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Will Palm Beach billionaire Jeff Greene shake up Senate race even more?

by George Bennett | April 30th, 2010

Jeff Greene, billionaire

Jeff Greene, billionaire

Just in case Florida’s Senate race wasn’t interesting enough, Palm Beach billionaire Jeff Greene plans to file papers this morning to enter the contest as a Democrat.

Best man Tyson

Best man

Greene, 55, rose from middle-class origins to make millions investing in real estate. Then he made hundreds of millions by betting that the real estate bubble would burst and investing in credit-default swaps. He’s running as an outsider, and his bio is unconventional for a politician, with cameos by Mike Tyson as best man at Greene’s 2007 wedding and Heidi Fleiss as a yearlong houseguest. (“We weren’t dating,” Greene told Forbes in a 2008 profile.)

Read about it here.


7 Responses to “Will Palm Beach billionaire Jeff Greene shake up Senate race even more?”

  1. Seth Platt Says:

    Kendrick Meek WILL CRUSH YOU FOOL.
    This Race is ON and KENDRICK IS OUR MAN. Save your green GREENE. We will be passing substantive legislation while you diddle with politics. This isn’t a popularity contest or opportunity for you to make more $$$, it is about public service, something not to be disparaged.

  2. Bill Says:

    I’d rather see ANY Democrat win than Rubio! I look forward to dialogue between Meek and Greene, they both have interesting ideas. I like the idea that Greene can bring the $$$ to the table to fight Crist and Rubio’s ads

  3. Kurt Says:

    Seth says: “This isn’t a popularity contest or opportunity for you to make more $$$, it is about public service, something not to be disparaged.”

    Grow up, kid.

  4. Allen Robbins Says:

    I have tough decision who I will support as I want a Democrat to win?

    As I see it Kendrick Meek who was born in Haiti will have a hard time to win. As of today he is in last place (24%) in a three-way race.

    I would like to see that Tea Bagger Marco Rubio come in last place, some how I can’t see this happening at this time. So the big question as a democrat is whom will I support, or better yet is there any democrat that can win at this time? Unless Meek improves this pole numbers I may have to look somewhere else.

    If Jeff Greene who is a billionaire can show me he has what it takes to win I would support him.

    So the bottom line to Kendrick Meek the ball is in your court don’t fumble it or it will cost you the primary. Show me you have a fighting chance with at least 30% average at the time of the primary or I will be forced vote for Jeff Greene.

  5. AngryinFL Says:

    Is Greene being investigated by FBI for his collusion with a convicted felon, jim McConville, who is about to be arrested by the FBI for hundreds of millions in mortgage fraud in CA?

    Did Greene OWN?the actual real estate he was betting against with credit default swaps,if so not only was he worse than John Paulson/Goldman Sachs/Abacus deal, but he is now trying to get into the Senate????!!!!!!

    Is this a great country/kleptocracy or what????

  6. Glitzel Says:

    Democrat principals? Now there is a misnomer if I ever heard one. Jeff Green–let’s see— billionair democrat–yea sounds like someone that will look out for the little guy and put all those evil “teabaggers” in their place. Who needs all those people that believe in the Constitution and freedom and liberty anyway? More rich elite socialist democrats, that is what we need to get this country straightend out. NOT!

  7. Romeo Underkoffler Says:

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