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Jeb Bush returns to GOP dinner circuit: ‘Elvis was in the building tonight’

by George Bennett | May 8th, 2010

Former Gov. Jeb Bush returned to the Republican dinner circuit Friday night, keynoting a Pasco County GOP dinner and making his first joint campaign appearance with Senate hopeful Marco Rubio.

Bush clearly had star power among the 600 or more partisans who attended. One audience member drew applause when he shouted that Bush, the son and brother of former presidents, should make his own run for the White House.

“Elvis was in the house tonight, wasn’t he?” Republican Party of Florida Chairman John Thrasher said afterward.

Here’s a story about the event.

And some expanded Bush excerpts are after the jump….

On Marco Rubio:

At a time when we need to renew our commitments to the old-fashioned principles of limited government and entrepreneurial capitalism and self-government… it’s nice to see a young man who is passionate about these foundational beliefs. Marco Rubio speaks better than anybody I’ve ever met about these things. And he has fired up so many people to get involved, and I’m proud to know you, my man. Go get ‘em.”

On John Thrasher, who took over as state GOP chairman after Gov. Charlie Crist’s hand-picked chairman, Jim Greer, stepped down:

To come back and take over that position of responsibility, John, I cannot tell you how thankful all right-minded, thinking Republicans are for your leadership. I appreciate my friendship with you, more importantly, for a guy to do this with all the things he’s got going on, to clean up the mess, the sordid mess of the state Republican Party, which was a huge embarrassment for anybody that has been involved in our party, to see what was going on before, then to have a man of integrity like John Thrasher step in, it warms my heart.

On President Obama:

There was something aspirational about it (Obama’s 2008 victory) given his background and he won, I believe, because people thought he was going to be a different kind of candidate that would bring people together, which is so important at a time when you have these huge challenges.

And immediately, my hopes were shattered…with this avalanche of expansion of governemnt, of increased taxation, of increased spending on top of increased spending and increased regulation and believing, because of the people around him, and because he believes it in his heart, that government can solve problems better than we can solve problems ourselves. And it’s deeply disturbing to so many people because it will redefine who we are as a nation.

His characterization of Obama’s philosophy and the GOP alternative:

Barack Obama believes that if you redistribute wealth and you expand government that you can provide security for people and that’s their first need…Republicans and conservatives need to take a hopeful, optimistic approach which says if you limit government’s power that you’ll create more opportunities and more prosperity….

…The president has an economic policy that’s different than ours and we must be respectful of that. But that policy basically says, ‘I’ll give you security, I’ll tax everybody that is producing and dreaming and investing and saving. I’ll tax the people that create the dynamism of our economy to give you greater security. I’ll redistribute the wealth because that’s the fair thing to do to be able to take care of people in these anxious times.’

And it is a powerful message. People thinking about the here and now occasionally will embrace that kind of attitude….This philosophy…puts a lid on the aspirations of the greatness of our country. In return for the false security that they offer, we put a lid on people’s hopes and dreams….We might grow, but we won’t grow robustly, and the problems that we have in these entitlement programs and the other challenges that we face will overrun us.

On entrepreneurial capitalism:

I believe in entrepreneurial capitalism…I am so sick and tired of people with big podiums and TelePrompters looking down on the American people and casting aspersions on the people that risk their capital to pursue their dreams to create jobs and prosperity. The demonization of capitalism has got to stop if we’re going to solve the problems of our nation.

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9 Responses to “Jeb Bush returns to GOP dinner circuit: ‘Elvis was in the building tonight’”

  1. Tim Topper Says:

    You know it is time to support Crist if bush is stumping for Rubio. Both rubio and bush support illegals. Rubio actually sponsored a bill that would have granted illegals the right to pay in-state tuition at florida colleges. Keep in in miami where he can’t harm the rest of us!

  2. Bob Says:

    America endured the Dark Ages (circa 2000 – 2008) with one Bush at the helm. This is a period of American history we can ill afford to repeat. Just say NO to another Bush.

  3. Roscoe Says:

    Sure….blame all our woes on Obama….Everyone knows the history…President Clinton handed Georgie boy a balanced budget…what happened? Bush-Cheney and the Republican controlled congress squandered it..gave tax cuts to the rich…gave us a war we didn’t need….then spent billions rebuilding Iraq after our bombs destroyed it…thousands of young Americans killed and wounded for what? who cares about Iraq? they’ve been killing each other for thousands of years….all the Iraqies in the world were not worth One (1)! American life…for that Mr Bush and Mr. Cheney should be held accountable. Oh and the bail outs for the banks and wall street started in September 08…under Bush-Cheney….

  4. Dan in the Pines Says:

    As soon as Jeb Bush decides the time to run for President, I’m ready to write checks and support him. The best governor in the State of FL during my lifetime. He’d be twice the President his brother was and three times what his father was. Every man should be judged on his OWN merits, not his family name.

  5. Peter Says:

    Let’s see… Bush’s father caused a recession, his brother caused a severe depression, what kind of havoc could this Bush cause and how big a mess can he leave the Country in? Let’s be sure that doesn’t happen. Ban that family to Paraguay where they own 100,000 acres of land and apparently fit in with the type of government that they have in Paraguay.

  6. RLM Says:

    Jeb conveniently forgets that during the Clinton years the richest of the rich were taxed less than during the years the Great Reagan taxed the rich. Republicans gave us the Savings & Loan swindle of the 1980′s & then the bail out of Wall ST. Dems come in and clean up the financial messes left by the Republicans and get criticized for running a sane government.
    Remember also that Jeb gave over $200 million of Floridian’s money to the Scripps Institute – thus he is the Socialist and a Grand Hypocrite because he didn’t fund education to provide Scripps with the needed personnel out of Florida’s universities.

