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Oil disaster a siege, not a marathon, DEP Secy. Sole tells lawmakers

by Dara Kam | May 10th, 2010

gulf_oil_spill_jpeg_426705eThe massive oil leak and continuing outpouring of oil into the Gulf of Mexico is a siege, not a marathon, Florida Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Mike Sole told lawmakers on a conference call this afternoon.

“A lot of times in the emergency management realm we say this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon,” Sole, the state’s lead official in charge of the Deepwater Horizon disaster response, said. “Well, sadly this is not a marathon because I don’t know how far we’re going to run. This is a siege.”

Sole said the state will “continue to throw everything we have at it until it’s solved whether that’s solved in two days because they suddenly get the blow-out prevention device to work or whether they need to keep trying everything and the only solution, the only thing that works is the relief well.”

BP’s attempt to funnel the 210,000 gallons a day spewing out of the wrecked rig 5,000 feet below the ocean’s surface failed this weekend. The oil giant is building a relief well to stop the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. But that project will take two to three months to complete, Sole said.

And BP is considering other experimental options to try to reduce the amount of oil coursing into the Gulf.

Rep. Greg Evers, R-Baker, asked Sole if he could ballpark the chances of success for capping the leak before the relief well is complete.

“That’s an excellent question. The answer is no I don’t,” Sole said, followed by a lengthy silence.

“Whether or not they try other options …whether they’re well-formulated and good ideas that they want to pursue, that’s what they’re looking at,” said Sole, a biologist. “I don’t want to say they’re doing to do x. I know they’re looking at those options but they haven’t made a decision yet on what would be the right thing to do.”

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3 Responses to “Oil disaster a siege, not a marathon, DEP Secy. Sole tells lawmakers”

  1. Panhandle Says:

    Unfortunately if the facts are true the oil is 5 x what they are saying according to U of F. We are all in trouble. It’s time for us all to stop the partisan bickering and try to get a handle on this thing together, all Floridians all Americans.

  2. TK Says:

    if you cant stop a leaking oil well at 5000ft below the surface… you really have no business drilling one there…. enough said

  3. theloneconsumer Says:

    It is interesting that Mike Sole DEP Director is now all concerned about Florida and offshore drilling.
    Because under Jeb Bush, with he as Deputy Director and Castille as Director, Mike Sole had his staff communicate and receive ALASKA oil and drilling laws that FLORIDA could implement.
    Courtesy of a 5 year DEP Sunshine Law record request of emails I have been aquiring.
    I think Mike Sole’s last emails about drilling, he said that the pipelines would create more damage with leaky pipes. Of course, in the last 8 years, with Jeb Bush as Governor and Crist sitting on the siting board and approving all those natural gas pipelines, I dod not see Atty general Crist all upset about our environment, did you?

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