wife and i have already gotten another clinic and will be there on our appointment day as we will untill the last clinic falls. I am not for the dope dealers and people that abuse there meds but if one really looks into it i read an article in the sunsentinal out of Broward County that said cocain is a thing of the past well thats a good thing because if there was anything drug wise bad for this world it definatly is cocain but now that the big boys in polotics arnt making there millions of illegal dollars due the lack of demand now they cant slip thru the cargo loads of Heroin and cocain these drugs have one use and that is to kill people and take away every thing they have so that the local dope boy can wear new nike tennis shoes and wear baggie jeans instead of the Broward county Seriffs dept looking for the keys they r riding around harrasing people with out of state tags i know if i were on vacation and get pulle over and searched im going to sue the hell out of somone from the top to the bottom. Again thank you Bill Benton and Fortlauderdale pain and rehabilitation hopfully you will reopen soon maybe before i get back but if not i have about 2 hundred others to choose from but at least i will be able to get up in the mornings and walk take my kids and dog to the park. thank you all pain clinics south florida c u soon. Hurt and need my Dr.

  20. chris bradford Says:

    Its bs for ppl like me that suffer from pain and I myself have no insurance. I have been on pain meds for almost 5 yrs now and take my meds responsibly. Now my Dr. is retiring and I am supposed to find another Dr to continue my treatment which will be next to impossible.

  21. no name Says:

    Paul, Did you bother to READ the link you posted? I did and, It appears to be a group representing legitimate pain management doctors that are trying to inform the public what constitutes a “Pill Mill” to differentiate themselves from being lumped into one group, as you and many others seem to have done. There is a noticeable difference in the doctors who care for their patients and the ones seeing over 100 people a day, over prescribing to make more profit when they dispense the meds in the office.

    Chris, I don’t understand why you would have trouble finding a legitimate pain management doctor? For starters your current doctor should have a responsibility to refer you to another doctor, at least if he is worth a damn. If not, as long as you don’t go to one who runs advertisements in the back of the local free newspapers next to the escorts, and maybe try calling some that have been around long enough to be in the yellow pages (the printed version, not online) and ask their requirements to make sure they want you to bring a MRI,3 months of medical records,blood work,and another good sign is that they don’t fill the prescriptions on site, also you can check to see if the better business bureau has any complaints, also I’m sure you can find out if the doctor has had any problems with their license with a few phone calls. If anything the new laws will weed out the shady doctors offices, hopefully, and leave the legit ones.

    The main problem with this bill is the provision limiting doctors to only dispense more then 72 hours of medication to patients with insurance. The way this part of the bill treats people differently based on if they have insurance or not, is possible legal grounds for a court case since it is conflicting with The Patient Bill of Rights. Either the legislature should have, preferably, stopped ALL dispensing of controlled substances by ALL doctors, or left this part of the bill out, to protect the rest from a court battle. The ability of the doctors to act as the pharmacy does nothing, aside from the limitations of the insurance, to deter the doctor from simply increasing the amount of medication prescribed to increase their profits from filling the scripts in the office. Most other states do not allow doctors to dispense medications they prescribe due to the potential for abuse to increase their profits. Unfortunately the other option of requiring people to use pharmacies, is that every person I know that has had to fill a class 2 prescription at a pharmacy has been treated like a second class citizen by at some point..

  22. Paul Says:

    To No name,

    Yes I read because I wrote it.

  23. chris bradford Says:

    I am 34 years of age and will be 35 June 25th. Back in 2002 I fell out of a window at my Dads house landing on the deck railing. I probably should have gone to the hospital but with me being stubborn I stayed immobile for about 2 weeks and just stayed in bed or on the couch doing nothing. Considering I don’t have any kind of insurance I didn’t want to seek any medical help. Finally after close to 4 yrs of pain and many OTC pain relievers, I was told about the Indiana Health center in Marion where I lived at the time that takes in patience with little to no income. I saw Dr. Gene Brown and he ordered an M.R.I. for me which reveled I had some bulges on my L4,L5, and S1. Needless to say I was relieved that it wasn’t anything more considering the pain I was experiencing deemed something major. Anyhow he prescribed me #60 Lortab 5/500, #120 Ultram 50mg, and #90 baclofen 10mg a month. I was also placed on Effexor 75mgs for mild depression and anxiety. I went to him every month costing $15 per visit. The meds did help to a degree but over time of being more mobile with my back pain was still keeping me from being able to be as physical as I would like. So in the beginning of 2008 I was told by Brown I should seek Pain Management and possibly have a follow up M.R.I.. Well since I had no insurance and very low income I was told of the Pain Management care at the Ambucare Clinic in Marion, Ind., that had a Pain Management Dr. that I knew personally because I went to Lakeview Christian High School with his son. The Physician was Dr. Samuel E. Toney, MD., which is a trusted M.D. within the community,. Anyhow Dr. Toney placed me on #90 methadone 10mgs, taking 3 daily, #120 Lortab 10/500, within 2 weeks of these meds my pain not only was relieved, I had almost no pain at all. But after almost 2 years of taking the methadone I no longer want to be on this medicine, although it relieved my pain I have experienced many side effects I no longer want to deal with. I have been having major stomach problems as well that I need looked at.
    I just recently received letter from my Dr.’s office informing me my Physician,(Dr.Toney) will no longer be working at Ambucare. My problem is I have no insurance, I do have some financial help coming from my family but I need a Dr. to take me in as a patient. My last appointment was May 3rd so I have 3 months of medicine. I just can’t stop taking my medicines cold turkey. The withdraws alone could kill me, and I cannot and will not go back to living in pain.
    The thing is I have been hearing through the grapevine that Dr. Toney was under scrutiny for prescribing ppl pain meds that dont need them. If that is the case then the list of Dr’s he gave me to check into will just look at me as being another drug seeker looking to get high. So for ppl like me that was under his care are going to have a very hard time. But i do have one thing going for me, which is I have M.R.I. on record and Dr. Toney wasnt my original dr. that placed me on pain meds.