  7. David Says:

    Jeb’s own words on John Thrasher describe the dishonorable Republicans in leadership positions in our state government “to clean up the mess, the sordid mess of the state Republican Party, which was a huge embarrassment for anybody that has been involved in our party, to see what was going on before.”
    No different than Michael Steele at the national level and the S&M bondage strip clubs they paid to frequent.
    Credit cards given by the Republican Party to it’s loyalists produced wasteful spending in Tallahassee and Washington D.C. “The sordid mess of the Republican party.” Enough said…

  8. BrendaStarr Says:

    Dear Jeb, Give it up! The name “bush” does not resonate well with thinking people. The bush family is a criminal cabal and like the above poster said, go to Paraguay and leave the nation to heal after what the bushes and cheney have done to this country. President Obama will be in office for many years to come, live with it…

  9. Donna Dowling Says:

    Tell the Bushies’s to go home & get out of Florida. Why the hell does Jeb Bush still have his finger’s in the pot in the Florida…trying to run Florida from the sidelines…still lining their golden pockets? Let’s see…the S&L scandal, now bush son #3 stole over 300 million..what ever happened to him? Still living the life of luxury.
    Daddy Bush, 1st gulf war which my son did 2 terms in & is beginning to suffer the chemical consequense’s from. We know Bushy Sr, Cheney & friends lined their pockets with the wheelbarrel’s of cash from oil (Halliburton), defense funds, security contracts & more. The death’s of our soldier’s for their profit. Then just up & left Iraq leaving thousands of people to be chemically gassed to death by his buddy Hussein. Then Bushy left us with a recession, in which Bushy & friends pocketed all the $$$$.
    Then there is Jeb…Florida under his rule for many years, another disaster with him & his cronies. Left Florida bloated & more corrupt. Started his own (private) education company off the backs of students & teachers in Florida & trying to still control legislation in our school system. I think he should have tried his education system on his brother Georgie first, or did he?.
    Then there is Georgie (what about his hidden records from the airforce reserve), the most illiterate & disguting President of my time (in my opinion). With Georgie President the Bushie’s & Cheney’s put all their corrupt yes men in place. Let’s see, Cheney’s illegal ‘private meeting with the ‘energy(oil) companies’ in the beginning, then they made a fake war. The only obejective there was to kill Hussein because Daddy lost the 1st war & then this time take all the oil. Did they care about our troops? Hell no, so many sacrificed, so many died because of their lies. So many still dying because of these Bushy administration’s. Remember the male prostitute that had ‘top security’ status in the white house…wonder who he was servicing???? Remember the weapon’s of mass distruction truck? That was a joke, more wheel barrels’ full of cash, Blackwater & opium explosion in Afghanistan (hmmm…wonder who gets those proceeds). Wall Street bailouts. Worst recession/depression in history. I’d like to know how much they have gained $$$ wise. So the Bushie’s & friends have raided the till’s of the American People completely, once & for all, really take the country down the tubes. So now the coverup continues (THEY STILL WANT MORE) & now they are trying to blame it all on President Obama & this administration.
    Where’s John Stosell & his ‘Give me a Break’ bit? Oh that’s right, he’s @ Fox New’s now isn’t he. It’s all about the almighty control of the $$$. The Oil Baron’s Mafia is what I call them. It’s time to make them pay back, BIG TIME & get the Bushie’s & friends the hell out of Florida & politics forever. Oh yes, & let’s not forget the horrific oil spill we will have to deal with for years to come…

    Now let’s also talk about the Southern States, Republican’s, Pharmaceutical’s & the southern ‘Red States’ connection to the ‘pills mills’ in Florida. We’ll call them the Pills Mill’s Mafia. Every drug addict & drug dealer from Alabama, Tennesee, the Carolina’s, etc, etc come to Florida & legally can get 5 scripts & fill 5 bottles (300 pills each bottle) of oxycotton, oxycodone, xanax, etc, etc. Rush Limbaugh (the leader of the pack) & pals are in drug addict heaven. You see folks, these meds make you hostile, angry & take up arms…as we see in Fox news hate mongers. (Beck, Hannity & friends). Perfect for the Republican agenda. A bunch of whacked out sex & drug addicts. I wonder if Fox New’s does Random drug testing for these guys????? I bet not. What about the radio station the Rush Limbaugh work’s for…I bet not.

    Oh yes, let’s not forget the Republican gay bashing (gays bashing gays, for power & the almighty $$$). Republican’s living phony lives…aren’t we as a nation tired of the orgies & drug parties…7.2 million $ on the RNC credit cards. Republican Senator Mike Bennett watching porn while an important debate on women’s rights & forced ulatrasounds pre-abortions (this Senator’s bill) are on the floor. This Senator’s excuse is he had a ‘long session this year’ & has already made his decision on the ultra sound. So he thought he needed to rest & look @ porn. Let’s really try to demean women more. It ain’t going to happen. What the HELL is he looking @ his emails on the floor during one of the most important debates on women’s rights?

    These closeted Republican gays that are in office obviously hate women, even though they marry & have kids. Reminds me of the Falling of Rome. These Republican’s holding office live lies folks, when are we ALL going to wake up & fight for what is REALLY right, WE THE PEOPLE & preserving humanity for all.

    Oh yes & the ‘family values’ guy’s (those morality guys that tell you how to run your life)…the leader of the pack (another gay basher, who’s gay)hires rentaboy, a male prostitute to carry his bags to Europe???????? Why can’t you guys just accept who you are, get out of politics & live your life in the open, honestly? We are all human being’s & deserve the right to be treated as such! Am I perfect, absolutely not, do I burden or bash others because of my imperfections, no. Do I have common sense…you bet. My higher power grant’s me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, give’s me the courage to change the things I can & gives me the wisdom to know the difference.

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