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Jeb, Rubio react to fellow Republican Allen West’s blast on Arizona law

by George Bennett | May 10th, 2010

Republican congressional candidate Allen West recently said two of the Florida GOP’s biggest stars — former Gov. Jeb Bush and Senate candidate Marco Rubio — should be “ashamed” for not supporting Arizona’s controversial new law aimed at curbing illegal immigration.

The Politics column caught up with Bush and Rubio Friday in Pasco County to get their reactions.

Read about it in this week’s Politics column.


24 Responses to “Jeb, Rubio react to fellow Republican Allen West’s blast on Arizona law”

  1. OBIWAN Says:

    well Duh! Rubio is, well, a minority who thinks all of his countrymen should be allowed to come here and live off the tit of lady Liberty. And the Jebster is married to a Cuban whose people destroyed south Florida by their over breeding, filthy lifestyles, non English speaking violent behavior. Vote against anyone who isn’t a white American (Republican white).

  2. Cynical Idealist Says:

    OBIWAN –

    Just FYI, Columba Bush is Mexican.

    And, in his part of Dade County, Rubio is no more a minority than a “brotha be in Compton.”

    But, we all know what you are and that’s an ignorant, racist, moron….

  3. Really? Says:

    I thought Allen West had a chance, but he has decided to go way too far right. Bad idea in that district. He had a real chance, but I think he just screwed that up. He has lost all moderates, which basically means he lost the race.

  4. jim stewart Says:

    OB/WAN is incorrect about everything except motive. Rubio is hardly a minority as he is the Cuban living in the majority Latino Dade County. Jeb married a Mexican not a Cuban for heaven sake; remember his dad calling their kids the “brown ones”? Bigots usually have bad facts and self image, right OB/Wan?

  5. 1773 Masons Says:

    Allen West, is involved with the South Florida Tea Party. A political group which has started using outright lies involving property rights. Suggesting the idea of American freedoms is being threatened. Allen Wests true colors of idealism is show here, by being the one who is actually threatening American freedoms. The South Florida Tea Party, as of Yesterday has been declared traitors to the United States of America. Allen West by threatening freedoms has made himself a traitor. Mr. West I suggest you cease and desist, as you have declared a war against yourself. Son & Daughters of 1776 will be watching you.

    Let this be a warning to every tea party member in the state of florida.

  6. 1773 Masons Says:

    To OBIWAN,

    I suggest you carefully craft your words in the future. Anyone involved with the South Florida Tea Party might want to consider the doors they are about to step through.

  7. Seth Platt Says:

    For Allen West to chide Floridians on our values in our diverse, multicultural, cosmopolitan community is offensive. Allen West moved to Florida in 2006 after living in Texas for 20 years, and announced his candidacy soon after in 2007. He has raised a third of campaign funds Out-of-state and out-of-district by pandering to the Extreme Right Wing Media Circus in a deliberate attempt to subvert the democratic will of the electorate of District 22 in Florida.

  8. WethePeople Says:

    Allen West stand and speaks for the people and the Constitution. Rubio and Bush speak on behalf of Unions adn big buisness. Apples to Oranges if you ask me.

    Allen West is a stand up man Any floridian could be proud to support.

    I am speaking for my gay democrat freind who said that he and a few of his friends are supporting Col Allen West because he stands strong in support of the constitution and bill of rights.

    He is worried that the loss of constitutional rights will ultimately lead to a corrupt gov which always puts a heavy hand on homosexuality and the rights of individuals.

    The saying about I said nothing when they came to take the whites,because I was not white, I said nothing when they came to take the browns, because I was not brown, I said nothing when they came to take the gays and now they come for me and there is no one left to HELP.

    The constitution prevents this, socialism creates this, you pick McFly?

    Those who claim to want social justice actually just want to slave drive the new indentured servants of the world for there own political and monatary gains, both sides of the political line are dispicable in this regard. Shame on you calmonous racist who cry out for social justice only to impovrish more immigrants.

