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Grass-roots cred: at least four local candidates make ballot by petition

by George Bennett | May 18th, 2010



At least four local candidates have secured spots on the 2010 ballot by collecting signatures rather than paying a filing fee.

Democratic Palm Beach County Commissioners Jess Santamaria and Priscilla Taylor and state House candidates Tami Donnally (R) and Lori Berman (D) turned in valid signatures from at least 1 percent of voters in their districts to qualify for the ballot.



The deadline to turn in signatures was noon Monday. Elections staffers are still checking on petitions submitted by five other candidates: Democratic county commission hopeful Michael E. Jackson, state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale, and state House candidates Mark Marciano, Francisco Rodriguez and Bill Hager.

The period for state and county candidates to submit final paperwork and filing fees to qualify for the 2010 ballot is June 14-18.

Santamaria turned it at least 1,217 signatures and Taylor at least 887 to qualify in their commission districts and avoid a $5,526 commission filing fee for partisan candidates.

(The filing fee is 6 percent of the office’s salary for partisan candidates; 4 percent for nonpartisans).

Donnally, running for the seat of Rep. Joe Abruzzo, D-Wellington, turned it at least 1,144 petitions. Berman, running for the seat of Senate-seeking Rep. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, needed to submit at least 964 signatures. The state House filing fee is $1,719.

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One Response to “Grass-roots cred: at least four local candidates make ballot by petition”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Congratulations to those candidates. The fees for running for office are just too high. An average, common person is almost left out of the system. Just those BILLIONAIRE who drop their cash to get in the system.

    And that’s a congrats to ALL party members..republicans or democrats or NPA or Independents.

    Watch for rank voting to come to a muncipality nearby. but as for county, statewide, we’ve got dumbos in the condos who wouldn’t KNOW how to fill out the ballot.

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