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Meek makes long-awaited Palm Beach County appearance tonight

by George Bennett | May 14th, 2010



Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Kendrick Meek will be at the South County Civic Center in West Delray this evening for an event aimed at introducing him to grassroots Democrats — many of whom have complained they haven’t seen Meek in the vote-rich condo belt.

It’s a fund-raiser with a $20.10-a-head minimum intended to draw a big crowd.

Meek hasn’t spent much time campaigning in heavily Democratic Palm Beach County, fueling speculation that he’ll lose Democratic votes to Republican-turned-independent Gov. Charlie Crist in the Senate race.



County Commissioner Burt Aaronson, who’s traditionally been regarded as an important Democratic gatekeeper, said Meek contacted him for the first time this week. Aaronson this week said he’s undecided in the Democratic primary between party establishment favorite Meek and former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre (who has spoken with Aaronson twice) and Palm Beach billionaire Jeff Greene (who entered the race April 30 and has already reached out to Aaronson).


4 Responses to “Meek makes long-awaited Palm Beach County appearance tonight”

  1. John Says:


    Burt wants revenue. Taxation anyway he can get it.

    Meeks would be the same.

  2. RUcerious? Says:


    Another Tea Party Freeloader? Exactly what taxes do you pay in Florida? 6.5% Sales Tax and maybe property taxes? What services do you use? Police, Fire, Sheriff?

    And you think your meager taxes cover your burden on the state/county?

    You parasites kill me, you contribute nothing and want everything!

  3. Seth Platt Says:

    Kendrick Meek is a Cool Dude.
    The ex-Florida Highway Patrol Officer and state Congressman has always represented the interests of average working class Floridians.
    As a US Representative he continually took on the Bush administration.
    He is the only candidate running for this seat that is not some ideologue or self interested party.
    He is the only candidate that has the political capital and courage to stand up for Floridians interests in Washington.
    A vote for the other candidates is just a vote for more obstructionism and the Party of NO.

  4. Don't Drink the Cool Aid Says:

    Meek will work for bigger government, stronger unions and destroying personal liberty….that is not Cool. He never finished the police academy and was made a captain because of political connections. So much work keeping “the people” in mind. This guy danced around the isssues, spoke gibberish about issues he did not undertand and will be a rubber stamp for Obama. No thanks.

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