    Watch Immigration gumballs 5 minute version on youtube if you want to see how one can really help the impovrished and poor of the world.

    But the reality is only radical racist left progressive socialists and communist read this rag, so I am not expecting much.

    Just like 95% of Blacks voted for Obama and it was not a racist decision. But Tea partiers are racist because they lack diversity and only have a 5% black makeup at teapartys?

    If Libs could do math instead of only scream hate they might get it. Common sense is a magical unicorn libs cant seem to lasso and ride for even a 7 second duration.

  9. 1773 Masons Says:

    To Wethepeople,

    No, youre not speaking on behave of the constitutional of the United States. Nor, are your right’s being threatened as you, or Mr. West, or any Tea Party member have suggested. Those are falsehoods.

    We the Sons & Daughter of 1776 speak on behave of the constitutional, nor do we use lies in doing that.

    You are apart of a group that has crossed the line from speaking a opinion & to promoting ideals that go against what sons & daughters gave their lifes for from 1773-1790. Your groups actions has called this upon yourself. Youre threatening future generation living peacefully, by the spread of lies & hate today. As such, you will bear the full force as, we, the Sons & Daughters of those people from 1773-1790 are the top of the food chain in education today. We understand and are experts in waging a economic position against you, making sure your neighbors shun you, and using laws against you. The South Florida Tea Party declared war yesterday. You all must now live with your decision. Any member of the South Florida Tea Party is no longer a American Citizen in the eyes of the Sons & Daughters of 1776.

  10. WethePeople Says:

    to 1773 Masons

    To argue with a person who is void of reason is like administering medicine to the dead, and you are void of reason sir.

    All the teapartiers want is for the gov to take a form of gov as found in nature and our founding fathers, thou that the simpler any thing is the less likely it is to be disordered. I am sure you will argue that point too as you are void of reason.

    You claim those who stand with the Constitution, bill of rights and the majority of legal citizens are ”

    So all that suppot the rule of law and Constitution are racist, what loser you are for insinuating such a statement. You have exposed yourself for the tool you are.

    You can make up any name for yourself you like. but know you are the minority in Az and the minority in Fl and you would not understand the founding fathers intent if it fell from the sky upon you.

    You can not argue any of my pionts, you can cry foul with not a shred of evidence in your next sophomoric rant.

    Sons and Daughters – LOL – stop with your parody your killing me.

    You are a racist progressive liberal anarchist who wants social justice for all imo, you are not a Constitutionalist, your a Alinskite causing trouble is all. In essence you are a freeloading weisel wannabe hard working American.

  11. 1773 Masons Says:


    As of today, all members of the public that are living around or doing business with self described members of the South Florida Tea Party. We will contact you via mail, and provide you all found public records on the South Florida Tea Party member around you. As so you can provide that information to your other neighbors. We ask all the publics help to create a boycott against South Florida Tea Party Members, which we intend to spread nationally.

    Do your America Duty. South Florida Tea Party Members are a cancer in our community that needs to be stopped. These are the type of people our founding fathers where fighting against, people who would spread lies to gain control.

  12. Chaz Stevens, Genius Says:

    I just wonder why no one has done the obvious and that is replace the phrase “latino” with “Jew”. How uncomfortable does that make you feel? It’s like I feel asleep and woke up in 1934 Germany. We have a huge issue with immigration but this law is bad. And why is it bad?

    The fundamental problem with the law is its vague language. It requires law enforcement officials to demand papers from an individual when they have a “reasonable suspicion” that he is an illegal immigrant. The Preamble to the Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal” and that “they are endowed . . . with certain inalienable rights” including “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Those who look “suspiciously” like illegal immigrants will find their liberty in severe jeopardy and their pursuit of happiness disrupted—even if they are citizens or have lived, worked, paid taxes, and maybe even have served in our Armed Forces for decades.

