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Will Allen West’s expensive mail strategy work?

by George Bennett | April 19th, 2010



Republican congressional candidate Allen West’s money-raising numbers — $838,450 last quarter, more than $2 million overall — are among the most impressive in the nation.

But his burn rate has raised a few eyebrows.

West has already spent $977,853, including more than $500,000 on a direct mail effort that so far has yielded about $400,000 in contributions. But West and his team are confident the strategy will pay off in the long run.

Read about it in this week’s Politics column.


18 Responses to “Will Allen West’s expensive mail strategy work?”

  1. Seth Platt Says:

    Allen West is raising all his money by pandering to the National Right Wing Media Circuit. A review of his contributions reveals many from out of state, and out of district. West first moving to Florida in 2006 and immediately announced his candidacy soon after in 2007. A short term resident who raises enormous sums of money from out-of-district can be construed by many to be subverting the DEMOCRATIC will of the constituents of Florida District 22.
    West does not represent the people of District 22 in Florida, his campaign coffers are stuffed with checks from corporate executives, and out-of-state housewives.
    Perhaps West should stop pandering to the fringe who demonize government, and public servants, and address the real concerns of Floridians.

  2. Tom Jones Says:

    Maybe you should take a look and see where Ron Klein’s donations are coming from…most of it out of state, unions, and big PACs. And the reason Mr. West didn’t live in Florida before 2006 was because he was proudly serving his country in uniform for over 22 years. I’m a democrat who is sick of the way this Congress and the President I voted for is treating Israel. Time to vote conscience instead of party, which is why I support Allen West.

  3. John Woodman Says:

    Allen West… .. . . Please run for president in 2012.

  4. Seth Platt Says:

    He may have been proud, but he was discharged and fined $5,000 for conduct unbecoming a U.S. Soldier.

  5. Linda Johnson Says:

    Mr. Platt, As the mother of three soldiers I am eternally grateful to LT Col West. He sacrificed his career for the safety of his soldiers. He will also put his country and his constituents ahead of a political career. Where are the men and women of integrity in our capitol now?

  6. Mark Zist Says:

    Seth Platt, you must truly be afraid of a Black Conservative man, since I have seen your name smearing this fine man on every blog about Congressman West (get used to saying that)

    It is true most on the left harbor great racism that comes out when threatened.

  7. Mike M Says:

    I have not looked at West’s 2010 platform page, but when he ran in 2008 I was not impressed. Another liberal Republican following in Bush’s footsteps. In his 2008 campaign, he wanted to expand warrantless surveillance on US citizens through the expansion of FISA. He fully supported the wars. He offered no real solutions to the problems facing ordinary Floridians or the US as a whole.

    He’s a typical increase the deficit, lower taxes (while not cutting spending), increase spending on your defense contractor buddies type Republican. Any assertion by him that he is a true conservative is nothing but hot air.

    On a side note, I also very much dislike Klein. I will probably be writing my own name on the ballot in November.

  8. John Says:

    Hey Seth, at least Lt.Col. and future Rep. West is willing to put the people he serves above his own career. Ron Klein has always put his personal interests above those of the constituents of CD 22. As far as fund-raising goes, Ron Klein has amassed a 2 million dollar plus war chest comprised of contributions from special interests including DLA Piper PAC.

    Mike, Allen West is not a liberal! He supports a strong national defense and is pro life. On his campaign page he has clearly laid out that more spending does not equal better education. If you actually listened to some of his speeches, you would understand that he is indeed for decreased government spending. He was against the stimulus package, and the Anti Health-care bill.

    Allen West is being attacked on the blogs and by the left wing media because he is a Liberal’s worst nightmare!

  9. Bill in Dallas Says:

    I’m not in District 22. I don’t even live in Florida. I’m sending Mr. West a check because he understands the purpose of the federal government AND he understands who our ENEMIES are. Yes liberals….the USA has enemies.

  10. Eric Says:

    Seth Platt is obviously a Democrat (as evidenced by his Twitter page) – so, anyone voting in a Republican primary would likely not care one whit what Mr. Platt thinks.

  11. swathdiver Says:

    Go West!

    Comrade Platt is a Liberal/Commie/Statist Activist who advocates for the Tyranny of government and not Liberty for the individual.

    Just google his name and one will see where he’s coming from.

    Now Comrade Platt, you’re projecting what your people do onto us. Not going to work with us.

    GO WEST!!!

  12. Jay Couture Says:

    As a former Army Officer, I know Allen West to be a proud American of solid character and firm conviction with strong family values and God given common sense. He would be a refreshing change from the perversion of integrity and wasteful spending currently in Washington. Florida is lucky to have a man of his caliber running for Congress.

  13. pbcer Says:

    thanks bill in dallas because people like you are sending west money he will surely lose why dont you worry about texas politics.

  14. Raphael Bartosch - Operation SCAR Bonus Says:

    Thanks for the post there is always something great to read about here. Take Care

  15. NOWEST Says:

    Allen West was relieved of his command for kidnapping, torturing, beating, threatening to kill, and discharging a weapon next to an INNOCENT CIVILIAN IRAQI POLICEMAN. THIS IS CALLED A WAR CRIME.

  16. Linda Johnson Says:

    In reply to NOWEST.
    I suggest you read the book “A Missing Link in Leadership” by Dr. Richard Berry. You need to make sure of your facts before you write untruths. I only wish that there were more men of Allen West’s integrity to lead our country in this time

  17. swathdiver Says:

    Nice try Comrade NOWEST!

    I read that version of events on Al Jazeera and the CPUSA, LOL!!!

    To protect my boys I would have done the same!

    Go West!!!

    Socialism in ANY form is immoral and EVIL!

  18. Mar Says:

    Once again I find myself in the position of defending Huey Lewis against

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