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Paula Dockery drops out of GOP primary for governor

by Dara Kam | May 24th, 2010

State Sen. Paula Dockery is out of the GOP primary for governor, her campaign announced this morning.

Dockery was a long-shot against Attorney General Bill McCollum, now in a primary battle against Naples multimillionaire Rick Scott.

Dockery said she’s quitting the race because of money.

“It is with mixed feelings that I end my campaign to be your next governor. People who know me know I’m a tenacious fighter unafraid of long odds, especially when the stakes are so high. But I’m also a realist and understand the costs of effectively competing statewide. At this point in the election cycle, I see no financial path to victory. And so today, with both resignation that the resources are not there and appreciation for the journey we shared, I am ending my campaign to be governor of the great state of Florida,” the Lakeland Republican said in a statement.

Scott, a former health-care executive, is expected to spend up to $5 million of his own money on TV ads, and recently launched his second ad before McCollum aired his first.

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12 Responses to “Paula Dockery drops out of GOP primary for governor”

  1. Independent Says:

    I need to learn more about him but I’m liking Rick Scott at the moment. I just wish he ran as an independent because I will never vote democrat/socialist again (I was a democrat until they went FAR left)and don’t really want to vote republican because it’s time this country had a third option.

  2. Eric Says:

    It’s always nice to see a politician retire. Hopefully many more will bite the dust in November.

    It’s time to vote ALL the bums out!

  3. Say What Says:

    Now she can go back helping her husband build his bullet train.

  4. PoliticTruth Says:

    Check out the Post story about Rick Scott when his hospital conglomerate company was fined by the Federal Goverment for illegal medicare charges. Oh yes, Scott said he didn’t know anything about it but lives in a $9 million estate in Florida. His political ads are negative from the start without saying what he plans to do to help Florida.

  5. ted Says:

    I disagree with politictruth, Rick Scotts ads are not negative, he is stating his views and what he want to accompolish during his term if elected.

  6. George Blumel Says:

    Paula Dockery looked like a possible conservative alternative to McCollum but when she went with Crist and the teachers union in opposing the Education bill she lost many of us. As for Scott, he may be that conservative alternative. Those attempting to condemn him for the fines imposed on the company he ran should take note that he was not cited. So, if you don’t know the details, don’t be so quick to convict the guy.
    The suggestion by “Independent” above in favor of a third party is self-defeating if you are a conservative or libertarian so it could come only from an anti-Repub to the benefit of Dems.

  7. PoliticTruth Says:

    ted, why don’t you watch Scott’s ads when he takes statements of the President out of context to make his point – very poor debate or point-counterpoint strategy. I don’t care who he is or what party he represents, his ads are negative and offers nothing but his “promise” to enact the same law that Arizona has dealing with illegals. He also attacks McCollum with the same approaches. Yawn!

  8. Dirigo Says:

    WE THE PEOPLE all saw what extored healthcare money swindled from the sick and dying has done to America. Why on earth would we want it for Florida with Rick Scott. Haven’t we had enough of the reprehensible and unrepentent Republican party for one lifetime? Anyone who opposes President Obama on a national healthcare reform measure is frankly an “idiot” unworthy of holding high public office. I would place Mr. Scott and Mr. McCollum in that category and I think most Floridians will agree.
    It is regrettable enough that Independents, Libertarians, Republicans and even “some” Democrats will foolishly and recklessly oppose progress and improving the lives of all Americans because of the rabid ads from healthcare providers who want free license to bury us all in healthcare debt. We need a national healthcare plan, people with $300M in stock options from the healthcare industry and a cool $10M in their checking account could care less about Joe Sixpac, Blue Collar Workers, or the rest of Florida struggling to make ends meet on a $100Gs a year income and below. ENOUGH ALREADY GET ON BOARD AND FLUSH THE REPUBLI’CONS’ IN 2010, 2012.

  9. Rick Scott Fever Says:

    Rick Scott is already helping Florida economy with all these McCollum paid bloggers. Why is McCollum and Jebbie so afraid of Rick Scott? If McCollum wants to paint Scott as a crook Rick Scott should do some ads tying McCollum and Crist to the Hosseini Volusia county land deal (which is running on Orlando Channel 9) where they got their donor 2.5 million more tax dollars for his land. Then Mori Hosseini turned around and shared some of the wealth with them. Watch for Rick Scott to run that ad.

  10. Independent Says:

    Dirigo – so anyone who disagrees with your political opinions, in this case Obamacare, is and idiot? That’s very democrat party of you. It’s people like you who are afraid of debate who just respond to those with opposing views with personal attacks. I come from a socialized medicine run country, and let me tell you, they do let people die to free up the bed. If someone is terminally ill then they’re just made to be comfortable until they die. The government will not waste money on extending a life when there’s no hope for a cure…that’s were Obama’s “death panels” come in. America has the best healthcare system in the world, it just needs tweaking, not overhauling. Opening up all states to the insurance companies was all that’s needed. Now you will have the federal government knowing all your personal medical history, and there is no good that can come of that…

  11. Shelly Gil Says:

    Still can’t understand why some people equate the outrageous SB 6 Bill with “Conservative” values. Comes to show you, people buy whatever the media puts out there. Is “outrageous” the new “conservative?” Is destroying public education “Conservative?” This bill is all about “hidden” agendas, which are no longer hidden, but some people insist that the it is not, and that only “the unions” are opposing it. This is not a union issue. Teachers oppose it, parents oppose it, children oppose it, and many politicians are also against it. We all need to stand against it. Public education funds should be used for public education. Enough is enough!

  12. da_truth Says:

    Too bad. Paula is one of the few in Tallahassee who pays attention to issues in great detail and doesn’t get swept up in the partisan spew. Now you’re left with Mr. Medical Fraud (look at me on tv!) vs. Mr. Flori-DUH indeed.

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