  13. 1773 Masons Says:


    You better wake up, as of today you are a target. I could careless about a uneducated rant. Your a low life scum bag that needs to be put out with the rest of the trash. And we’re the ones thats gone take the trash out.

  14. 1773 Masons Says:

    Wethepeople: “You can make up any name for yourself you like. but know you are the minority in Az and the minority in Fl and you would not understand the founding fathers intent if it fell from the sky upon you.”

    You personally, will know who I am very soon. As will Allen West, as I was a supporter. My resources cover this entire country. Youve no idea whats now been awakened. As for FL, try again. My roots politically here go back over 67 years. South florida being 50 of that 69 number. Youre not the first cockroach we’ve encountered either. My family shipped right out from Miami in 1942 to put down cockroaches as the likes of you. Your sickened to think you can do anything in my sandbox called SFLA.

    I descend from John Adams Family. My gggg grandfather would of shot you dead in Boston 1773 for trying to take peoples freedoms and other acts your group is committing.

  15. Alright Says:

    Ignore 1773 Masons you can check by a quick search there is no “Sons & Daughters of 1776″ so, so much about his/her not spouting lies!

    The Declaration of independence was just that declaring our independence and was not rules for governing our yet uncreated nation. In fact it was basically a declaration of war without saying it because they knew Britian would not just let the colonies go.

    The U.S. Constitution which is the basis of our goverment and civil rights states it all in the first line ” We the people of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA” there is nothing that says “We the people of the WORLD”. The U.S. Constitution really only applies to U.S. Citizens.

  16. 1773 Masons Says:


    Your in a serious game now son. One that will not be turned off. Your group hit the on switch. I’ve held, had and donated, and have documents pasted from that time period. That can’t be read about in history books. I’m well aware of what my family fought for. Your group disgraces the blood paid by my family, and the blood of every fallen american, as americans here and aboard, fought so freedom would cover the planet.

    Your group is threatening the very foundations of why 1773-1776 happened. Your group has been warned in the past. The line was crossed. Now you must deal with us and what your actions have created. Good Luck, youve only got yourselves to blame now.

  17. 1773 Masons Says:


    PS: True Americans actually educate themselves, The Sons of Liberty was the original name.

    Information is the most valuable thing I know of. You won’t find how we operate locally. Just a finishing thought!

  18. Kurt Says:

    Simple the Arizona immigration bill is the right of the state and the right thing to do. What is wrong is illegal immigration PERIOD! You can not argue with that because it is fact. Call amnesty by any other names it is still amnesty and we will have none of it. The law is the law. We are fed up with the PC left and right and will not put up with anymore trashing of our laws. Game Over.

  19. V Says:

    Hey there 1773.

    I think you need to go back to school. Learn a little History. Definitely learn a whole lot of grammar, spelling and basic English.

    While you’re at it, seek out some serious psychiatric help. You really do need it.

    Oh, no! Does that make me a target?

  20. Don't Go West Says:


  21. maggie Says:

    Look at the facts, follow the money, whatever:
    Sarah Palin quit Texas because she wants to make the kind of money that Oprah makes and peddle her book.
    Dick Cheney and his companies made a pretty penny on the war with their vested interest.
    Jeb passed legislation that got him prestigious positions on the boards of the companies that he catered to for years. His wife, Colomba even sits on a few boards socking away money for their old age.
    Rubio is another Republican following the money trail. Why do we continue to put people in office who look our for their own interest………….arrive a poor man and leave a millionaire

  22. True Son of Liberty Says:

    To 1773 Mason –

    Your comments have been reported to the Palm Beach Post’s web-master. Expect to be contacted by authorities regarding your threats. Find another sandbox to play in.

  23. David L. Wylie Says:

    And Rubio doesn’t like those gays that much either. In fact, US Senate Candidate Marco Rubio will honor anti-gay pastor and founder of Homophobic Group AFA Don Wildmon at an Orlando Dinner in May. Rubio will be the keynote speaker.

  24. SethPlatt Says:

    And WE love that it drives you mad.

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