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Dems Greene, Meek trade salvos over Meek’s ties to accused developer

by George Bennett | May 16th, 2010



Palm Beach billionaire Jeff Greene’s two-week-old Democratic Senate campaign pounced on a Miami Herald story about Democratic Senate frontrunner and U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek’s ties to a developer accused of stealing nearly $1 million from a failed project in Miami’s Liberty City.



The developer, Dennis Stackhouse, paid $90,000 in consulting fees to Meek’s mother and provided $13,000 to help Meek’s top Miami aide get a mortgage, the paper reported. Meek, who twice sought federal earmarks for the Poinciana Park project, told The Herald he didn’t know about the developer’s payments to his former aide or his mother and that he and his mother, former U.S. Rep. Carrie Meek, never discussed the project.

“Kendrick Meek’s behavior is completely outrageous,” Greene said in a Saturday statement in which he called for a House investigation and an end to congressional earmarks. “We can no longer let the corrupt actions of these failed career politicians stand. Kendrick Meek is in the back pockets of the insidious special interests that are hurting our country and it must end now.”

Meek’s campaign responded: “The fact is that Jeff Greene made his money on Wall Street pioneering uncovered credit default swaps that helped fuel the meltdown of our economy, and he became a billionaire on the backs of middle class Floridians. Now he is using his ill-gotten gains to attack Kendrick Meek in the hope that he can buy a Senate seat for himself. The contrast couldn’t be clearer: Kendrick Meek worked to bring economic development to South Florida but was let down by a former member of his staff, and the project was hijacked by a greedy developer years ago. By shorting the subprime market, it was Greene who set the wheels in motion for the economic collapse, costing Florida homeowners tens of billions of dollars in lost property value using what Warren Buffet called financial weapons of mass destruction. Greene’s checkered past disqualifies him from the office he wishes to buy.”


11 Responses to “Dems Greene, Meek trade salvos over Meek’s ties to accused developer”

  1. SethPlatt Says:

    Maybe Greene should change his Political headshot from one where he looks like an Evil Super Rich Villain.
    Wasn’t the best man at your wedding a guy who tried to eat another man’s ear, and was sent to jail for beating and raping a woman?
    Investors like Greene who profited from Floridians loosing their homes and brought on the financial collapse which stalled ANY development around the state are more to blame for this development being left undone.

  2. Boyd Says:

    Jew vs Black

    Jews aren’t the savior of blacks, they’ll toss them to the wind in a second.

    Now, negative stories are coming out about Meek, just after BILLIONAIRE Greene enters the race.

    Note that PBC democrat Aaronson is not guaranteeing Meek support. Aaronson puts religion over party.

    Sorry, Kendrick, the black man has been thrown under the bus by the jews.

    Jews are not blacks friends. WAKE UP!

  3. JustMeee Says:

    Maybe Kendrick Meek could respond honestly to the actual charges rather than attacking the character of his opponent? Ever think if that, sweet pea?

  4. Muckraker Says:

    State of the Florida Senate Race:


  5. John Says:

    Squeezed out. Only latinos and whites for elected office in S FL.

    No blacks need apply.

  6. TheTruth Says:

    As I read this AM…Meek’s campaign is on life support. Not sure what made him think he could win. Maybe it was all the talk of Hope and Change. However, Meek is not even close to Obama in intelligence or savy. Greene is dreaming also. Is this guy even from Florida? Most people never heard of him until two weeks ago. Rubio’s Latino background and boyish looks will not work well in the Northern part of Florida…plus he run so far to the right may have a hard time coming back to the middle to win. If I have to bet it will be Crist in November.


    I don’t want Meek, Crist or Green. I want another choice. I hate Palm Beach County. Thank you Wexler, Aronson and Fidel for your legacy, which is a pile of corruption.

    That will be your legacy since that little guy who was Wexler COS has been making millions on these campaigns…costing the voters elected officials like Obama who is clueless about well everything. Yes and I am a DEMOCRAT.


  8. John Says:

    Kendrick would have done the same thing as Greene had he been smart enough, but he was in Washington, watching the bubble get bigger and bigger w/o doing anything except taking bribes for earmarks. Kendrick has always been a bad candidate, but I don’t care how the guy made his money. He was smart and foresaw what was happening. Kendrick was not and isn’t. Bad nominiee, worse general election Candidate. I’m with Charlie.

  9. True Blue Says:

    The meek may inherit the earth, but this Meek will never inherit the Fl. Senate seat. It’s not Momma’s to give away.

  10. marcoenfuego Says:

    This is going to hurt Meek. Meek might still win the democratic primary but he will be battered by this and Greene’s attacks b/c of his involvement in the fraud case. Read my full analysis here-

  11. Lloyd Says:

    Former Miami Mayor, Maurice Ferre is by-far the most qualified candidate. Read more about his campaign and his solutions for Florida at

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