  24. chris bradford Says:

    Oh yea and No Name, I have no insurance either and this pain Dr. I was paying $127.00 every 90days. Very good price for a PM Dr.. I have enough meds until the end of July so by then I have to be under a Physicians care one way or another.

  25. no name Says:

    I’m not familiar with your area but most doctors in the tampa bay area charge at least $100+ a month so I’m surprised prices are as low in Marion, Ind. I’m glad my PIP is still covering my doc appts. If I was you I would try contacting the initial doctor you saw and see if he could refer a new pain management doctor for you, and if that fails I’d make plenty of calls till you find a legitimate doctor who you would be able to afford to see, It seems you’ve done ok so far.

  26. chris bradford Says:

    What is PIP??

  27. Paul Says:

    Most other states do not allow doctors to dispense medications they prescribe due to the potential for abuse to increase their profits

    NOT TRUE: only 5 states restrict doctors from dispensing all other states permit it.

  28. Chris Bradford Says:

    See I never heard of that, because here in Indiana the Dr. writes prescription and you must go to a pharmacy to get the script filled. Actually that is the first time I realized that was allowed in other states

  29. no name Says:

    thanks for letting me know that I was misinformed,I still think they should either make it legal for all doctors in FL or block all doctors, instead of the way they are stopping the pain management doctors in this new law. Either way I still hate how some Pharmacies treat you when you fill class 2 prescriptions, and it’s not just pain meds that I’ve been treated poorly when filling, it has happened while filling my Adderall prescription too.

    PIP is the personal injury part of auto insurance, I was in a car accident.

  30. Chris Bradford Says:

    No name, I totally know what you mean about the pharmacy looking at you like your some drug addict. It seems only the ppl that are ADHD, or have panic attacks, or a pain sufferer understand that these meds when taken responsibly can literally give a persons life back. But to many ppl that are “healthy”, physically,mentally,and emotionally think that these meds are for addicts period and don’t understand

  31. no name Says:

    The sad part is you’d think the people who work at a pharmacy would be more educated about the legitimate usage and need for these medications, but it still surprises me how little some of them know aside from the negative, or misguided reports they hear on the news. My favorite is when you ask if they have a medication in stock and they look at you like you kicked there baby, as they proceed to tell you that they don’t stock those type of drugs due to the trouble they cause.

    A guy I worked with tried to fill a prescription for Oxycontin 20mg at a Walgreens and the pharmacist asked him why he was prescribed it and he told her that he was due to have knee surgery so she called his doctor and confirmed his prescription, and then proceeded to tell him that she didn’t think he needed that strong of a medication for just a knee problem, and told him she would not fill it. This was right after she asked his doctor why he was writing it for him. I’m sorry but when does a pharmacist who has not seen any of his MRI’s or other records know better then the doctor who wrote the prescription. He said he had no problem after he went elsewhere but he shouldn’t of had to.

  32. Chris Bradford Says:

    Exactly, the same happened to me at a walgreens, I was asked what I was being prescribed methadone for and I said Chronic pain. I ended up finally getting my meds but I found out from my Docs nurse they indeed did call to make sure I was prescribed these meds. Its stuff like this that is pissing me off because its plain and simple, if a person has an addictive personality and proceeds to get high however they can, then one way or another that person will no matter what without a doubt find a way. For a pharmacist to question a Doc w/o having any knowledge of a persons issues is the perfect example showing the stigma these meds have on people that do not understand or see the positive things these meds can do in a persons life. It just pisses me off at times thinking about it.

  33. Paul Says:

    When methadone is prescribed for pain the script must say FOR PAIN if it doesn’t the pharmacist could refuse it.
    That is why they ask and or call.

  34. MS. FLORIDA Says:

    Ive been going to a South Florida Dr. for a yr and half, and this bill is ridiculous!! Its discrimination against people who cant afford insurance, and its only going to cause more problems then help. You’ve got people that have been on pain meds for years and they want to just stop them like cold turkey!! Thats only going to turn them into buying them on the streets, and make the people who have insurance that can still get them VERY wealthy drug dealers. If they would focus more attention on the database system, rather than a discriminatory bill then the problem would be solved. I do not abuse my meds nor do i sell them, but i cant imagine them just stopped and me left with no alternative. The database will weed out the doctor shoppers and the law will weed out the drug dealers. Getting a 72 hr amount is crazy, inconveinent and costly. I now pay $170 per visit, so now they want me to go every 3 days and pay the Doctor a fee? If i had that kind of money, then i would HAVE INSURANCE!! Maybe all the people who dont have insurance and have been going to 1 Pain Mgmt. doctor should get together and do 1 huge class action law suit for discrimination. Im sure any attorney would be glad to take that case!

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